GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Escape

Umberto-Mauri, Aratrum Interstellar Migrant Ship – Captain (Planned)

I cannot say anything about the rational choice regarding the survival of humanity… the plan to migrate to exoplanets and the selection of personnel for it. I can only repeat the standard lines: “The personnel for the Aratrum and Oratrio ships were rationally decided based on the Gematria calculation program provided by the Exifs, taking into account various aspects such as the maintenance of human culture and civilization, and political legitimacy. There is no room for any doubt here.” This is because of the confidentiality, but also because I myself do not know anything. I wonder why I was chosen to be the captain… Was it because of my experience as the executive officer of the submarine Goten? The truth is, I was just left behind. Before the last sortie, I was injured in an explosion accident on the Goten, and ended up being the only survivor. Why was it me? If the captain had lived…


Takeshi-J-Hamamoto, Aratrum Deputy Captain (Planned)

The rational choices regarding the survival of humanity were formally decided as policies of the Earth Union government based on rigorous procedures. Moreover, the selection of personnel boarding the Aratrum and Oratio was also logically determined under the Gematria calculation program provided by the Exif, taking into account various perspectives such as the preservation of human culture and civilization, as well as political legitimacy. There is no room for any doubt in this matter.



This chapter was originally supposed to describe the process from the defeat of Mechagodzilla to the construction of the Aratrum and Oratrio ships, and the decision on their crews, up to their departure.
However, with 600 million humans still surviving, to evacuate only 10,000 and 5,000 people to exoplanets – this plan, which could be called inhumane, abandoning the remaining 600 million people for the survival of the human species, naturally faced a lot of opposition, and in fact, there have been many acts of force – terrorist attacks targeting the Aratrum and Oratrio ships. The people involved have remained tight-lipped, and only a few people have been able to be interviewed, and almost no testimonies have been obtained from them.
This is understandable.
For them, the human evacuation plan is an ongoing situation. It is still too early to ask the people involved to look back on it. (It is regrettable that the testimonies of the people involved in the other migration ship, the Oratrio, could not be obtained.) After the departure of the Aratrum, I would like to interview the people involved again and compile it in another form. Therefore, this chapter is planned to be deleted from the official version.


Aratrum Database – Historical Material No.: EGX-54-841617
Author: Akira-Sakaki
Access Permissions: Class B or higher
Reliability: C (not recommended for active viewing)

This record summarizes the testimonies of people who experienced the monster disaster on Earth, but due to its nature, the reliability is extremely low. In historical research, it should be used only as a reference, and for young learners, priority should be given to studying the officially recognized history curriculum of the Earth Union Government.

Censor Officer: Takeshi-J-Hamamoto

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