Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 60

Mob #60: “Of course. Not even understanding that much is solid proof of hopeless stupidity.”

The night after the assault, I thoroughly enjoyed the new books.

Knowing I’ll no longer be troubled by that unreasonable woman felt so refreshing.

I came to the guild in high spirits, but Uncle Roanz’s news immediately soured my mood.

“The higher-ups at the Yts Mercenary Guild branch told me to get you to withdraw the victim report against Anchovy Chantelier.”

“I refuse though?”

“Say it was just a minor misunderstanding and let it go, they said.”

“Even though she held a gun to me and fired warning shots?”

“None of them hit right? For a mercenary, that’s just everyday stuff, they said.”

“That’s not the issue here…”

“After various scandals, they don’t want to worsen impressions.”

“I think covering up scandals makes impressions worse, though?”

Uncle Roanz looked completely exasperated as we talked.

Frankly, it makes no sense to me.

Covering up or smoothing over scandals leaves worse impressions than properly publicizing them when exposed.

Could some higher-up actually be Miss Anchovy’s servant?

As Uncle Roanz and I share our bewilderment, Zeistol san comes over.

“So I have taken care of it.”


“I reported the possibility of corruption by the senior staff here to headquarters in the capital. They instructed that if forced withdrawal of the victim report against Anchovy is ordered, all involved will be dismissed. So please don’t worry, it’s fine.”

“Even if Miss Anchovy is released unindicted, we can transfer her to another branch.”

Uncle Roanz and I gasped in surprise as Zeistol san explained.

Those actions seem beyond an ordinary receptionist.

Just who is Zeistol san…?

As I’m pondering that, the lobby grew noisy.

It was that noble mercenary formerly affiliated here, now transferred to the capital branch.

Still surrounded by his entourage fawning over him, the female staff who used to fawn over him resumed their fawning.

Why’s he back?

That bunch should be free to do as they please in the capital.

The noble surveys the lobby, spots Zeistol san, then approaches her grinning.

“Oh, didn’t know they assigned such a cutie here.”

Luckily he’s focused on Zeistol san and hasn’t noticed me.

“How may I help you?”

“Call that [Plumed Helmet] guy out for me.”

“You mean Lambert Realglaiz? What business do you have with him?”

“Just tell him I’m calling.”

“I’m afraid I can’t comply with an anonymous request.”

Zeistol san firmly defies the noble’s order.

The noble flares up at her not knowing his name, as expected.

“You don’t know Strirdam Bissen, excellent Queen-rank of the Yts branch and son of Earl Bissen? Don’t mess with me!”

“When I was assigned here, you were no longer affiliated with the Yts branch, correct? So it’s only natural I wouldn’t know you. You belong to the capital branch now.”

“But you must have heard rumors about me!”

“Not at all.”

“Girl…don’t let complimenting your looks go to your head. Know your place.”

Earl Bissen’s son gets even angrier that Zeistol san doesn’t know his name.

As the tension mounts, a leisurely voice rings out.

“Yo, what business with me? Who’re you even?”

Looks like one of Bissen’s fangirls called Lambert Realglaiz, aka Ikri, over on her own.

But whether from accumulated experience or Sir Rossweise’s tutelage, there’s no trace of Ikri’s old rambunctiousness.

He seems his true earnest self – unsurprising after fainting every battle crushed his pride…

Confirming Lambert, Bissen says,


“So you’re [Plumed Helmet]. Rejoice. I’ll make you a member of my merc team, [Purgatory]. Swear absolute loyalty to me, and work yourself to death.”

So a scout, but the contents are a slave contract.

He plans to make Lambert do the work then take all rewards and results.

Bissen probably wants to recruit Lambert before he rapidly improves to Bissen’s level thanks to Sir Rossweise’s power.

“I must decline joining any team…”

Of course Lambert reasonably refuses.

Above all, he likely wants to keep anything regarding Sir Rossweise secret.

And Bissen won’t accept that response.

