GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Great Wall

In the first half of 2043,
Operation Long March, which was intended to lure Godzilla deep into the Eurasian continent, was proceeding with some success. However, the G-Force expeditionary troops fighting on the continent, lacking adequate preparation and sufficient supplies, were rapidly depleting their combat power. The United Earth Command judged that without waiting for the completion of Mechagodzilla, the expeditionary force would collapse. They planned a new operation to delay Godzilla’s advance.
This was called Operation Great Wall.
The plan was to destroy the plate boundary fault in the plains near the Himalayas on the Eurasian continent with 2,000 nuclear warheads. This would create a massive fault zone (1 km wide, 800 m deep, 10,000 km long) to impede Godzilla’s progress.
In simple terms, the goal was to artificially trigger crustal deformation and bury Godzilla alive in the resulting vast chasm. However, the impact on the global environment would be disastrous. If implemented, most of the peaks of the Himalayas would collapse, and the surrounding Eurasian plate would experience magnitude 9-class earthquakes for over a century, along with widespread volcanic activity.
At the time, the areas bordering the Himalayas in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet had relatively light damage from the Kaiju, and had become a refuge for many from the devastated China, India, Pakistan, and Central Asia. But these regions were also predicted to suffer catastrophic damage.
Humanity accepted this tremendous sacrifice, just to stop Godzilla’s advance, and nothing more.
The word “madness” hardly suffices to describe the foolishness of this operation.
As one Tibetan politician reportedly lamented, the human vocabulary lacks the words to adequately characterize this plan.
Nevertheless, the operation was approved.
With over 3 billion more lives lost since Godzilla’s reemergence, humanity apparently no longer had the luxury to reflect on its own actions.
It was a binary choice – the extermination of Godzilla, or the extinction of humanity.
The completion of Mechagodzilla, or not.
There were only two choices.
Since humanity was doomed to be destroyed by Godzilla anyway, the reasoning went that destroying Godzilla at any cost would ultimately save more lives. It was this “rationality” that led humanity to decide on the destruction of the Himalayas.
As one writer observed, “Madness is not the loss of reason, but the state of having only one reason.” But what was that writer’s name…?
Certainly, as the Bilusaludo leadership claimed in explaining the operational plan, it could be called the grandest construction project in human history. But among the Great Wall operation personnel I spoke to, hardly any boasted proudly of their assigned duties. They all expressed deep regret…


I’m an engineer, so my job is digging holes. I really enjoy big projects like that.
But… Operation Great Wall… That was a little too much. Rewriting the whole world map is just too much, you know?
I was pulled from my trench-digging work in Eurasia, luring Godzilla, and sent to inland China. My job was embedding tactical nuclear warheads underground… Apparently, some people were even digging holes by hand with no proper equipment. But at our site, we had these giant drill bits made by Bilusaludo, smashing through the bedrock. Huge drilling rigs, like the Tower of Babel. They were coated in the same nano-metal as Mechagodzilla, and powered by stripping the auxiliary fusion reactors from Bilusaludo’s spaceships. Those guys were really desperate, huh? Tearing apart their spaceships, determined to bury their bones in this planet….
Just the rumbling sound of those drills biting into the earth seemed to draw out the underground Kaiju – Baragon, Gorosaurus, things that had been sleeping below. The military was already fully occupied with Godzilla, with hardly any guards around… Ah, when I was ordered to join the Great Wall operation, I thought I’d finally get to avoid dealing with Godzilla. But in the end, I ended up on a Type 43 boat, planting adhesive mines on Baragon’s back. That’s not an engineer’s job…
Apparently, all the Great Wall construction sites were like that. On land, the underground Kaiju… In the Persian Gulf, there’s a resurrected Manda…
Maybe the Kaiju could instinctively sense what those little apes were about to do to this planet…
Maybe the Kaiju were right, and we were wrong. I feel bad about what we did to Baragon. He was just trying to defend his home after being woken up, that’s all. Now that it’s all for nothing, that’s what I think.


