Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 13 part 1


“Lady Farah, you look very beautiful.”
“Thank you, Asna.”
Farah thanked Asna while once again checking her own appearance in the mirror. The dress she was wearing now was one that had arrived from Eltia the day before, with a white base color. The dress complemented her tanned skin, a characteristic of Dark Elves, making Farah’s presence even more striking. Furthermore, the slightly mature design gave Farah a more adult-like air, despite her young age.
“I wonder if the candidate lords will be pleased with this?”
“Yes, in my opinion, you look even more splendid than usual today, so I’m sure they will be delighted.”
Seeing Farah’s worried expression, Asna smiled gently. Farah blushed slightly at her words, but a happy smile appeared on her face. In the midst of this heartwarming scene, there was a knock on the door of the room. Farah immediately responded, and the one who entered was Eltia, Farah’s mother. She was a Dark Elf with the same navy blue hair and crimson eyes as Farah, bearing a strong resemblance. Seeing Eltia, the two women immediately bowed to her. When Farah and Asna raised their heads, Eltia stared at Farah with a cold gaze.
“Hmm, it seems you’ve worn the dress I sent.”
“Yes, Mother. Thank you for this lovely dress.”
Eltia’s words were cold and distant, but Farah responded calmly, unfazed. This was the usual exchange between the two, with Eltia always speaking to Farah in a cold, distant manner, and Farah responding simply and without emotion. Their interaction was far from that of a loving parent and child.
After Farah’s response, Eltia nodded and spoke again, her tone still icy.
“…The candidate this time is the son of a count, not a member of the royal family. However, he must not bring shame to Renalute. The decision is not final yet. If you can demonstrate your abilities, there may be a possibility of a marriage alliance with the royal family. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Mother.”
Farah responded calmly and nodded quietly, despite Eltia’s cold and authoritative words. Seeming satisfied with Farah’s behavior, Eltia continued.
“Very well. The one you should marry is a member of the Magnolia royal family. You must not allow your heart to be swayed by the count’s son. Understand?”
“…I understand, Mother.”
Farah obediently nodded her head in response to Eltia’s words.
“Good. Then, I shall now go to meet with King Elias.”
With a satisfied expression, Eltia left the room as soon as she had finished speaking. After she left, a frigid chill seemed to permeate the room. Asna, who had witnessed the entire exchange, looked at Farah with a worried expression and spoke gently.
“Lady Farah, are you alright?”
“Yes, my mother’s behavior is as usual. But I wish I could decide for myself whether to open my heart to the visiting lord or not…”
Farah responded to Asna with a sad and lonely look in her eyes, then confided her inner thoughts. She had hardly ever been able to decide anything for herself. From what she should wear to what she should eat, everything had been decided unilaterally by her mother, Eltia. And Farah had simply gone along with it, like a doll.
At first, she had hated it. But no matter how hard Farah tried to act on her own, Eltia would never acknowledge her.
Realizing that Eltia would never accept her, Farah had resigned herself to simply doing as she was told. Seeing the sorrow in Farah’s expression, Asna spoke with encouraging words.
“I don’t know what kind of lord the candidate is. But as a potential marriage partner for you, he must be a somewhat promising individual. Whether to open your heart to him or not is a decision that should be made by you, Lady Farah.”
“…Thank you, Asna.”
Farah responded, but she could not wholeheartedly accept Asna’s words. Even if she were to open her heart, Eltia would likely not allow it, and it would only create more conflict. It would be better to simply do as Eltia said from the start. However, Farah was curious about something. She had heard that the count of Baldia was a noble known for his exceptional martial prowess, even being called the “Strongest Sword” of Magnolia. What kind of person would his son be? Thinking that Asna might know something, Farah turned her gaze to her and asked.
“Asna, do you happen to know anything about the son of the frontier count who is supposed to come this time?”
“Huh? Well, I’ve only heard his name. I believe it was Lord Reed-Baldia.”
“Reed-Baldia, huh…”
Since Eltia has made it clear that Farah marriage partner must be from the imperial family, the current proposal would likely be be forced to drop. But for some reason, Farah was curious about it. Come to think of it, she once went to the Baldia territory in secret before. Eltia said it was to get a glimpse of the atmosphere of Magnolia before the marriage.
Indeed, the people and the atmosphere of the town were completely different, and it was said to be even more impressive than the imperial capital. Farah remembered being strongly told to observe and remember it well, as it was a country she would eventually go to. At that time, she was so thrilled to see the outside world for the first time that she got separated from Asna and the other attendants and got lost.
The one who helped her at that time was a boy around her age. Farah, who had been told that dark elves were targeted in foreign countries, was quite frightened of the helpful boy. Fortunately, he didn’t realize that she was a dark elf, as she had hidden her distinctive ears. What she remembered about that boy was that he was quite mature for his age. And there were adults around him, so he might have been a well-behaved child in the Baldia territory.
Is he still there, she wondered? Farah, lost in thought, was absentmindedly staring into space. Asna, worried, addressed her.


