Before the tutorial begins chapter 41

Chapter 41: The Thundering Beast and the Dreaming Girl 2

◆ Shimizu Residence – Guest Room

In the Shimizu household, the words of the older sister always take priority.

If the sister says she wants to eat acquapazza, dinner will be acquapazza. If she declares herself a bamboo shoot enthusiast, the mushrooms on the snack shelf will be mercilessly eliminated from that day on.

Fortunately, my sister loves both mushrooms and bamboo shoots, so such tragedies are unlikely to occur… Well, that’s beside the point.

Now, what my sister is asking for is an explanation from me.

Ah, sister. Why are you so angelic?

If it were possible, I would like to gaze upon your venerable countenance for twenty-four hours straight.

“Kyou-san, pull yourself together.”

The neighboring Al next to me gently patted my knee, bringing me back to my senses. I cleared my throat and repeated the explanation I had just finished.

“So, um, you see. I was thinking of having this little one, who has just joined our party, live with us… What do you think?”


Jupiter, sitting to my left, gave a small, polite bow.

She’s probably nervous. Since she came to our place, the twin-tailed girl has been silent the whole time.

Well, can’t be helped. I’ll lay it all out.

“As I mentioned before, this one has had some stuff happen, and now she don’t have a place to live.”

It’s not a lie.

Thanks to Szilard-san’s arrangements, Jupiter’s family registry is still listed as a member of the “Burning Ice Sword” clan house, but unfortunately, she seems to have voluntarily withdrawn from there.

When I asked the reason, she said, “Because I’m no longer a member there.”

…Well, that’s understandable, it must have been uncomfortable there.

“As for housing, we’ve secured a rented room in the dungeon for her to use, but she don’t have a place on the surface. So I was thinking, maybe she could stay with us?”

“I see, I understand the situation. So, Kyou? What are your intentions in taking in Jupiter-chan?”


I just want her to live comfortably, but…

“To avoid causing too much trouble for you, sis. I’ll cover the rent and everything from my own earnings…”

“It’s not about the money. I’m asking what position you intend to have this child live in.”

“Um, as a houseguest, I guess?”

It would be the same as Al’s situation.

That’s why I thought it would be relatively straightforward if we could just sort out the financial aspect, but…the clouds seem to be gathering.

Now that I think about it, the demon god had the cheat ability to be unconditionally loved by the Shimizu bloodline, so it was easy for her to infiltrate.

Even though my sister has a depth of compassion greater than the ocean, being suddenly asked to take in a foreign child as a houseguest would understandably be confusing.

“Ah, sorry sis. It was a bit too rushed. Let’s talk about the boarding situation another time.”

“Absolutely not. I will never let her be a houseguest.”

With graceful movements, my sister stood up.

She declared it unequivocally.

Huh? Seriously? I thought it would be a struggle, but there’s no foothold at all?

What should I do? This is a completely unexpected development.

“Uh, sis!”

“This child…”

My sister’s voluptuous body crossed the table.

“This child…”

She approached Jupiter sitting at the far end, and suddenly bent down.

“This child—!”

And her two ripe fruit enveloped the silver-haired twin-tailed girl’s face.

“This child will become our child!!”


At the bombshell statement, not only I, but even the Al were left speechless.

Uhh… What’s going on?

“There’s no ifs or buts about it! Big sis is saying that if this child wishes it, we will welcome them as a member of the Shimizu family!”

A strong, heartfelt proposal.

My sister’s single word overwhelmed everyone in the room.

[As expected of Fumika. She has guts.]

The lovely voice came through the 《Thought Sharing》.

Al is crunching on pickled cucumbers right in front of me, so she probably resorted to this method.

What a lazy fellow.

Look at Al, she’s properly chewing the pickled cucumbers while staring wide-eyed at my sister’s profound words. This is a proper yamato nadeshiko—no, wait, what the hell?! You guys stop eating right now!

By the way, I’ve been wondering this whole time, why is there a huge pile of pickled cucumbers on the table? Hey, isn’t everything a bit off here? Are we a bunch of creatures that have to be constantly eating or we’ll die?