It is said that 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons were used in the Great Wall operation, but the exact number is unknown. I am almost certain it was even more. The explosions happened deep underground, where the drills powered by fusion reactors bored through. It was a quick way to dispose of the nuclear weapons.
I am an investigator, you see. Before the Great Wall operation was carried out, most of us thought that humanity would likely self-destruct with nuclear weapons before being destroyed by Godzilla. I’m sure there were quite a few people who shared my view.
I don’t need to explain this to you, an intelligence officer, but there is a group called the “Total Attack Faction” out there. When Godzilla landed in Europe in ’34, the descendants of those Muscovites who tried to nuke Paris just because Godzilla was there are part of this faction. Or you could say they’re distant relatives of the Godzilla Cult born in America, who believe in just ending it all with nuclear weapons.
The “Total Attack Faction” is more of a convenient term than an organized group. That’s what makes them so troublesome – they’re everywhere, constantly making unholy alliances, always looking for their chance. “Fire all the world’s nuclear weapons at Godzilla right now, and he’ll be destroyed. Then let the nuclear winter come, and don’t hesitate to wipe out the Earth,” they say.
It’s so simple. Sure, that would end everything. I can’t say I’ve never been tempted by that desire myself. Speaking of which, have you heard the claim that “using 90% of humanity’s nuclear weapons in 40 minutes of sustained bombardment can overwhelm Godzilla’s regenerative abilities and completely incinerate his existence”? Ah yes, the holy scripture of the Total Attack Faction. But you know, the truth is no one knows where that calculation came from or what data it’s based on. It could just be someone’s wild fantasy. Yet they believe in it, and they’re still waiting for their chance.
Our true enemy has never been Godzilla, but people like them. Since Kamacuras appeared in ’99, how much nuclear material do you think has gone missing? South Africa, North Korea, India, Pakistan, China, America… we’ve risked our lives recovering it, fighting radiation, Kaiju, and sometimes even fellow humans who share the same goal. The Great Wall operation was probably meant to dispose of those nuclear stockpiles before the Total Attack Faction could seize the triggers. But if the nukes we’ve acquired through those foolish human battles ended up being used against Godzilla, well, I suppose that’s not the worst thing.


Mark Flicker, G-Force Air Support Wing Air Rescue Squadron – Captain (at the time)

You’re talking about Mr. Bear.
Ah, the tales of our beloved mountain man, the ace of our air rescue team.
Please, take his story all the way to space.
But if you can, hold off on publishing this until you actually go to space, okay? There’s a bit in there that’s a little awkward for me. Got it? Good, it’s a promise.
He was always a promising mountaineer from a young age. I heard he successfully solo climbed Everest just as he entered his twenties. He conquered the Himalayan peaks one after another and even succeeded in summiting the notoriously challenging K2. I’ve seen pictures of him. It made me chuckle. He, even back then, was a mountain man with a beard like a bear that hasn’t changed a bit to this day. But… his mountaineering career came to an abrupt halt after that conquest of K2. Right after he descended on the Pakistani side, the Indo-Pakistani war broke out, and he got caught up in it. Rescued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, he ended up working as a local staff member, assisting in the rescue of refugees… He continued his journey with refugees for a long time. From Pakistan through Central Asia to Turkey… Ah. Mixing with the lines of refugees, encouraging countless people, carrying the wounded and sick on his broad shoulders. It’s a shame you couldn’t meet him. He’s probably seen more Kaiju with his own eyes than anyone else in the world. Rodan, Megaguirus, Baran, Baragon, and many unnamed Kaiju… I heard he even saw Dagahra in Izmir. Of course, Godzilla too. He was in Dunkirk, and apparently missed the rescue boat. “Well, there were lots of women and children around, so I couldn’t just jump ahead,” he said. And that’s how he survived. He endured for five years, gathering survivors of Dunkirk until G-Force came to rescue them. There must be some among those you’ve spoken to who were saved by him, without a doubt.
Normally, a story like this would be unbelievable. It’s just too much. But coming from him, you can’t help but believe it.
After being rescued by G-Force, there was a story about a squad of infantry that had gotten separated from their unit and were being chased by a herd of Zilla. It was unclear who actually ended up being rescued, but the he eventually ended up joining the military. Despite his tough appearance, he was actually a pacifist who didn’t want to fire a gun. So he became a member of the air rescue team. The Operation Long March was an incredibly long mission, going through the dark forests of Europe, the deserts of North Africa, the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, and more. But this soldier would fly out and always bring back the survivors, even if it meant crossing mountains on foot after his helicopter crashed, or going out alone on a small boat when the rescue team couldn’t fly. He was truly indestructible.
Ah, no, he was usually a gentle man. Having such a capable subordinate can be a challenge for a captain, but that was not the case with him at all. He was quiet. He rarely shared personal stories. If I hadn’t drawn it out of him, I’m sure everyone would have never known how amazing he was.
He always quietly smiled.
Ah, he was always looking towards the mountains. The Himalayas, that is. He must have been thinking that he would climb there again someday. For him, the Operation Long March was probably not that difficult, as he was getting closer and closer to his beloved Himalayas.
I’ve only seen him lose his temper once… just once. That’s right. When he found out about Operation Great Wall… a ridiculous operation to immobilize Godzilla, to move mountains and break through the heavens just for that, a foolish plan.

