I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 7

If you say purpose, it was to become a hero, but… that’s different now. I haven’t even considered having another purpose or anything. Uhh, what could it be if I had to name one?
“For my own sake, I guess.”
There is a moment of silence, as if the air had frozen when I answered.
After a short pause, Lucas suddenly bursts out laughing. What’s so funny? I’m going to punch you.
“A fittingly whimsical response for a free D-rank adventurer.”
He gives me a piercing look.
“For your own sake? Ahh, living freely without anyone complaining no matter what you do must be quite blissful.”
“Right? Well, it almost collapsed because of the people around me.”
Especially Letty and Eve and Rafine and Rafine and Rafine.
“How ironic. The strong have a duty to save the weak. You just shirk that duty.”
What does he mean? I’m not shirking anything.
“What’s wrong with using my power for myself? It’s my life, I do what I want, and no one has the right to complain. I move as I please and choose my own path.”
Why do I have to hear this bullshit about duty from him?
I hate words like duty and responsibility. I’m a simple adventurer who loves freedom and equality. Strong or weak, man or woman, I’ll hit anyone who limits my freedom the same way.
Hearing my answer, Lucas clicks his tongue in annoyance.
“I surrender. D-rank.”
He raised both hands indicating surrender.
The Arena dispelled and my vision returned to the original colosseum.
“I’ll put in a word about immigration permission. That black-haired woman and white mage can move freely without needing to act together. In the Restoration Zone or Special Zone, as they please.”
“Oh, wait. Hang on.”
I call out to Lucas who turns to leave, thinking the talk is over.
“You said you’d tell me. I’m still listening.”
I still haven’t heard what he did to Letty. Why’re you trying to leave?
“Ah, that’s right.”
Lucas nods as if just remembering and answers. Did you forget?
I focus magical power in my eyes to see the magical power swirling around Lucas’s body. This way I can instantly tell if he tries lying from the slightest power fluctuation. I’ll punch him if he lies. Beat him to a pulp.
But the words he spoke were the exact opposite of what I imagined.
“I have not harmed her in any way.”
There’s no change in his magical power. He’s not lying.
…Wait, then why is Letty so afraid of him? I don’t get it.
“We’ve met face to face several times after she was summoned as the hero. However, I’ve never harmed her even once. I merely dislike her attitude, ideology, and personality.”
“Then why’s Letty scared of you?”
“I’ve no idea. Ask her yourself.”
Lucas brushes me off then places his hand on his chin pondering.
“Ah, but…she may wish to keep that fact unknown. It would be especially inconvenient if you learned it.”
Something inconvenient if I knew? That Letty who seems like she’d never hide anything?
“What’s that? Tell me.”
“It’s classified information. Only a handful of heroes have been informed. Ask her or the Church of Heroes yourself if you wish to know. Though the church likely won’t speak of it.”
He teaches me nothing, giving no clues.
“Why care so much? You aren’t related.”
“No particular reason…I’m just curious.”
I don’t intend to force it out of him. Whether Letty has some past or secrets she doesn’t want to talk about doesn’t matter to me. It’s none of my business…Yet I’m super annoyed and want to know.
Seeming puzzled, Lucas nods “I see” then averts his gaze from me, walking steadily towards the colosseum entrance.
Not even glancing my way, as he passes me by Lucas stops and opens his mouth.
“Let me give you some advice. I don’t know what you think of the Attack hero. Nor do I care why you’re so concerned with her. It’s irrelevant to me.”
Without even turning around, he just dispassionately speaks.
“However, if you cherish the Attack…make her quit being the hero immediately.”