“Hah? You’re not happy to work for me on my team?”

Why would he obey some nobody arrogantly demanding he become a slave…?

Seeing Lambert’s troubled expression, a familiar figure emerges behind him.

“Obviously, right? Not even understanding that much is solid proof of hopeless stupidity.”

“You…! Who do you think you’re mouthing off to?!”

“Trash, I’d say? Oh, that’s unfair to trash – it was useful before becoming trash, unlike you, useless from birth.”

It’s the autonomous ancient weapon herself, Madam Rossweise, who I’d only seen on screens before.

So she finally acquired a bioloid body.

I really want to avoid getting involved…

But she’s undoubtedly a blonde bombshell, irresistible bait for Bissen’s type.

“Hoh…then you’re my woman from today. [Plumed Helmet] will be my underling. My underling’s woman is my woman.”

And he spews the expected line.

Madam Rossweise deeply sighs, looking at Bissen with pity.

“Being this stupid is impressive in its own way. No combat ability, strategic planning, tactical insight, leadership, charisma, refinement, manners, common sense – just relying on your family name and rotten pride to run your mouth like that.”

Spot on, but of course Bissen flares up.

“You…! Who do you think you’re talking to?!”

“Trash, like I said? Oh, that’s unfair to trash. Trash was useful before becoming trash, unlike someone useless from birth like you.”

Madam Rossweise is brutal…

Someone like him would definitely lose it after being told that.

Well, I agree but…

“Seems she wants to die…”

Bissen points his gun at Madam Rossweise.

It likely wouldn’t affect her, but letting it slide feels wrong. She is an acquaintance.

So when I steeled myself to reach for the gun,

“Please put away your firearm.”

Zeistol san steps between them.

“Oh, it’s that sassy receptionist again. Come to think of it, you mouthed off to me too, didn’t you, commoner?”

Bissen aims his gun at Zeistol san.

“I’ll forgive you if you grovel naked. How’s that?”

Bissen’s remark makes his entourage crudely laugh.

The Bissen fangirl who called Lambert watches Zeistol san grinning, seeming to resent her.

She dislikes prettier, more popular receptionists than herself, maybe?

While I’m thinking that, tensions between Bissen and Zeistol san are heating up.

“I told you to put away your firearm, but you have no intention of listening, it seems.”

“Didn’t you hear me say I’ll forgive you if you grovel naked? Hard of hearing?”

“Drawing firearms in public, let alone at a guild branch, is a crime unless for self-defense.”

“That’s only for commoners. Nobles have permission.”

“Are you unaware that permission was revoked during the previous Emperor’s reign?”

“Then this is self-defense. I feel threatened.”

“You aimed first, though?”

“Don’t know that. I feel threatened. Well, no way you can threaten me, right?”

Just as their back-and-forth seemed to be going nowhere, at Bissen’s “no way you can threaten me” remark, Zeistol san finally lost patience.

“Is that so? Then I’ll threaten you.”

In the next instant, Zeistol san’s fist slammed into Bissen’s chin.

A dull thud rang out, then as Bissen staggered, a high kick hammered his neck.

From there, Zeistol san lifted her leg straight above her head, then powerfully kicked up Bissen’s chin from below as he was toppling forward. Yet somehow he didn’t fall back but crumpled forward onto his knees.

Note that Zeistol san is male staff, so he’s wearing trousers.

Zeistol san looks to the remaining entourage.

“Your team leader [Purgatory] has been taken out, yet you don’t seek vengeance?”

Of course that bunch wouldn’t willingly avenge him.

They’re no match for Zeistol san, might even lose to Arthur’s girlfriend Lady Sailer.

“Then you’re all under arrest for extortion.”

Somehow security staff and guard robots had gathered and escorted away Bissen and his crew.

It’s settled, but Bissen is still a noble, and the Yts branch senior staff won’t stay quiet.

It really makes me anxious wondering what will happen.

But I can say one thing for sure.

[Zeistol san is awesome!]

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