“You stupid bastard. …… You idiot! damn it…”

He said it twice.
Just twice.
And then he didn’t say a word.
No one dared to come near.
Not even a word was spoken to him.
We knew too well, just by looking into his eyes every day, what the Himalayan mountains meant to him.
…Yet, the next morning, he returned to his usual silent and gentle self. Truly as he always was, when there were people needing rescue, he would fly to Godzilla’s feet. So until Operation Long March was handed over to Operation Great Wall, he flew through the sky, descended upon mountains, and continued to help wounded soldiers.
And finally, the time came for our unit to be relieved of duty. Although the final stage of guiding Godzilla still remained, everyone except him had been worn down to the limit. Rescuing the annihilated 106th Artillery Battalion was our last mission. None were saved, though. Records… I’m sure we were supposed to retrieve the data memory. Most of it was burned beyond recognition. Let the subordinates handle it. So, our unit crossed over to the Indian side and waited there for reorganization. That’s when he suddenly spoke up.
“Captain, I request local discharge.”
Of course, that was impossible. There’s no way the military would let go of an unadulterated hero like him. Once he crossed over, the supreme commander of the Indian theater army would personally award him with a mountain of medals.
But he said this.

“I will climb Everest.”

“Before foolish humanity destroys that sacred mountain, I must at least imprint the sight of its summit in my eyes.”
“If Everest disappears, then I want to die there.”
“I must witness that final sight.”
…Who do you think could stop him?
His last wish, abandoning himself and saving countless lives.
Ah, Mr. Bear, Staff Sergeant George Haggard didn’t die of illness or anything like that. That guy challenged Mount Everest while we saw him off.
Ah. He didn’t have decent equipment at all. At best, he had cold weather gear and rations. He didn’t even bring an oxygen tank. Ah… yeah. Winter solo without oxygen… that’s what it was. He’s already in his fifties. He’s long past his peak as a mountaineer. The Earth’s environment has changed drastically. Some say there’s no way he could even reach the South Col in those raging blizzards.
But, you know, I believe in him. The invincible mountain man wouldn’t just die like that.
Ah, that’s right.
He must have surely made it to the top. Accomplished the winter solo without oxygen ascent.
He became the last man in history to conquer Everest on this Earth.
At the moment when foolish humans destroy the Himalayan mountains, at the very top, he must have imprinted the sight before it was lost.


Jo Maihama
Member of the International Environmental Protection Group “Mother Earth Defense” Japan Branch (at the time)

