Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 7

“It’s a Grey Wolf classified as a medium-sized dog.”
Listening to Wendy, who had a ponytail as her trademark, calmly answering, Raze was impressed.
(As expected of the daughter of a border count. She seems used to this more than the other young ladies.)
Growing up surrounded by nature and with many dungeons in her territory, she was close to Carne, possibly due to her entourage’s influence.
With Wendy by her side, Carne didn’t seem to need much worrying about.
“Correct. Exactly as it appears. These were captured in dungeons in Sankott territory.”
After a while of Hughan’s explanations,
he checked the students’ expressions.
“Alright. That’s enough introduction. Let’s start the observation in earnest. Make sure to take notes as you’ll have to submit reports later. If you feel unwell, let me or the knights know.”
The class divided into six groups, each assigned to a knight.
“They’ve been divided…”
The groups separated in their seats, with neither Folia nor Carne ending up together.
Raze muttered to Folia.
“Yeah, I know. It would have been better to be together, but we’ll see each other later.”
After parting with Folia and going to where his group was gathering, the cloths covering the cages were gradually removed.
Cages resembling containers were lined up to fill the field, and the beasts’ eyes pierced from all directions.
Raze quickly surveyed the types of beasts and the knights’ positions within her field of view.
Since her senses sometimes differed from those of the students, she had recently restudied the danger levels of beasts in the library again. However, the top few students in Class A should be able to handle the current situation adequately.
However, since the students didn’t have weapons at the moment, they would have to counter with magic if something happened.
(The vice-captain is in the prince’s and Lord Zarth’s group. Carne’s group seems to have slightly more members allocated. With Hughan accompanying Folia, she should be fine.)
There were indeed skilled individuals like the vice-captain, so there should be no problem protecting the prince.
Compared to the prince’s surroundings, she felt slightly inferior, but Carne’s group had two more knights, including Claude.
And Hughan specialized in practical skills. According to Raze’s investigation, although he retired early, his previous job was an elite knight serving in the capital. Being a teacher at the top-tier institution like Saint Riol meant he couldn’t be weak. He would protect Folia.
Also, there was Luca among the game-related individuals, but the way her group was formed was furthest from Folia’s. If events were to befall the heroine and the capture targets, the possibility was low.
(Well, since the event details are messed up, I shouldn’t rely on such speculation.)
Raze tightened her focus and, glancing at the cage still covered by a cloth, mingled with the observation.
The difference between monster beasts and ordinary animals.
That lies in their ferocity. Simply put, beasts attack and eat people.
The way to distinguish them is simple; if they have red eyes, they’re beasts. Everything else is just ordinary animals.
Animals sometimes attack people too, so it’s not much different. Compared to the monsters in Baluda, they were all cute.
While listening to the knights’ conversation and nodding appropriately, Raze wrote down the contents for her report.
“Wow. Are there also harmful rabbits?”
A bright female voice came from the advancing group, catching Raze’s attention.
“Looks like a normal rabbit, but its ears are good, and its leg strength is extraordinary. If it kicks your vital spot, there’s a risk of death, so be careful.”
Although the female knight explained so, the beasts in the cage were behaving calmly, as if on display.
There were many cute-looking harmful beasts, so the students seemed more relaxed than when they were shown the Grey Wolf initially.
“They’re calmer than I thought.”
A male student who joined the same group as Raze asked the knight.
“Yeah, you’re right. There are so many harmful beasts here that you’d be surprised when excited. They’ve been somewhat weakened with medicine even before they were brought in.”
Understanding that it was true, Raze glanced briefly to find Carne.
If she hadn’t noticed Carne sneaking in here yesterday, what would have happened?
Seeing Carne, who was earnestly studying without knowing anything, Raze thought.
(For now, it seems like there’s no sign of the bear-like harmful beasts causing a rampage, I guess…)
Anyway, Raze want to believe that the medicine is working properly on the monsters Carne was concerned about, so hopefully everything will be fine.
Although there are no capture targets in Folia’s group, which is the central figure in the game, Raze can’t help but wonder if something will happen next or if it will end without incident.
(Event, can it be avoided?)
This event is quite thrilling, unlike a simple love event where you just need to swap partners.
If all the monsters were killed, there shouldn’t be any events happening, but it would be troublesome if events occurred in a different form. Moreover, doing such a thing would only hinder the students’ growth.
(Finding the right balance is difficult. Headmaster…)
Raze, who couldn’t do her best, felt frustrated.
After observing the prepared monsters, the students gather in front of the cage, still covered with cloth.
“I’ll explain from here.”