After immigrating to Librehero, we were warmly welcomed by the citizens. Then instead of resting our tired bodies at the inn, due to one thing and another we headed to the Adventurer’s Guild.
“Hm? What’sh wrong?”
“No…it’s nothing.”
I glance at Letty walking right beside me and she tilts her head puzzled noticing my gaze.
–It would be especially inconvenient if you learned it.
–Make her quit being the hero immediately.
Lucas’s words echo in my mind.
I vigorously scratch my head and open my mouth with my face still forward.
“Letty. Is there…anything you want to tell me? Well, like, your secrets and stuff. I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
Letty tilts his head then lights up as if struck by inspiration.
“Can I ask you something then?”
“Uh, sure. What is it?”
“Please join my party!”
“Something else.”
Is that all she’s got?
At my immediate refusal Letty puffs out his cheeks. Cute.
“Then nothing really! I’m the hero after all!”
“I see…Well, if that’s how it is then fine. But if something comes up, feel free to tell me.”
I end the conversation there and start walking again. I won’t force it out of her whether she doesn’t want to say or whatever. Everyone has one or two secrets they want to hide. Then I can casually ask when she wants to talk.
Well, I’ll put that off for later. For now…
“Why are you two still following…?”
I call out to Rafine and Eve who haven’t left my side after immigration. Or rather, Letty too but let’s put her aside.
“Eh? Of course I, your wife, will support you by your side. Hehe, you make such funny jokes.”

“That’s right, of course. Where Ray go I go too. And I’m his wife.”
“Hehe, you make such funny jokes? I’m his wife.”
“Rafine also makes funny jokes. Hilarious.”
“Can you two stop arguing with me between you?”
Rafine’s frightening smile and Eve’s expressionless arguing creep me out. Neither are my wife so this dispute is fruitless. Also with Eve, her saying she’ll follow me everywhere is impossible. She’d follow me to the bathroom and bath and stuff…I’ll definitely stop her.
“But isn’t it good? We can take on more requests at the guild with more people.”
“Exactly. That’s why we’re coming too.”
“You two really are close friends, huh?”
A flawless tag team trying to push through. Choose now to cooperate.
I head towards the guild, paying them no mind. Rafine and Eve seem to take that as permission and happily make eye contact. Eve even gives an enthusiastic thumbs up. This bastard.
“Oh, fine then.”
I mutter, convincing myself.
I did intend to split off.
…But something happened that I need to tell them too. I really didn’t want to but after seeing their devotion I have no choice. …That’s why I kept running away until now though.
I shake my head, the strange emotions welling inside annoying me.
Ugh…I really don’t want to do this. But if I don’t, our relationships will just stay the same. Even though I absolutely don’t want to, there will come a time I have to.
So I open my mouth and suggest this.
“Hey…since we’re here, why don’t we go sightseeing before the guild?”
“Sightseeing? But we have no money so we were going to hurry and take guild requests, right?”
“Well, that’s true but I just thought since we’re here…Sightseeing doesn’t cost money.”
“I’d be happy if I could date Sir Jirei but…?”
Seeing Rafine’s confusion, I decide “Then let’s do that.”
“Letty, you okay with this?”
“But I’ve been here before. There’s nothing to see sightseeing.”
“That was as the hero right? You didn’t leisurely sightsee so…Also, Librehero has a lot of food stalls with delicious sweets. And with you as the hero we can eat almost free.”
“Let’s go! Hurry!”
Letty starts pulling me impatiently. His eyes were sparkling with desire for the sweets.
That takes care of Letty and Rafine. Now Eve but—
“Sorry. I’ll pass.”
She declines.
“W-why? I think you’d probably enjoy it?”
“I do think it would be fun. But I won’t go. It’s strange for you to invite me.”
Eve looks at me expressionlessly, as if seeing through me. Urgh…
“So stop. Besides, if that’s the case…”
Eve glances at Letty. She immediately says “No, nevermind” cutting off her words.
“Letty, I’ll leave it to you.”
“You got it! Leave it to me!”
Letty cheerfully responds as Eve pats his head. I don’t really get it but seems she’s not going.
“But I want to take guild requests together after so let me know when you’re done.”
“Uh, sure but…”
“I’ll be shopping with Maya and stuff in the meantime. We promised to buy a new staff.”
I reply I understand and Eve walks off saying “See ya.”
Could she possibly have realized what I was trying to say? No, impossible. It just seemed strange to suddenly suggest sightseeing for the chance to talk.
…Well, if Eve’s not coming I can talk to Rafine first then tell Eve later.
But then—

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