I didn’t care if I was seen as a traitor.
I was prepared to be executed… Ah, I was a little careless there. Humanity didn’t have the luxury to waste “valuable human resources” on just a small act of terrorism.
I couldn’t forgive it. The selfishness of humanity, trying to carve up the Himalayas. There were still many people living in the traditional way of life at the foot of those mountains. I didn’t know about the story of them being attacked by a Kaiju. The Kaiju must not hate humanity. It’s just attacking that civilization. But still…
I thought I had to stop it no matter what.
Are you going to laugh at me, calling me a conceited university student? Go ahead, laugh.
What I targeted was just a food factory, not related to Bilusaludo or Operation Great Wall at all, and the bomb I planted didn’t even go off. Of course, I was caught right away, had a summary trial three days later, and was sentenced to indefinite labor. I was sent to a remote, deep mountain area. I don’t know where exactly. They probably didn’t need to tell us criminals. The others around me were similar criminals, and the guard soldiers looked at us with utter contempt. “Even children are fighting on the frontlines, while these bastards…” They were the kind who just wanted to shoot us “traitors of humanity” without mercy. If you tried to escape, you’d be shot without hesitation. I just kept digging a hole there. It seems the old coal mine or quarry that had been closed collapsed. The order was to dig it up again. I don’t know why. Maybe they were planning to bury a strategic nuclear weapon for Operation Great Wall there. Or maybe they were making us dig our own traitors’ graves? There were hardly any heavy machinery, and in some cases, we had to do everything by hand with pickaxes. My arms, which had only ever held a pen, swung the pickaxe. Maybe due to the geothermal influence, the temperature inside was close to 50 degrees Celsius, and boiling underground water frequently gushed out. Everywhere was filled with the stench of sulfur. After about 3 months of digging, I heard that sound. Cheep cheep cheep cheep, cheep cheep cheep. At first, I thought it was a little bird chirping. But it wasn’t. The next sound I heard was a scream. That place had become the nest of Meganulon. The giant dragonfly Kaiju… with its big compound eyes, mandibles, and pincers, it would split anything in half. Those who had their arms torn off, their necks severed, their bodies split in two… 20 people died before the soldiers could take care of the first one that appeared. But the construction continued. From then on, we had to dig the hole while terrified by the voice of Meganulon every day. Maybe they thought it was better to feed the criminals to Meganulon. It was hell. Meganulon appeared again and again. Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep, every time the cry was heard, someone disappeared. If you had even one arm left, that was considered lucky. I thought that. But the real hell was yet to come.
Rodan came in. Yes I think it was Rodan. They say they use Meganulon as bait. The fact that it entered the mine means it was still just a juvenile.
The soldiers outside were probably the first to be killed. Then it came into the hole, looking for food. Before, it was Meganulon, and now it’s Rodan… We ran around in a panic. The electricity went out, and it became pitch black. The cry of Rodan, the screams, and the cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep, cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep of Meganulon. I was terrified by that sound, waiting for “my turn”.
…Rescue came a week later.
…It felt like about a year to me.
Hey, you’re a military person, right?
Could you please ask the doctor to leave the light on at night? When it gets dark, I can hear that voice. Cheep cheep cheep, cheep cheep cheep. That’s the voice of Meganulon. Please, don’t turn off the lights, the electricity!

(I conveyed his request to the facility manager, but due to the ongoing power shortage, the request could not be granted.)




Thomas E. Rock, crew member of the “Chikyu” vessel of the International Deep Sea Drilling Project Group (at the time)

2,000 simultaneous strategic nuclear explosions. It’s certainly a quantity never seen before, but still too weak in its power to rewrite the map of the Earth. In reality, the thermal energy of the nuclear weapons is just bait. They were meant to awaken what had been embedded deep underground, eroding and propagating, extending its roots from the depths to the surface…
The true operation plan of “Operation Great Wall” was to infiltrate a swarm of nanomachines deep into the Earth’s crust, transforming the crust itself into a kind of autonomous living organism that would move at Bilusaludo’s will…
To stop Godzilla’s invasion, they would create a massive fault line 10,000 kilometers long by moving the crust.
When I first heard the outline of the Great Wall plan devised by Bilusaludo, I was filled with dread. It was a plan to carve an indelible scar into the Eurasian continent. Many peaks of the Himalayan mountains would collapse, and the surrounding flora and fauna would suffer near-total annihilation. Even if humanity was facing the crisis of extinction, could this be a justified act?
But what felt even more terrifying was how Bilusaludo spoke about this forbidden act, almost proudly. Just like when a guy talked about building giant buildings and bridges, or grand urban plans, Bilusaludo spoke of how they would destroy the continental plates and crumble the Himalayan mountains.
“It’s true that this plan is on an unprecedented scale for you earthlings, but with our celestial engineering, Operation Great Wall can certainly be carried out. No, that’s not all. With our crustal control technology, we can truly dominate this planet. The environment on this planet is deteriorating, but once Godzilla is defeated, we will use this technology to control this planet.”
They spoke as if this was the first step towards a glorious future…
“The Himalayas… the Himalayas have been sacred places of worship for many peoples.”
The protest, or confusion, came from a high-ranking official of the Far East Autonomous Region – a Nepalese politician. But that Bilusaludo seemed perplexed. answered as if he didn’t understand what was being said to him.
“Does that have any connection to the execution of the operation?”
It was not sarcastic at all, which made it all the more terrifying.
He continued,
“The impact on the human psyche from the operation has been entrusted to Exif.”
Consult the religious authorities… and that was the end of it.
There was no one who could oppose it. At that point, MechaGodzilla was the only thing that could potentially counter Godzilla. Either protect the Earth environment and be destroyed by Godzilla, or survive by allowing Bilusaludo to turn the Earth into a mechanical world like their home planet…
Bilusaludo. Their appearance is not so different from ours, so it’s easy to forget, but they are undoubtedly aliens. They were born and raised in an environment that orbits a black hole, an environment that we cannot even imagine. The gap between them and us is unimaginable.
Their home planet was a mechanical world entirely controlled and maintained by nanomachines. In the harsh environment of the black hole’s orbit, they had to dominate and control everything in order to survive. To them, nature was a terrifying enemy that would ruthlessly destroy them if given the chance. They are so different from the human race, who have basked in the bounty of nature. The very concept of coexisting with nature probably does not even exist for them. Relying on plants for the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle must have seemed inefficient, and even weather phenomena like typhoons and blizzards, or the very concept of seasons, were probably seen as irrational things to be eradicated.
Don’t misunderstand, I’m not accusing Bilusaludo of being evil alien invaders trying to destroy Earth’s nature.
It’s just that we are far, far too different…
In the Indian Ocean, the drilling operations and nanomachine injections were carried out by Japan’s “Chikyu” deep-sea drilling ship, the “JOIDES-Resolution”, and in the Persian Gulf, the surviving offshore oil rig workers gathered to conduct drilling using giant jack-up rigs.
The work took 3 months… to be honest, there were times I seriously considered blowing up this ship just to stop this foolish plan by force. The Exif priest who was on board must have seen my thoughts. He repeatedly preached to me about the importance of dedication, and I barely managed to avoid betraying humanity…
I still have nightmares about the moment they began injecting the nanomachines.
It felt like I was injecting my own loved ones with poison.
I never want to feel that way again.
And in the end, Operation Great Wall succeeded.
…If you can call that a success.
Godzilla broke through the Himalayas, and MechaGodzilla failed to activate and was destroyed.
Humanity lost. Only a handful of people fled and escaped the Earth, while the rest of us will be wiped out by Godzilla sooner or later.
But you know what?
I might be committing treason by saying this,
but I don’t care.
If Bilusaludo’s MechaGodzilla had won, wouldn’t they have turned the Earth into a world of steel, without any green, no seas, no mountains, no rivers, no seasons?
Is that really a victory?
Even if humanity is doomed, if Godzilla can continue to live on this Earth with its mountains, seas, and greenery for 10,000 more years…
I think I prefer that.