Stepping forward and uttering these words is Nigel Miller Dieter, the biology teacher whom Raze also relies on. Despite his characteristic droopy eyes and usually lethargic demeanor, he seems slightly more energetic today.
Raze anticipates what’s inside the unusually large cage not handled by Hughan.
With a thud, the cloth is removed, revealing a monster with a massive body compared to the monsters they’ve observed so far.
There are two continents: Ordiana, where humans live, and Baluda, where monsters dwell. The creature within this cage, called Zone III, commonly found in the latter continent, has a bovine-like face with three horns protruding from it.
If Ordiana, where humans reside, is likened to the world of an otome game, then Baluda could be likened to the world of a sci-fi horror game.
All the students are left speechless by this sight.
“Don’t worry, it’s already dead. I’m just using magic to keep it standing.”
Although Dieter reassures them, it seems to be too stimulating for some.
One female student faints and collapses.
Lucas, who was nearby, seems to try to catch her, but ends up falling to the ground with her.
Olivia is taken away by the school nurse, and other susceptible female students withdraw.
It’s understandable to feel queasy when imagining a continent where such monsters swarm, which doesn’t exist in their own world. As humans, their instinctual rejection towards these creatures is inevitable.
(Is it really that repulsive?)
Although it’s dead and not displaying any intimidation, nor emitting the typical aura of a monster, its unexpectedly strong reaction is remarkable.
Raze, who has built up a tolerance due to her work, shifts her gaze to the monster in the cage.
Uncommon creatures not found in Ordiana can be perceived as extraterrestrial to those who see them for the first time. Although Raze herself felt nauseated and her legs gave out when she first encountered such creatures, that’s now a distant memory. Seeing herself having grown accustomed to them, she feels an indescribable sensation.
“Ah… me too…”
Watching Folia and Carne leave, Raze tries to move towards Hughan, but—
Being called by Dieter, she abandons her plans.
Perhaps because she often visits his laboratory to see documents and specimens, she unfortunately wasn’t excused. It seems Dieter was aware of her tolerance towards monsters.
Reluctantly, Raze attends his lecture.
“As you can see, this monster is completely different from the monsters. Baluda is teeming with creatures like these. The magic stones you’re all wearing were harvested from creatures like this hunted by the military.”
As Dieter mentions the word “military,” Raze becomes uneasy.
“It may be difficult to understand, but there’s a magic stone on its forehead.”
He points to a yellowish magic stone.
With her keen eyes, Raze can clearly see it.
From its color, it’s suitable for magic related to lightning or light.
“So that’s a magic stone…”
Raze heard the murmurs of her classmates nearby, and when she turned to look, the owner of the voice was Wendy.
She had heard from Cana that she was the daughter of a border count and was good at hunting. She must have also been resistant to monsters. She was quietly observing the monster.
“That stone is cut and turned into the kind of charm you guys are using now.”
Some students shift their gaze to the charms they’re wearing—tools or decorations used to wield magic—after Dieter’s words.
Raze looks at Ruben. The magic stone he’s using was gift from her.
Ruben, too, gazes at the shining bangle on his arm.
Cut and polished beautifully, it’s hard to believe it came from something like this.
Although he doesn’t say anything aloud, his face as he turns back to the monster clearly mirrors the sentiments of the other students.
“The nature of magic stones varies depending on the individual. They’re all unique. There’s a difference in what can be collected.”
Dieter continued talking.
Raze listened with her mouth tightly closed, but there was no one in this place who understood magic stones better than her.
(There’s so much they don’t teach in school.)

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