Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 24 part 2

The activation of the spell was obvious from the magic circles starting to shine.
“Everyone, take cover!”
Shouting that, Kimblee himself lay prone taking defensive posture.
Thunderous roars resounded, countless intense lightning bolts rained down on the Dorsen army camp. It was a spell evoking the end of the world.
For an instant that felt like eternity, the spell was unleashed, then Kimblee got up surveying his surroundings.
The defense magics seemed to have taken some effect, damage near the sorcerers was light.
But moving away from the sorcerers, the damage increased, and the units furthest were devastated.
Likely nearly half the soldiers were rendered combat ineffective.
Kimblee himself also felt numbness in his body from the spell’s effects.
“What magic is this? Why not use it in yesterday’s battle? Did the barrier not work?”
Kimblee asked his nearby attendant sorcerer.
“Most likely it was preserved for this moment. If used yesterday when the barriers were still effective, it probably could have been defended more, but maintaining the barriers all day yesterday tired out the sorcerers as well, they couldn’t keep the same level of strength as yesterday.”
“Tch, part of King Zeros’ calculations too!”
Kimblee shuddered at the meticulous strategy of King Zeros.
“Mateus! Dante!”
Calling the names of the two Five Heavenly Seats.
Nearby, Mateus and Dante immediately rushed over to Kimblee’s side.
Neither seemed to have taken damage from [Thunder Judgement].
“Please intercept the Faloon army with my direct knight orders. Those who can fight from the right wing 3rd and 4th Knight Orders, and left wing 5th and 6th Knight Orders may also be dispatched. You two bring down King Zeros.”
“We humbly accept.”
Mateus knelt to reply, then immediately turned over sending out a call to arms.
“My direct forces, follow me! Gather those who can fight from the right and left wing knight orders! Hurry! We’ll take down King Zeros!”

And so the second battle on Brix Plain began.

The Dorsen army charged out.
Most likely at the head were the two Five Heavenly Seats I’d heard of.
I was at the vanguard running. I was running because I had gravity bracelets on and couldn’t ride a horse. This constant running was awkward so facing them would be just right.
“I’ll take on the two Five Heavenly Seats. Leave the rest of the enemies to you!”
“Leave it to us, King Zeros!”
Ogma and the others went towards the other enemy soldiers.
Aside from the Five Heavenly Seats, the other enemies seemed decently strong too. Likely Kimblee’s direct forces.
“Facing us two Five Heavenly Seats alone, how arrogant you are, King Zeros!”
The man with the slender sword and long blond hair shouted. The other was a brawny, brown skinned man wielding a huge greatsword.
“I am Mateus, one of the Five Heavenly Seats!”
The blond introduced himself.
“Likewise, Dante.”
The brown skinned one readied his greatsword.
“I am Mars, King of Faloon Country.”
I also drew my beloved longsword. Like the jet black full armor I wore, it was a sinister item discovered in underground ruins. It wouldn’t chip no matter how hard a substance it cut, so I favored it.
“Brace yourself!”
The one called Mateus suddenly closed the distance.
Fast. Sword trails became afterimages, making it look like multiple slashes at once.
Some kind of sword technique surely. As expected of a Five Heavenly Seat.
(Well, it’s not undefendable)
I warded off his attack with my sword, but an unpleasant sound rang from my armor. Looks like some attacks I failed to evade scraped the armor.
(Oh? More strikes than I anticipated)
Seems like a speed based swordsman. This was likely the one who fought Wanfu.
So he’s the type who pushes with speed and strikes, continuously unleashing attacks without pause.
At this rate he might just keep attacking if left alone.
I closed the distance a bit, then forcibly cut into his sword technique, kicking Mateus in the stomach.
Mateus blew back. Orthodox swordsmen are weak against attacks like this.
There, Dante wedged in between me and Mateus.
Dante swinging his greatsword down from overhead. I received it with my longsword. A shrill metallic sound rang from the swords clashing.
But despite blocking the sword, an impact wave still slammed into me.
I felt my feet sink into the ground. Another sword technique probably. With steel swords and armor it would have been smashed.
The exact opposite of Mateus, a power type huh.
Dante once drew back his sword, then unleashed a vigorous horizontal swing.
Blocking this with my sword too, my whole body was blown away, sent flying sideways.
(Even as a sword technique, what power. To have this much strength without eating monster meat.)
I quickly regained my footing, but Mateus approached again.
Mateus activating his sword technique again. Perhaps wary of the earlier kick, the distance was a bit further.
Dante circled around to my side, raising his sword overhead.
Warding off Mateus’ sword with my right hand sword, I received Dante’s attack with the invisible shield deployed on my left palm.
The invisible shield nullifies attacks, completely blocking that strike along with its impact.
Mateus and Dante had shocked expressions.
Taking advantage of that opening, I jumped back putting some distance between us.
“What was that just now!”
Both were shaken. Everyone is surprised when first seeing this invisible shield.
Taking that chance, I removed the bracelets. The [Gravity] x5 bracelets Frau gave me.
“Let me ask just in case, but you don’t feel like surrendering right?”
I called out to Mateus and Dante.
“What’re you saying? You think you’ve won just because you blocked Dante’s attack with some strange technique? The 1 vs 2 disadvantage hasn’t changed!”
Mateus readied his sword again. Dante also held up his greatsword.
“I can’t hold back any more from here on. You’ll die, you know?”
My movements get too good without the [Gravity] effect.
“Don’t spout nonsense…! Are you saying until now you weren’t serious!? Don’t spew lies!”
Like before, Mateus rushed to close the distance in one go.
And when he tried to unleash his sword technique,


I struck first.


scene transition


Slashed from shoulder to collarbone, Mateus collapsed to the ground. Without the bracelets I could have moved first at that speed.
To help Mateus it seemed, Dante activated his sword technique, raising his greatsword to smash down.
But that sword technique had a big motion, leaving his torso wide open. I could easily take advantage of that opening.
Stepping into Dante’s side, I leap through while swinging my sword horizontally.
Dante’s massive sword, swung down, created a large crater where I was just moments ago. Dante, with his torso half-cut, fell into that crater.
Cheers erupted from the Hundred members who were fighting around me.
They must have witnessed my battle.
On the contrary, from the Dorsen army, desperate voices saying, “The Five Celestials were defeated!” rose.
It was the moment when the tide of the battle was decided.

General Kimblee continued to command at the rear, fighting desperately to let even a single soldier escape. In the end, after a one-on-one duel with Ogma, he met his death.

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