member of the Joint Command of Operation Great Wall, Earth Defense Force

God, please forgive me for wanting to take my own life as the battle against Godzilla continues. I must not abandon my duty of devotion.
I can no longer escape. Even if I cover my ears, the voices still reach me.
I was stationed in Mumbai, working as an Operations Specialist at the Operation Great Wall Integrated Command Center. That unforgivable act… Being present at the scene where the decision was made to collapse the Himalayan mountain range for the sake of human survival, and being one of the people who pressed the switch. I was a soldier. As a soldier, when the order “Execute the operation” was given, I had no choice but to relay it. Regardless of the consequences.
Two thousand nuclear warheads were detonated, shifting the continental plates. Even with the backing of extraterrestrial technology, such a massive undertaking could not have been completed in two or three years. The allied forces tried to make up for that time with lives. Originally, the plan was to remotely detonate the nuclear weapons after evacuating all personnel involved in the operation and the people living in the Himalayas. But did even half of the intended locations see the evacuation carried out as planned? There were many places where the remote detonation devices could not be installed, and manual detonation was the only option. Places where the withdrawal of personnel and residents was incomplete. But I had to relay the order. Because Godzilla was already there. Now, if I don’t detonate, all the sacrifices made to lure Godzilla here will be in vain. Saying that, the military… No, I commanded the people who remained there to become the sacrifices. I heard the final cries of those people. “Long live the Earth Union!” “We entrust the rest to MechaGodzilla!” Voices calling out the names of mothers, daughters, and lovers. A voice that sounded like a young teenage girl, maybe 10 years old, shouting “Mom!” “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I have things I want to do, you idiots, you Godzilla idiots,” crying as they pressed the switch. All these voices are now etched into my soul. Every day, every time I sleep, I dream of that day. Even when I’m awake, the voices suddenly resurface. I have desperately sought a way to escape these voices until today. But I have found only one answer. Please, forgive my weakness.

(Excerpt from the last will and testament of Sayuri Miru, provided by the courtesy of the bereaved family.)


