Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth Volume 1 Chapter 21

Episode 21 [Prologue to the Beginning]

In the park on a bench.
Sitting with a girl I don’t know. She was a very expressive and cute girl.
I understand that I love this girl and must not make her sad.
“You surprised me, Todo. You suddenly came running at full speed through the intersection?”
“Ah, sorry for startling you.”
“No, I was a little happy, heh heh.”
I had secretly checked my phone earlier and asked Hanazono this girl’s name. [Tanaka Haru] – the girl I’m on a date with today. After that, notifications from Hanazono didn’t stop coming in, but I decided to ignore them.
Getting through this situation takes priority.
It’s okay. I still have the feeling that I [love] this girl. I don’t know what happened to me, but it must have been a failed reset. Something sad must have happened.
Luckily, my phone had a report summarizing the details of today’s date. Looking at that I can judge the general situation.
Even though I’ve lost my memories of Tanaka, my feelings remain. It should be fixable to an extent.
Tanaka looks happy but also lonely. I don’t know why, but it’s not a problem. I just need to avoid making her sad.
For some reason, my body is tattered. There are few external injuries but my insides are in terrible shape. I need to go to the hospital immediately. I try to move my legs but they won’t move.
“I see.”
“Hmm, you’re getting kinda cold, aren’t you!”
“No, it’s nothing. Just a little tired.”
I can’t let this girl notice.
“Oh, yeah, I guess a lot happened huh. Ah, in my case, ever since I met you my life has been super chaotic!”
Tanaka starts talking about our meeting. We met at her part-time job, worked together, I would always walk her home after work, drinking juice together from the vending machine was something to look forward to.
But I don’t have those memories. More than feeling sad, I’m straining just to grasp the current situation.
Plus, I don’t want to make Tanaka sad. I understand that much even without the memories.
“And then, just now, when you told me you loved me, I was super happy! But it’s still no good…”
That’s right, I love this girl. I don’t know why I came to love her. I was able to convey that I love her.
It feels like my past self is like a different person. My past self tried hard.
“Toudou… really liked Hanachan, right? So… try again… and face her properly…”
“Hanazono is an important friend. I’m facing her properly.”
“No, that’s not it.”
Tanaka shakes her head. Her face illuminated by the setting sun was very beautiful. I shouldn’t be in a relationship with anyone in my abnormal state. Maybe it was good that I reset with Hanazono after all. I should probably hide my feelings for this girl too.
But my chest tightens painfully, for some reason, my heart beats faster.

“Toudou… it’s hard, isn’t it? Toudou is the first for me. I never had so much fun with someone before. But when we’re together the guilt is awful… I hate that I feel relieved seeing you unable to date Hanachan.”
My current goal is to not make this girl sad.
“Hehe, even if you reset, you can try again. You should be with Hanachan, not a girl like me–“

For an instant, a memory of this girl almost surfaces in my mind. I’m shocked by this fact. I’ve never had lost memories come back before.

“So… give all your love to Hanachan! To you, I’m like a mother figure, right? Hehe, I can tell just by looking at you. So…”

“Still, I love you.”


What is the feeling of love? The words came out on their own. I used to think it only brought me pain and sadness. But at the same time, it can also bring warmth.
She gave me a gentle smile. Ah, this must be what a mother feels like…
It was a kindness that enveloped me.

“That’s unfair. If you say that… But, you know, I’m the one who’s unfair. I took advantage of the pure Todou and monopolized him. That’s why I can’t respond to Todou’s feelings.”
Tanaka doesn’t realize that I’ve lost my memory.
Maybe this is for the best. I have no right to fall in love with someone. But it hurts my chest. Unknown memories have been flowing through my head since earlier. My head feels like it’s going crazy.

“Todou, it’s okay. We’ll always be friends! Let’s continue to have fun… hng… together!”
“Is that so…”
“Yeah, because, you know, it’s unfair. Hanachan might have been able to date Todou. And, Todou, you might get closer to more people in the future… Oh, maybe you’ll find someone you like as much as Hanachan. But personally, I want you to be with Hanachan… Todou’s world is much broader, you know!”

I understood.
This girl is too kind. She’s prioritizing Hanazono over her own feelings. My affection for her is making her sad. In that case, I can only take action.

“If I lose my feelings for Tanaka, and Tanaka’s guilt disappears—”

A single tear runs down Tanaka’s cheek.

“I’m going to reset it again.”

Tanaka smiles. This girl I just met today. The girl I have enough affection for that lost memories almost come back. The only connection between this girl and me is the feeling [I love her].
I won’t forget her face. Carve it into my soul. Fierce pain rages deep in my chest. For a normal person, just this much pain would be fatal.
“–Toudou… I…”
I close my eyes and switch my mindset. Unfamiliar memories race through my mind like a flip book.
But still — if resetting will erase Tanaka’s suffering —

Tanaka. From here on is my true start.
Watch me. Wait for me.
Tanaka and I will — this time, I’ll live a normal youth —
I reset my affection for Tanaka.

“Toudou, hey, are you okay…?”
Opening my eyes, Tanaka was there, looking worried and touching my shoulder. My heart rate doesn’t accelerate. I don’t feel anything.
The affection, the love I had for Tanaka is all gone, completely disappeared. The pain in my heart is gone, disappeared. She’s become a girl I don’t know at all.

I don’t feel anything for Tanaka, who I had found so precious just before.

“–I’m fine.”
“Oh… back to the first time we met… hehe, I’m stupid… but now you and Hanachan can–“

I interrupt Tanaka’s words.
“It’s true my affection for you is gone. But… I can’t erase the memories I’ve carved into my soul–“
All the memories should be gone. Even the only connection of having loved her is gone.
But somehow, unfamiliar memories float up in my mind. It’s because I carved them into my soul.

I understand now. I’ve reset and experienced many things over and over. I understand people’s hearts a little better.
Then no matter how many times, I just have to connect with people. It’s fine to make mistakes any number of times.
It’s old news that I’m not normal. I just have to grow —

–All I have to do is come to love Tanaka again.

“So, Tanaka — this time, [trust me] –“

Sweat won’t stop pouring down my face. Nothing resonates in my heart. I voice unfounded hopes. The past me would never have said such words.

“Why don’t we start our youth from a reset? “

Hearing my words, the girl named Tanaka — for some reason — burst into tears.


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