Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 3 chapter 1 part 6

I had been concerned that Mashiro’s voice had disappeared at some point, and sure enough, it seemed she had worn herself out from running around.
She was now collapsed on the ground, trembling like a newborn fawn.
“Let’s get her into the shade, for now.”
“Ahaha… yeah.”
We approached with wry smiles to attend to Mashiro.
“Mashiro, rest in the shade for a bit.”
“…Ouga-kun, thank you…”
“Don’t mention it. I’ll carry you.”
I swept her up in a princess carry and brought her under the parasol’s shade.
“See? You’re so light, don’t worry about it too much.”
“…But, I did gain a little weight recently…”
“That’s just part of growing up. Your body’s getting bigger, so the weight increase is natural.”
It was likely that the growth was focused more on her bountiful bust than her height.
For Mashiro, the weight would just accumulate there, and she wouldn’t lose it without more strenuous exercise.
“Uuu… is that so?”
“Then how about holding off on sweets for a while?”
I was happy to see Mashiro’s bust grow, but if she disliked it, I couldn’t argue.
If she wanted to diet, I’d be happy to support her.
As I suggested this, however…
“…I’ll give up on that during the long break.”
In the end, she had accepted her plump physique.
I remembered how out of breath she had been when accompanying Alice and I for our early-morning workouts.
She probably needed proper time and motivation to exercise seriously.
And even during the long break, she still had studies to attend to. A life without sweets would be too harsh for the delicate maiden that she is.
“Ouga-kun… even if I become a piggy, you won’t hate me, right?”
“Kukuku, don’t worry, I’ll give you a good squeeze when the time comes.”
“…What do you mean by that?”
“Hmm, let’s see… How about you live under my 24-hour supervision until you’re healthy?”
Somehow, Mashiro began contemplating something in my arms. Karen gently laid her down on the leisure sheet she had spread out.
I sat down as well, and Karen quickly sidled up next to me,
She poked me on the arm and said
“…Lucky Mashiro-san. I’m the fiancée, you know?”
Hearing the cute plea of my childhood friend, I wrapped my arm around Karen’s back and thighs and stood up.
Although Karen is tall for a girl, she is still light enough for me, with my daily training.
To appease her jealousy, I stepped out from under the parasol and began walking.
“In that case, it might be a good idea to tour the domain to make it known that Karen is my fiancée.”
“Eh!? T-That’s so embarrassing! I’m dressed like this, after all…!”
Karen instinctively tried to cover her chest and midriff,
which only made the pose more alluring.
“Don’t worry, I have no intention of showing this sight to anyone else. I’ll keep you all to myself.”
“…I see. Then, I can feel at ease, I guess?”
She blushed shyly.
“Remember, I can be quite jealous.”
“Then, I won’t show this to anyone but you, Ouga…you can rest assured.”
“Kukuku, good mindset.”
“After all, I’m your fiancée. And, I want to show Ouga any kind outfit you want to…”
Saying that, Karen slid the shoulder strap of her swimsuit down her arm.
The loosened fabric shifted, revealing a bit more of her chest.
“…Do you want to see, Ouga?”
My heart was screaming “Yes!”
I couldn’t believe Karen was offering me this chance so boldly. The heat must be making her bold…!
But to pounce on it now would be the move of a second-rate man.
I needed to stay calm and collected, leading into the main event.
…My mind was set. Let’s go.
“By the way, I have no intention of showing this to anyone else, Ouga-kun.”
” R-Reina-san!?”
“…Reina. Don’t suddenly call out from behind.”
Thanks to Karen’s dramatic reaction, I was able to suppress the exclamation that had almost escaped me.
Reina…! The crime of disrupting that mood is unforgivable!
I shot her a glare of protest, but the mischievous Reina merely chuckled, unperturbed.
“Excuse me. I got too caught up in your little world there.”
“Th-That’s not our world or anything…ahaha.”
Flustered, Karen hurriedly returned the strap to its original position,
signaling the end of that particular conversation.
Ah…goodbye, my paradise…
As I inwardly lamented the missed opportunity, Reina poked my back, just as Karen had done earlier.
“By the way, Ouga-kun.”