“Kyou-kun, are you really listening?”

“Ah, yes, I’m listening, sis.”

I shifted my focus away from the gluttonous demons and gazed solely at my sister.

Ah, how beautiful. Everything about her is angelic.

“So, sis, what exactly do you mean by making them a part of the Shimizu family?”

“Exactly as I said. With Ayaka-obasan’s help, we’ll legally make Jupiter-chan a member of the Shimizu family.”


That was a solution far exceeding the outcome I had expected.

Instead of just being a casual roommate, if Jupiter could legally become part of the family, the situation would certainly improve in various ways.

The biggest thing is that it would provide Jupiter with a solid legal backing.

Even in cases that wouldn’t be permitted for just Jupiter, if it’s Shimizu Jupiter, it would be allowed – the fact that a foreign national can use a kanji name in this country means it has that much value.

There are certainly concerns like rigorous screening and guardian responsibilities if things go wrong, but it’s worth giving it a try.

And above all else…

“We have Al as a precedent in our family.”

“That’s right.”


Right now, the evil god gnawing on a cucumber in the tokonoma has the 3D name of Shimizu Albion.

Legally, he is the adopted child of Aunt Saika.

The impossible feat of getting the immigration authorities to recognize the foreign national with amnesia, the dubious Hymingreva-Albion, as a Shimizu family child, has already been accomplished.

Well, Aunt was the real driving force, and we pretty much just bowed our heads, but in reverse, it means that if we can borrow Aunt’s power, we have a high chance of welcoming Jupiter into our family.

“But I wonder if she’ll lend us that kind of power so easily?”

“It’s not a matter of probability. Our job is to negotiate and bow our heads until we can get her to lend it to us.”

The silver-haired twin-tailed girl, her pigtails sandwiched between the merciful twin peaks of my sister, asks with eyes wide open as if seeing something unbelievable.

“…Is that okay?”

“I know all too well the pain of being without parents.”

At that moment, Jupiter must have understood.

This person is trying to help me, not out of shallow liberal ideals or a desire to protect, but from the bottom of their heart.

“If such a dream-like thing could come true…”

So the words that followed were

“I want you to make me a child of this household.”

Very sincere.


After the matter was settled, my sister immediately contacted Aunt Saika.

Surprisingly, Aunt readily agreed.

[“It’s a chance to build goodwill with the hot new celebrity party, so I’ll look into it positively.”]

I don’t know what to say, the women of the Shimizu family are all formidable, aren’t they.

Both my sister and Aunt, their way of being is incredibly cool.

Well, building a debt with that person might be scary in the future, but I’m sure the me of the future will worry about that.

For now, there are other things to be done.

For example, putting a collar on the thunder father so he doesn’t start rampaging on the surface.

◆Kyouichiro’s room in the Shimizu household

“Hello, I’m Shimizu Albion. Please feel free to call me Al.”

The woman who looks the least suited to the Shimizu name introduces herself while holding a smoked squid.

Squid. Squid, huh.

And not just any squid, but one that reeks terribly.

I really don’t want this woman to fill the room with the stench of squid, but no matter what I say to her, it’ll be a waste, so I quietly open the window.

“Please wait.”

But here, a completely unexpected stop is put in place.

The culprit, with her expression deadened, says while holding the smoked squid.

“Master, please consider the situation. We are about to hold a secret meeting, so opening the window is unforgivable.”

“Then go put that stinky squid thing in the kitchen.”


Munching away at the smoked squid, the evil god sits down as if it’s her own place.

I desperately suppress the throbbing vein on my temple as I turn to the other visitor.

“Haha, Jupiter. You’re quite a mischievous one, aren’t you. But the inside of this one is a walking cautionary tale that has indulged in all manner of excess – drinking, overeating, foul language, and violence, so don’t you dare imitate her.”

“How rude. I do not indulge in alcohol.”

Along with the protest comes a shin kick, but it doesn’t hurt much, so I ignore it.

When I was a scrawny kid, this one kick would have made me cry.

Makes me realize I’ve grown up quite a bit, huh.

