The Devil Princess Volume 2 Epilogue


“Aureline, pack your belongings.”
“What’s going on, sister?”
The Sigres Kingdom, located to the west of the Holy Kingdom Tatiteld, is almost at the same latitude. Unlike the Holy Kingdom, which experiences all four seasons, Sigres has minimal temperature differences between summer and winter, allowing crops to be harvested throughout the year. The nation became known as an agricultural powerhouse due to the enthusiasm of its citizens, who cultivated fields excessively after the development of processing technologies.
With the ability to export large quantities of food to other countries, even in times of war, the simple-minded citizens continued to send food to enemy nations, maintaining good relations.
The national religion, like neighboring Tatiteld, worships the goddess of abundance, Kostor. Marriages between royal families have been common due to the good relationship.
The current queen is the sister of the Grand Duke Velsenia, their father. Due to the trouble caused by Ataline and Aureline, the two sisters, who were originally princesses of the Holy Kingdom, were entrusted to their aunt, the queen. They are now undergoing long-term studies at the noble academy in Sigres.
“You’ll be leaving this mansion. I’ve already submitted withdrawal notices to the noble academy. Now, hurry up and pack your things.”
While her sister’s spontaneous actions were not unusual, not knowing what two nobles like them would do outside the secure mansion, Aureline raised her voice in shock.
The mansion is well-equipped with over a dozen servants and guards to ensure their comfort. However, these are not ordinary servants; they are “supervisors” arranged by the queen. All of them are strong members of the “shadow organization” who skillfully repel the excessive desires of the two sisters.
Although the actions of their mother, Albertine, have not been made public, Ataline has a general idea of what happened. While the prestigious Duke Coel family avoided dissolution, they lost all authority, retaining only the family name. The two became nobles but were no longer daughters of a duke.
However, Ataline does not harbor resentment toward her mother. She respects her mother’s actions, thinking that her mother would do such things. She accepts the outcome with pride.
“But… where are we going after leaving here?”
“Haven’t you heard, Aureline? Currently, there is a ‘Hero of Sigres’ in this country.”
“A Hero!?”
For the people of the Holy Kingdom, a “Hero” is a special existence, on par with a “Saint.” Although Ataline does not recognize her sister, who shares the same father, as a saint, Aureline is shocked at the mention of a Hero.
“S-So, what are we going to do with that Hero?”
“Still don’t understand? We have inherited a high aptitude for magic from our mother. We will use that to become companions of the Hero.”
Aureline blinked her eyes several times in surprise at the plan.
“But, but, will the Hero accept us, citizens of another country?”
“Leave that to me, Aureline. Heroes like those with a touch of heroism, right? With my beauty, the Hero will gladly accept us.”
Ataline, who strongly inherited the appearance of her mother, Albertine, known as the belle of high society, boasts of her beauty that attracts others. She proudly sticks out her chest, displaying two fruits that are quite impressive for an eleven-year-old girl, and Aureline frowns as she compares herself to the age-appropriate version of herself.
“Y-Yes, you’re right. With you as my sister, there’s no mistake. Let’s become companions of the Hero and reveal his true colors!”


As Aureline, with renewed determination, brightly smiles, Ataline’s expression darkens slightly.
Aureline admires her sister Ataline, and since childhood, she has followed Ataline around, imitating her in every way. While it can be troublesome, it seems cute, but Ataline, who noticed something, didn’t intend to teach Aureline what she had noticed.
A woman who shares the same father… Eurushia.
The young girl who gained everything that Ataline was supposed to receive—fatherly love, family love, power, wealth, admiration, and yearning.
(That’s …… a monster ……)
She is a pure maiden admired by everyone, but whether it’s because Ataline had hostility from the beginning, or if it was her abnormal perception within that strange atmosphere, only Ataline realized that it was “abnormal.”
A faint discomfort. A small thorn stuck in her heart…
Amidst her graceful smile, Ataline sensed “something.”
It wasn’t something apparent from her appearance. It was something more grotesque, something unknown.
There was no concrete evidence. If spoken aloud, Ataline might be deemed abnormal.
But she decided to unveil its true identity. Although she seemed to possess the magical power befitting a saint, the hero would likely feel discomfort about her.
Things were falling into place. The [Demon Clan], which had halted its activities in the northern lands, began to be witnessed again. A wise hero would probably not object to expanding their alliance.
To fulfill her mother’s regret, to restore the glory and pride of the House of Count Coel, and for the sake of that boy she had fallen in love with in her childhood…
In the midst of a world admired and loved by everyone, the only girl who felt discomfort around Eurushia threw herself into a long and lonely battle.

“I’ll never accept her as my sister!!”


A vast and desolate land under a dark overcast sky.
In the “Demon World,” where nothing but rocks and debris that rejected all living things existed, a massive demon continued to stare motionless at what emerged from the earth.
A demonic beast of the Demon Realm— the “Dark Beast.”
Ranked highest among demonic beasts, alongside demon lords, the magical beasts were always represented by a single pillar. For this embodiment of tyranny, others were rivals, and any demonic beasts that existed before had been annihilated by the “Dark Beast” when it evolved from a demonic beast in ancient times.
However, in this time, something has changed.
Throughout history, regardless of the changing times, only one demonic beast existed at a time. The “Dark Beast” started protecting what seemed to be its kin and began acting together.
There had never been an instance in demon history where two demonic beasts coexisted. The Demon World trembled with this unprecedented occurrence.
As the golden demon grew, if it became a new demonic beast, it could rewrite the power dynamics of the Demon World.
But… that demon, the “Golden Beast,” disappeared from the Demon World.
Rumors circulated that it succumbed to the violent nature of demonic beasts, perhaps hating and killing each other. However, demons who knew the truth claimed that, besides the “Dark Beast,” there was no other presence in the Demon World, and around the ferocious “Dark Beast,” a vast area showed signs of all life forms disappearing.
The “Dark Beast” continued to stare. Just watching the scene before its eyes…
There, a colossal summoning magic circle was being constructed with an immense amount of magic power and grand scale, like nothing seen before.
The world creating the summoning magic circle is not a single one. It is uncertain whether it is the world the “Dark Beast” desires.
However, the “Dark Beast” detected what it sought there—the presence of the “Golden Beast.”
Why did it disappear?
Why is it gone?
Why… did it distance itself?
With emotions unknown and filled with “anger,” the “Dark Beast” continued to glare at the magic circle.
Even if it had to devour everything, it was to make it eternal, to make it its own.

[The Devil Princess] Part One: A Tale of Carefree Devils
Volume Two: Moonlit Tea Party──────End

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