“Lady Farah, are you alright?”
“Huh? Oh, I was just reminiscing about the time we went to the Baldia territory.”
Hearing this, Asna’s expression changed to a smile.
“Ah, we were so worried at that time. Please don’t do something like that again, alright?”
“…I understand.”
Thanks to Reed, she was saved, but that was the only time she saw Asna angry. Her scary face, not just a change of expression, but her gaze becoming sharper and sharper. Farah, recalling the incident, whispered quietly so Asna couldn’t hear.
“Asna is really scary when she’s angry…”
“Lady Farah, shall we be on our way?”
“…Yes, let’s go.”
Farah responded to Asna’s words and headed towards the audience chamber.

“Lord Reed, it’s about time.”
“Hmm, let me see if everything is in order.”
Even as Diana hurried him, Reed couldn’t help but keep checking his attire. After all, this is the first time meeting his potential marriage partner, and it’s also a diplomatic occasion. Furthermore, with many hostile forces around, they’ll surely find fault in even the slightest mistake. It’s not bad to be thorough in preparation. But seeing his behavior, Diana gave a look of exasperation.
“How many times have you done the same thing this morning? You look like a young lady going to meet the prince she’s taken a fancy to.”
“A young lady…”
Reed thought, so that’s how a young lady feels. But come to think of it, hasn’t Diana’s verbal attacks been getting stronger lately? She used to have a more refined image, but maybe this is her true self. He’ll choose to believe that she’s opened her heart to him. Lost in these thoughts, he gazed at her with kind eyes and spoke in a guiding tone.
“Lord Reed, you have a charming face, but you are a man. As a man, you should stand tall and carry yourself properly, no matter who is watching or what they say. If you show a timid attitude, you will only be looked down upon. The clothes you wear are just decorations; the truly important thing is your will and heart.”
It’s true that clothing is important, but in the end, it’s one’s will and heart that matter most.
“I understand. Thank you, Diana. But am I really that charming?”
“Oh yes, if you were a girl, you would be receiving marriage proposals thanks to your adorable looks.”
Diana answered with a carefree, wide smile. But being told he has a cute face enough to get marriage proposals… Well, it’s better than being told he’s not charming at all. Deciding to take it positively, he had a mix of exasperation and resignation on his face.
“Ugh… I’m not sure if I should be happy about that, but I’ll take it as a compliment.”
“That’s the spirit, milord.”
Her response made him feel like she was teasing him, and he couldn’t help but be slightly annoyed. But apparently, his annoyed expression seems to be seen as cute, as Diana smiled and chuckled. At that moment, there was a knock on the door.
Her expression instantly became serious, and she straightened her posture. When he responded, it was Zack who entered.
“Lord Reed, it’s time. Lord Reiner is already waiting.”
“Okay, got it. I’ll be right there.”
Urged by Zack, Reed left the room and headed towards the entrance of the reception hall. Shortly after, Zack spoke up.
“Lord Reed, this is a story about my friends. It seems that the leader of the opposition faction among the aristocracy is a dark elf named Norris, who is quite elderly. Prince Raycis also seems to be influenced by him, so please be careful.”
He couldn’t help but widen his eyes at the content Zack had spoken. Reed stopped in his tracks and turned to face him. He had told Zack yesterday that he had fallen for Princess Farah and that Zack should support him, but he never expected Zack to provide information this quickly. Reed went from a look of surprise to a smile, and then he threw out a thank-you and a new question.
“Thank you for the valuable information, Zack. By the way, what does Lady Eltia think about this?”
Zack seemed to not have expected the question in return. For a moment, his eyes widened, but he quickly composed himself and looked down thoughtfully. Soon after, he slowly raised his head.
“It seems Lady Eltia also wishes for Princess Farah to marry into the royal family. However…”

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