Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 13 part 2

“The purpose is likely… different from Norris’. I’m not sure of the true intentions, but…”
Reed saw. From the conversation, it seemed that Eltia, the mother of Princess Farah, was not an enemy but rather neutral. Since she didn’t know about Reed, it was only natural that she would want to marry her daughter, the princess, into the royal family.
The real problem was Raycis. Reed never imagined that he would be influenced by this person named Norris, who was antagonistic towards Reed. This might be the most difficult issue to deal with.
As Reed was pondering this, he heard Diana’s voice. “Lord Reed, I’m sorry, but Reiner is waiting for you.”
“Ah, I see. But can I ask Zack one more question?”
“Yes, what is it?”
Reed quickly asked Zack a question, or rather, he handed the problem off to him.
“You said that Prince Raycis is influenced by Norris. How can I get him to support the marriage with Princess Farah? Since he might become my brother-in-law, I’d like him to support it if possible…”
It seemed like an unexpected question. Zack looked down, deep in thought. Then, slowly raising his head, he gave a faint, chilling smile.
“…In that case, I believe the best course of action would be to shatter the prince’s mind.”
“Shatter his mind?”
Reed may have asked, but Zack’s answer was terrifying. To tell someone to shatter the mind of a child, what kind of thing was that to say? Even Reed, who was usually calm, felt a sense of revulsion and frowned at Zack. Zack then bowed apologetically and continued his explanation.
“My apologies, my words were insufficient. By ‘shatter his mind,’ I do not mean to reduce him to a vegetative state. It would be more accurate to say that Prince Raycis is currently enthralled by Norris.”
Enthralled… So Raycis was that heavily influenced by Norris. But why would he become so enthralled? Reed had questions, but he silently listened to Zack’s explanation.
“Originally, he was a prince who cared deeply for his country and was quite intelligent. But due to some trigger, he has become enthralled by Norris, and his actions as a prince now show contradictions. I would like you to break this enthrallment of his. You may consider this a request from the aristocracy who care for Renalute.”
Whoa… Reed thought he had just passed the problem on to Zack, but it came back and now become a big issue as a request from the aristocracy of Renalute. However, if Reed could solve this problem, it would be a great opportunity to establish his presence. And it seemed Zack would take care of the most troublesome part of the aftermath. Reed pondered what to do and then responded calmly.
“Alright, so you want me to make him see reason, right? But I can’t promise anything. This time, the focus is on Princess Farah, and I probably won’t have much time to talk in-depth with Prince Raycis.”
“That is fine. Thank you for taking on this unreasonable request.”
In response to Reed’s answer, Zack gave a grandfatherly smile. However, somehow his eyes didn’t seem to be smiling, and the smile had a slightly malicious edge to it… or maybe it was just Reed’s imagination. After that, since the conversation had gone on too long, Reed hurried to his father’s location. As he walked, he asked Zack one more question.
“What exactly caused Prince Raycis to become enthralled by Norris?”
“…I apologize, but I am not in a position to share that information.”
Zack completely closed off on this question. After telling Reed to shatter the prince’s mind, he couldn’t even tell him the reason? Reed couldn’t help but think, “With what gall are you saying that?” But he didn’t press the issue further. The fact that Zack couldn’t answer was itself a hint and an answer. And… Reed really was running out of time.

When they arrived at the reception hall, Reed’s father scolded him, “You’re late!” Seeing Reed being scolded, Diana let out a sigh and had a look of exasperation on her face nearby. Incidentally, it seemed Zack would not be attending the audience. The parting words Reed heard from Zack as they left the reception hall, “I look forward to your performance today,” Reed wondered what that meant.
After that, they immediately started moving towards the castle. Even though it was inside the castle, it was a wide area, so they traveled by carriage. Fortunately, the roads inside the castle were well-maintained, so there was no nausea from the short journey. While traveling in the carriage, Reiner looked at Reed with a suspicious gaze.
“Reed… you’re late, but did you talk to Lord Zack?”
“Huh? Yes, a little bit…”
When Reed briefly explained his interaction with Zack, Reiner’s stern face became even more severe, and he spat out,
“…Damn Zack. Reed, you also need to learn to hide your claws!”
“Eh? But I don’t have any claws…”
Hearing Reed’s response, Reiner was bewildered, shook his head in exasperation, and muttered,
“Sigh… nevermind. Do as you please.”
Reed could only tilt his head in puzzlement at his father’s response. Unrelated to their exchange, the carriage slowly moved towards the castle filled with various intentions.