“Kyouichiro, …doesn’t it hurt?”

“Compared to my usual training, this is like a cat rubbing up against me. Hey Jupiter, how about you join me for some strength training next time?”

“…I must politely decline.”

That’s a shame. Strength training is also good for mental training, you know.

“Well, whatever. I’ll work on the Jupiter muscle-building plan gradually, but for now, let’s do what needs to be done. Al, can you handle it?”

“Leave it to me.”

As she takes out a second bag of smoked squid from her pocket, the evil god stands up.

She then goes to where Jupiter is sitting in the corner of the room and says,

“It might be a bit dazzling. Please close your eyes.”

The silver-haired girl places her non-squid-scented hand on Jupiter’s forehead.

My room suddenly glows brilliantly.

If it weren’t for the smell of the smoked squid, it would have been quite a fantastical event, I suppose.

Actually, a white glowing squid-scented object is pretty much just a squid, isn’t it?

Can you please stop playing mollusc-class cephalopod charades in my room?

While I’m considering such trivial matters, the white light disappears, and the sight of the evil god munching on the smoked squid and Jupiter with her mouth half open appears on my retina.

“What…? Why…?are you lying…?”

“Let me answer. The pathetic four-legged creature pretending to be a parental figure that has been tormenting you, I have sealed it away with my power.”

With a cool expression, the behind-the-scenes boss pours out an outrageous story to the bewildered Jupiter.

Yeah, I understand Jupiter.

Normally, one would be like “What is this guy saying?”


“Al’s story is all true. The thunder god father within you is now completely sealed.”

“What, what do you mean?”

“Which are you more curious about – the means or the purpose?”

“Both, I suppose.”

Satisfied with the movie-like phrasing, I conveyed the information Jupiter was likely curious about, in as concise a way as possible.

“Al has a very strange power, you know. Surprisingly, just by touching something, he can heal diseases or seal spirits.”

“I don’t know the true nature of this power myself, but it must be a blessed power bestowed by the gods.”

“It’s more likely from an evil god. Squid woman.”

“I’ll kill you, you know?”

“Go ahead and try.”

A straight punch flew towards my groin, but I was expecting it and easily blocked it with my leg.

“My, you’ve become quite clever, Master.”

“Unlike you who just eats and sleeps all day, I’ve been going through incredibly tough adventures in the dungeon. Hah, at this rate, I might even surpass you soon.”

“Please keep the jokes to your face.”

“Yes, discrimination – I think looking down on people is the absolute lowest a human can be.”

As we bickered back and forth, Jupiter exerted a silent pressure.

“…Somehow, it seems fishy.”

Well, it’s mostly just making things up, so I can’t exactly be honest…so I say something plausible to cover it up.

“I understand your feelings, Jupiter. But the fact is, [Keraunos] has been behaving pretty docile, right?”

“That’s true, but…”

“Well, it’s what they call a ‘esper’ – those rare individuals who have strange powers without contracting with spirits. You’ve heard of them before, haven’t you, Jupiter?”

“Yes, I have.”

Apparently, she’s convinced to some degree.

Ah yes, ‘espers’. A real magic word.

“As for why I sealed him, you can probably guess that, can’t you?”

“To prevent [Keraunos] from rampaging.”

“That’s right. Well, don’t worry. I can undo the seal anytime.”

” ………… “

For a while, Jupiter pondered with a hand on her cheek.

She seems uneasy, or bewildered.

To Jupiter, [Keraunos] was an absolute existence, for better or worse.

And that being was easily calmed down just by the squid-smoked woman touching him.

Joy and unease.

The conflicting emotions are intertwined in a marbled pattern.

The small silver-haired girl worries with a slight nod of her head.

And after deep turmoil, Jupiter finally speaks.

“I understand. I will trust Kyoichiro and the others.”

A very simple response.

But at the same time, a statement with great weight.

To trust us.

This is a heavy responsibility.

“Ah, trust us. We will always be on your side, no matter what happens.”

That’s why I’ve made up my mind to swear.

I’ll definitely grasp the ‘if’ where this person doesn’t become a villain.

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