The Devil Princess Volume 2 Extra Story + Afterword

Exclusive Story: Hang in there, Mylene-chan

“That turned into quite a situation…”
The silver-haired girl muttered to herself while biting her finger with her canine teeth.
Mylene-la-Auber, the daughter of the count, lost her parents due to an unexplained earthquake. At the age of eleven, she became the acting lord and was destined to become the female countess upon adulthood.
Mylene’s concern was not about such trivial matters. It was about a certain girl she called [Companion]—a girl who Mylene is under command.
The First Princess of the Versenia Grand Duchy, Eurushia.
A six-year-old girl known as a beautiful and affectionate [Holy Maiden].
Everyone recognized it. Even vampires like Mylene and her companions. If anyone, including those living in the darkness, should have noticed the “smell,” it was absent from Eurushia.
Living in the darkness—yes, Eurushia was a [Demon]. She was the most repulsive monster, being not only a human but also worshipped as a [Holy Maiden].
Despite this, no one suspected anything. Could such a thing be possible?
The reason Mylene couldn’t see through it was that Eurushia’s behavior smelled unpleasantly “human” in a negative sense.
Vampires, once human in appearance but now embracing their demonic nature, seamlessly blend in with humans. They laugh, converse, and share joy with humans while harboring the essence of demons without a hint of discomfort.
The lack of discomfort felt more terrifying than anything else.
It was as if that Count Auber had talked about that existence every chance he got—a demon who understood humans in order to devour them, one of the highest-ranking demons who imparted “otherworldly knowledge” to humans.
“…It’s like a… ‘demon god’…”
Mylene murmured softly, and a chill ran down her spine as she arrived at that conclusion.
If that were true, it was a miracle they survived. Mylene suppressed the trembling in her hands and breathed a sigh of relief.
(But… let’s think about it…)
Mylene became a vampire over a hundred years ago. Memories from that time were hazy, but she was supposed to be the daughter of a rural noble with a small estate.
Memories of a “human” from a time when happiness faintly lingered. But that happiness came to an abrupt end. Suddenly, her family was attacked by other nobles, and they were killed. Among them, Mylene, still young, was spared due to her beauty. Trapped in a tower, she endured days of humiliation, being kept as a pet by the invading nobles… But those days didn’t last long.
A vampire attack. Even the loyal subjects she once loved had their blood sucked, reduced to mere livestock or mindless minions.
The vampire who appeared to Mylene in the tower was a large one. Mylene allowed him to drink her blood, and from her hatred and anger, she was reborn as a higher-ranking vampire. She killed the nobles who had killed her family… and massacred all the subjects who had once smiled under the rule of the invaders.
The man spared Mylene and turned her into a vampire out of pity for her similar circumstances. Normally, vampires don’t feel such pity. But even so, he spared Mylene.
From that day on, Mylene, along with her three companions, embarked on an eternal journey.
After destroying the noble territory that killed her family and being pursued by the nation for nearly a hundred years, the four ended up in a country called Tatiteld in search of a base. Due to her innate talent or her mastery of physical manipulation, Mylene manipulated her appearance age and, along with her companions, infiltrated Tatiteld and gradually increased their followers.
However, this led them to antagonize the “demonic race” that was also operating in the human country, and they were attacked by the knights due to the machinations of the demons.
As a result, their created followers and weaker allies were destroyed one by one. Still, if the two powerful vampires worked together, even the weaker lower-ranking vampires would have been able to escape.
However, two of those powerful vampires were the first to flee. As a result, the man who turned Mylene into a vampire used himself as bait to spare the lower-ranking vampires and Mylene.
Mylene has mixed feelings about her fleeing companions. But more than that, she took her hand once again to fulfill the man’s desire to live and to seek revenge against the demons who were his enemies.
For the sake of the man who died… such feelings don’t exist for vampires. Still, Mylene vowed with the faint remnants of her human heart.
The tragic determination… everything changed because of the encounter with a single girl.