Not long after starting the journey from the reception hall, the carriage stopped, and a knock was heard on the door. When Reiner answered, the door opened, and Ruben’s respectful voice rang out.
“Excuse me. Reiner-sama, Reed-sama, we have arrived.”
At his words, Reiner nodded, then turned his gaze to Reed and solemnly murmured,
“…Let’s go. Stay focused.”
“Yes, Father,”
Reed quietly but firmly replied with a nod. Seeing Reed’s expression, Reiner gave a faint smile, then got up and got out of the carriage. Reed followed behind his father, and around their carriage were the armored Ruben, the maid Diana, and several other knights waiting.
However, as Reed looked around, a question arose, and a puzzled expression crossed his face. This was because the destination they had arrived at was not the castle he had expected, but rather what seemed to be the largest mansion within the castle grounds. Reed asked his father about this curious question.
“Father, are we not going into the castle?”
“Hmm? That’s right, this is Reed’s first time coming here. The castle of Renalute is specialized as a strategic stronghold. That’s why negotiations are held in this place called the ‘main palace.’ Remember that.”
“I… I see.”
As Reed’s expression showed his surprise at learning that there was a separate “main palace” building within the castle, a Dark Elf soldier standing in front of the main palace addressed Reiner in a respectful manner.
“Pardon me, but you appear to be the Lord of the Baldia Domain, Count Reiner-Baldia . Is that correct?”
“That’s right. I wish to have an audience with His Majesty Elias.”
Reiner replied firmly and confidently. The Dark Elf soldier nodded at his words and continued politely.
“We have been expecting you. Then, I shall guide you to the audience hall. Those audience with the King are requested to refrain from bearing swords.”
“Understood. It will be me, Reed, and our escorts Ruben and Diana who will have an audience. The rest of you will wait here.”
After responding to the soldier’s words, Reiner gave instructions to the knights around them. He then handed over the saber he had been wearing to one of the waiting knights. Ruben and Diana also handed over their swords. However, it seemed Diana had no intention of handing over the hidden weapons she had previously shown Reed. The knights and Reiner also seemed to know about her weapons, but they didn’t pay them any special attention. Well, since she was their escort, it was only natural.
“Thank you for your cooperation. Please, follow me.”
The soldier bowed to them and began guiding them into the main palace. Reiner took the lead, and the others followed.
“Excuse me, but please remove your shoes here.”
Ah!? So shoes are strictly prohibited here, Reed thought, feeling a nostalgic sensation from his past memories. Reiner seemed somewhat accustomed to this, removing his shoes, but the other two were a bit hesitant. Ignoring their awkwardness, Reed quickly took off his shoes and followed behind the soldier and his father.
Upon entering the main palace, Reed looked around in awe, letting out a “Wow~” in surprise.
As soon as he entered through the shoeless entrance, there was a screen door directly in front of him, but it was not the simple one he remembered, but a magnificent one adorned with gold leaf. The screen had a beautiful painting, perhaps of a dragon and bamboo, that was very impressive and beautiful. As Reed looked around with sparkling eyes, his father quietly scolded him, “…Don’t look around so much.”
“S-sorry…” Reed apologized, and he thought he heard the muffled laughter of the two escorts behind him. …He wouldn’t forget that.
Following the guiding soldier, they walked through the wood-paneled hallway, and the soldier stopped, slowly opening the lavishly decorated gold-leafed screen. Beyond it was a spacious tatami room. Along the left and right walls of the tatami room, Dark Elves stood in rows, exuding an overwhelming presence.
Their attire was similar to the soldiers who had escorted us, but they also had decorations and insignia on their shoulders. They were most likely the nobility of Renalute, the equivalent of the aristocrats of the Magnolia Empire.
“Please wait over there in the chair at the very back, that is where Lord Reiner-Baldia will be seated.”
The Dark Elf soldier said this and then quietly closed the shoji screen after taking a step back. At that moment, the gaze of the Dark Elves focused on us.
I could feel their various emotions – suspicion, interest, skepticism, and curiosity – as they looked at us. The strange atmosphere made me inadvertently hold my breath in nervousness, but Reiner resolutely told me “Let’s go” and proceeded confidently into the inner room. However, there was only one chair prepared. Reiner frowned slightly, but at the same time, an elderly Dark Elf nearby spoke in an unpleasant tone.

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