Lin Tan-Yu, Director of the Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration, and Earth Union Geoscience Advisor (at the time)

Operation Great Wall could be considered a complete success, at least initially.
Godzilla was swallowed by the landslide… No, that would be too kind. It is more accurate to say that Godzilla was crushed by the collapsing Himalayan mountains themselves. The peaks that had been revered as gods throughout human history – Everest, K2, Kanchenjunga, Nanga Parbat – were lost forever in exchange for humanity sealing Godzilla deep underground with its immense mass. Many even believed that Godzilla had died. However, before long, seismic activity resembling volcanic tremors began to be detected in the area where Godzilla was believed to have been buried – around Ground G. A new volcano born in the former Himalayas? Impossible. There was only one answer: Godzilla was alive, struggling to escape from the underground. It was never to be expected that Godzilla would die from being buried alive. What we had hoped for was Godzilla’s self-destruction, like when it faced the alien Kaiju Gorath. Godzilla might try to drill through the bedrock with its thermal beam to escape to the surface. But unlike the Arctic, Godzilla, trapped deep underground, had no way to dissipate the immense energy it generated. If that were the case, Godzilla might end up burning itself to death with its own energy.
…In hindsight, that was an overly optimistic idea. More like a wish than a realistic expectation.
As time passed, the frequency and intensity of the earthquakes increased. And the epicenters were clearly moving – Godzilla was headed towards India, through the underground. We didn’t know how, but it was undeniable. We only learned the method once the movement stopped on the Indian side. There, we observed rising surface temperatures and melting glaciers that should not have melted. Changes in the magnetic field were also detected. Gas eruptions were confirmed at multiple locations, and the volcanic tremors eventually became full-blown volcanic earthquakes.
It was clear – the signs of an impending eruption.
Everest, a mountain that should not have erupted, was about to spew forth fire.
Observations revealed the existence of a massive magma chamber deep underground near Ground G. There could be no other cause than Godzilla. The immense heat it had built up was melting the interior of the Himalayan mountains, turning them into a sea of scorching magma. Godzilla must have been swimming in that magma. Now, the Himalayas had become a giant powder keg. An eruption could happen at any moment. The magma chamber continued to expand daily. Undoubtedly, Godzilla was living within that magma.
We gathered the data and rushed to the headquarters of the Indian military command.
At the time, the Allied forces had deployed their elite troops in India. They were working to rebuild India, which had struggled to recover from the chaos of the Indo-Pakistani War. They were trying to incorporate the local people into their military force and prepare a full-scale effort to intercept Godzilla coming from beyond the Himalayas. But this was no longer just about Godzilla. If the Himalayas erupted, volcanic ash, pyroclastic flows, and rivers of lava would descend upon them even before Godzilla arrived. It was far beyond just dealing with Godzilla. I argued that they at least needed to evacuate the frontline troops.
The commander’s response was to have me work with Exif and Bilusaludo to prepare a simulation of the potential damage. It was madness. He was planning to have his troops fight Godzilla under the erupting Himalayas. There was no precedent for a Kaiju-induced volcanic eruption. There was no way to predict it. It was clear that many troops would be consumed by pyroclastic flows and crushed by falling rocks before they could even engage Godzilla.
“Retreat is not authorized until the completion of Mechagodzilla. Our orders are to hold our ground.”
I thought it was insanity.
But the foolish one was me.
What sanity could there be left in humanity, driven to the point of sacrificing the Himalayan mountains for just one Kaiju…
In January, without even a chance to celebrate the new year, the great eruption finally occurred. Some say they saw a blue beam of light shoot up from what would later be called the G Crater just before the black smoke rose. The roar was deafening, a physical shockwave that shattered all the windows in the observation room where I was.
Many outside had their eardrums ruptured, and buildings were even recorded collapsing.
The sound of the eruption was reportedly observed all the way around the globe, even at the Global Union headquarters in Brazil.
And…it may have been auditory hallucination, but I think I heard…
that creature’s voice…the human’s nemesis, that roar.
And yet, for just one Kaiju to have caused this eruption, it was no small event in human history. The pyroclastic flows far exceeded the simulations, reaching much farther, wiping out several of the deployed forces just like that. Undeterred by the flowing lava and raining rocks, Godzilla calmly descended the Himalayas towards India. India’s defense lines were easily breached, and the just-recovering nation was once again burned by the fires of the volcano and of Godzilla.
Perhaps it was divine retribution that Godzilla had brought upon humanity.
We, in our arrogance, had finally dared to even carve away at the mountains of the gods to survive – and the mountains’ wrath, in the form of this cataclysmic eruption, had passed judgment on our reckless actions…
Operation Great Wall, which had inflicted massive casualties to lure Godzilla into the Himalayas and leave an irreparable scar on the Earth,
had only bought a meager one year’s time…
The G Crater continues to erupt. And The amount of sunlight on Earth keeps declining…

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