I am no hero of the shadows! Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 1

The Civil War

A week after the saintess Milis Alamirea left the party.
Phil was spending days digesting the events that had somehow formed a bond with people he didn’t even want to know at the party.
Specifically, dealing with piled up gifts, refusing marriage proposals including invitation letters, and responding to letters of thanks for hospitality and visits.
On top of that, there was some work that had piled up a bit during his absence – unrelated to the brothel business, he couldn’t go out.
His younger brother Zan seems to still be enjoying his days full of play despite being lectured by his parents.
Certainly, as long as he’s just being lectured, he’s not called scum like Phil is.
Phil was envious of that, but on this day he was finally able to take a breather.
Pushing the reduced pile of documents to the corner of the table, he silently reads a small piece of paper.
Then, as usual, the maid Kahlua came in wearing her maid uniform with her sleeves put through, carrying tea.
“What are you reading?”
“Hmm? Even though I thought it would be troublesome, I miss Saint Milis, so while feeling lonely without her, I’m doing a bit of research.”
“No matter what, the saint was here for a long time, huh? I can understand feeling lonely.”
Recalling the saint girl who suddenly announced “I’m going south on a role given by the archbishop!” and suddenly left.
Although he had been informed in advance, it was quite sudden, but he saw her off with a smile that she rarely shows.
Seeing Phil look a little lonely reminiscing, Kahlua smiles wryly.
The girl named Milis had gotten into Phil’s heart to that extent – for better or worse, he bonds easily, doesn’t he? She thought there was a contradiction in his words and actions.
“Even though you say research, Kahlua knows it, right? Without a textbook and using my own power to research what you didn’t teach me.”
Saying that, Phil shows Kahlua the paper he was holding.
Kahlua takes the paper and peeks at it.
On it was a large heading that read “[Current status of the [Civil War] and its background]”.
“Ah, this thing.”
“Yeah, I begged my dad to teach me. The war is on the southern border, right? Just south of our territory, there are small villages right before the border. I can’t think of it as someone else’s problem.”
“….I didn’t say anything because it looks like it will happen soon.”
“Dad gave it to me in exchange for imposing conditions like “Don’t go” so don’t worry young lady. I’m a blessed person worried by various people.”
Hearing that he has no intention of getting involved, Kahlua feels relieved.
This lord, if something happens, would likely rush out to rescue someone – in the past, he has run into the large battlefield of war, but compared to helping ordinary people, war has a larger scale.
You never know when tickets to the Grim Reaper Idol handshake event will arrive, even if you try to protect yourself, a sword point might suddenly pierce you from behind.
Even Kahlua didn’t want to go to such a place.
Even if he was capable, it was only natural to want to protect the master’s safety.
“But still, the root of the issue is a war of invasion that began with the suppression of an extremist race. It’s like a lover’s quarrel involving the neighbors.”
“A minority group living near the border of the Argaus Democratic Republic to the south started causing a ruckus. We thought, ‘If this continues, there might be a risk of crossing the border,’ so we went in for suppression.”
“But as a result, the Argaus Democratic Republic claimed we ‘hurt our own people.’ They used the pretext of rescuing the minority group to launch an invasion. If they were going to claim a righteous cause, they should’ve just helped their own friends in the country.”
“The way the minority group started causing trouble doesn’t seem natural either.”
“Yeah, the more I hear it, the more it seems that the Argaus Democratic Nation stirred things up just to have a good reason to invade. If they start an unnecessary war, the citizens immersed in peace will shout “quit messing around!” They probably wanted to produce easy to understand justice….really, war isn’t a circus to attract customers. Did they want to produce it that badly?”
Phil sighs deeply as he takes the paper from Kahlua again.
“But in terms of the war situation, our country has the upper hand. Given the original difference in national strength, it’s only natural, right? With that, it seems unlikely that the conflict will spread to our side.”
“It seems that His Majesty and the highly skilled First Princess are personally leading the fight on the ground. Compared to those hastily proclaiming justice, the soldiers’ morale is on a different level. It doesn’t seem like the situation will be reversed now. Unless everyone starts praying for some absurd cosmic intervention.”
Having finished reading, Phil leaned back against the chair.
Judging from the war situation, it doesn’t seem necessary for him to act as a magician or a noble. However, it’s always good to be prepared.
If both Kahlua and Roy are emphasizing this, and if preparing is the current course of action, then Phil will just have his estate’s knights on standby.
Thinking of making preparations, Phil reluctantly got up from his seat.
At that moment ──


“Emergency! Big trouble, Phil!”
The door to Phil’s office was thrown open vigorously.
What emerged was Phil’s mother Maria, breathing roughly and oozing anxiety.
“What’s the matter, Mother? You have the face of a housewife who found out some luxury brand bag is sold out, even though you should be in the royal capital right now─”
“Roy went to the [Civil War]!”
Phil was dumbfounded by Maria’s words.
But that only lasted a moment. First of all, he tries to calm down his mother who he doesn’t understand why she came all the way from the royal capital to the mansion.
“Well, it’s not that weird, is it? Dad is a knight, he has a duty to protect the country. It’s a natural course of events for him to participate when a war starts.”
Originally, that’s what a knight is.
Even if he joins a town or becomes a retainer to some nobility, if you trace back the lineage, it connects directly to “maintaining national security”. Roy belongs to the kingdom’s knights, and has even been granted a position.
So it’s not surprising.
It’s not surprising, but──
“It’s weird, isn’t it? Isn’t Phil’s father on guard duty? Is it normal to be called out when we have the advantage and not when things are going badly with the war?”
With the natural doubt Kahlua raised, Phil ponders.
In fact, Kahlua is right. Roy was in the royal capital to guard the royals who remained there.
In the current situation where they have the advantage in the war, it is not normally possible for him to abandon his duties and be called out.
“If the war situation had changed, the recruitment should have come from here first, being the closest territory.”
“That’s right. Apart from two small villages, there’s just peaceful mountains with no resources or anything else of note continuing south. Unless you’re a mountain climber, no one goes south because they like it. Then the royal capital …… “
Phil’s mouth closed as he was about to continue his words.
Even though he should have still been able to string together following words, he stopped for some reason, which Kahlua found strange.
“What’s wrong…?”
“No…I just thought of something. There’s nothing but two small villages south of our territory, right? Are there any places I don’t know about?”
“You know more than me, right? Just like Phil says, there are two villages with nothing, and mountains with no resources or anything worth mentioning. Nothing noteworthy at all. Most people don’t go south unless they like mountain climbing.”
“I see…then why did Saint Milis go south?”
Suddenly remembering Saint Milis’ words when she left,
── [I’m going south on a role given by the archbishop!]
That must have been what she said.
“It’s weird for her to go south where there’s nothing, isn’t it? Pilgrims do go around to various places, but for a saint to go out of her way to some unimportant place is strange. Usually, ordinary believers are the ones to visit those places while the saint goes around the big cities.”
“Phil…could it be──”
With the feeling of discomfort ballooning,
Phil’s face suddenly shows impatience never there before.
“Yes!? Why the sudden loud voice? I thought for sure I was forgotten already─”
“Did Dad say anything about “participating in the [Civil War] as an escort!”!?”
Ignoring Maria who doesn’t really understand, Phil presses her for an answer.
“Hmm….he did say that.”
She affirms it.
“Damn! I knew it!”
Phil hurriedly stands up and runs over near the closet.
Seeing his sudden impatient behavior oozing anxiety, Maria feels an extraordinary unease.
“What’s wrong, Phil…?”

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