“My master has something for you.”
With those words, a butler-like boy appeared, possessing a human-like appearance stripped of its humanity.
One reason why Mylene suspected Eurushia to be a demon god was her existence as a noble species, surpassing even the great vampire Mylene in evilness.
A single demon of the highest order, capable of causing national destruction with just one body—such was the danger posed by a “cataclysm-class” demon. It was inconceivable for someone who commanded four such beings to be anything but nefarious.
The one currently in front of her, the boy who became the vessel, lacks the human touch that Eurushia has, and his gloomy gaze, more devoid of humanity than his appearance suggests, makes Mylene uncomfortable.
Honestly, it’s freaking scary.
“…What is this?”
“I’ve heard it’s a byproduct of my master’s summoning experiment called [Seafood].”
The dried, dark grains are a type of sea plant… called [seaweed], apparently. Mylene can’t understand why such a thing becomes a byproduct of summoning, but if she can understand the spirit of that thing, then there is no problem in this world.
“As a precaution, they said not to eat too much of it.”
“Alright, alright. We’ll express our gratitude to Lady Eurushia later.”
Although her attitude is somewhat disrespectful, it was Mylene’s feeble resistance.
I’m not sure what it is, but if it’s seaweed, it could be used as human food. Due to the earthquake, there are still refugees who lost their homes in the chapel. Despite being the cause of it all, Eurushia, who even found praising saint-like activities troublesome, left Mylene and others who couldn’t move during the day and returned.
Is this her way of apologizing? Mylene grabs the dried seaweed, tasting it cautiously.
“It’s salty.”
The situation has changed in various ways, but in terms of strength, it has increased significantly. If I can harness the power of the demons, the day when I can take revenge on the demon race might not be far off.
(Watch me, I will definitely avenge you.)
Due to the shortage of manpower, while changing diapers for refugee babies, Mylene, still unaware of the loose influence of the demon spirits, tightly grasps the diaper and makes a new vow.
A few days later… Mylene, now an immortal vampire, experiences stomach pain for the first time in a hundred years. As a retaliation for passing on the troubles to me, she decides to report all those troubles to the royal family, attributing them to Eurushia’s achievements.





Nice to meet you if you’re new. Welcome back if you’re a long-time reader, it’s Harunohi no Biyori.
Thank you for waiting! I present to you Booke 2 of Part 1, “Moonlit Tea Party.”
To be honest, when I was serializing this, I was still an unknown author, and I was writing for the few hundred people who read it! I was so enthusiastic.
Originally, the title was just “Demon Princess,” and it was around this time that I added “A Lazy Demon’s Tale” to it.
But writing just for fun and advancing with momentum, one day the access suddenly increased by several hundred times, and I was amazed.
And now, in releasing this book, I rewrote everything with my current writing style, added missing parts, and incorporated settings for the final chapters!
Plus, it comes with the beautiful illustrations by Mr. Kai Ugeso! It’s a super good deal!
I know there are very few people reading this from the afterword, so I’ll keep spoilers to a minimum, but many characters that will appear later have been introduced this time.
For those tsundere girls who didn’t have much of a role in the web version, I hope to give them more opportunities in the future… (wishful thinking)

And finally, here they are, the little devils! (Cheers)
In turning this series into a book, the reason I really wanted to continue was that I wanted Mr. Uzura Ge So to draw these kids. Look forward to the ever-growing Eurushia in her beautiful girl form and her cute companions.
If possible, I’d like Mr. Uzura to draw the heroine “Uho” from Chapter 4 as well. Everyone, please continue to support us in the future.
Also, check out the cute “Yuzu” drawn by Mr. Shikichi Shigeki for the comic adaptation! If you haven’t yet, give it a read.

The hidden activities of the demon race with flags raised.
The elder sister who noticed the evil in this world and decided to fight against it.
The existence of a hero appearing to counteract the evil.
A magic circle appearing in the demon realm…
All those involved with Eurushia will inevitably become “lax.” From Eurushia’s perspective, only a carefree development like a flower garden is depicted. However, behind the scenes, there are conspiracies and struggles unfolding.
Eurushia’s first-person perspective: A flower garden in her head. Third-person perspective of others: Intrigue and turmoil. I hope you enjoy it.
Well then, let’s meet again.
A heartfelt thank you to the readers who picked up this book, the bookstores that put it on their shelves, and everyone involved in this book!

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