“…What is it?”
“There are some people over there trying to break Ouga-kun’s exclusivity.”
This was Vellet’s private beach.
There were signs posted warning commoners not to enter the designated area.
Yet, as Reina pointed out…
“See, I knew coming here was the right choice! It’s totally empty, awesome!”
“Yeah, those stuffy nobles are nowhere to be found!”
Two thuggish-looking individuals stood in the distance

—a large, bald brute and a slender, tattooed man.
They fit the part a little too perfectly.
And as if sensing our gaze, they too noticed us.
“Look at that, three beauties right here.”
“Hold on, they might be nobles. That brat with them is one, ain’t he?”
“Nah, who cares? Even if they’re nobles, there’s just one guy. We can take him, right?”
“…Yeah, you got a point. Heheh.”
This was the kind of foolish misunderstanding that sometimes occurred.
Since my father was known as a corrupt lord, these idiots thought they could commit crimes with impunity on his lands.
To prevent such incidents, my father had dispatched a vigilante force throughout the domain.
He claimed they were there to monitor the activities of allied nobles, but their true purpose was to protect the commoners from fools like these.
However, this private beach was an area that normally saw little use,
so the vigilantes’ reach had likely not extended here.
“Then, I’ll fulfill that role in their stead.”
I was glad Alice was off on her long swim.
If she were here, those men would have fared much worse.
…Or perhaps not. I couldn’t be certain.
They had invaded my paradise and disrupted my pleasant time. And on top of that, they had sent lecherous looks towards my woman.
Their disgusting fantasies alone were enough to condemn them.
To prevent such incidents from occurring in the future, sacrifices may be necessary.
“…Ouga? Are you okay?”
“Don’t worry, Karen. Do you really think I would lose to those kinds of people?”
She shook her head vigorously in response.
“That’s enough then. You three can just relax without a care.”
I gently set down Karen and began walking towards the intruders.
“Heh, so you’ve got quite the spunk for a brat, don’t you?”
“I’ll give you credit for not being too scared to come before us.”
“Were you trying to look cool in front of the ladies? With a beauty like that, I can understand the urge…”
“–Who gave you permission to look?”
I blocked the bald man’s prying gaze, which had been trying to peek at Mashiro and the others behind me.
“Huh? What’s your deal? You think just ’cause you’re a noble, we won’t lay a hand on you?”
“Aw, don’t be like that, partner. Let’s give this brave lad trying to protect the ladies just one chance, shall we?”
The tattooed man chuckled and reached into his back pocket, pulling out a knife in a sheath.
“If you apologize now, I’ll at least spare your life. You nobles can get all the women you want, right? Why don’t you humbly flee with your tail between your legs, hm? Otherwise…”
The knife was drawn from its sheath,
My image is reflected in the gleaming blade.
“This is gonna hurt, you know?”
“…There’s one correction I need to make regarding your words.”
“These girls are more precious to me than my own life in this world. Stop measuring them by your petty standards.”
“…I see. In that case–“
“And my response is this: if you apologize, I’ll let you off with just a half-kill.”
“Screw your life, we’re taking it!”
The tattooed man lunged forward with the knife, shouting.
Evading it would be child’s play. But I’ll shatter their spirits first, then grant them despair.
Without even a hint of movement, I waited until the knife was about to hit me.
“So you’re too scared to even move, huh!? Die!”
Convinced he had struck my heart, the tattooed man grinned. But that grin swiftly vanished.
With a light snap, the knife blade had broken off at the base.
“Huh!? Wha–!?”
“…What’s wrong? Weren’t you going to kill me?”
I picked up the broken blade and placed it in the trembling man’s hand.
“Here, try again properly.”
The frenzied man attempted to thrust the knife once more, but it merely crumbled against me,
the metal unable to harm my body.
The tattooed man’s face grows paler and paler as the mysterious phenomenon occurs for the second time.
The color of his blood is fading, and he seems to be on the verge of turning white.
“Screw you, it’s my turn now!”
The burly man swung his fist at me with all his might, but the impact simply reverberated back to him.
My body had become harder than steel.
If I hit him as hard as I can, I wonder what the recoil will be.

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