I, the “false hero” expelled the “true hero” Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 8

That night, the round moon gently illuminates the earth.
With most creatures fallen asleep and only the night-loving ones on the move, the forest was filled with tranquility.
One shadow flew across the skies above the forest where Ayame once hid.
“Damn, where the hell did he run off to?”
Clicking his tongue, his eyes peculiar to birds of prey sharply focused.
It was Downburst of [Blast], who was once slain by Foil.
Serving under him was Onyx of [Triple Talon], one of the [Swift Claw].
The demonfolk who attacked Mei and Yuu and was injured by Foil’s counterattack had the form of a rigid, unmoving hawk, resembling a smaller version of Downburst. The difference was that his wings and arms were fused as one, and his hands had sharp, curved talons no ordinary hawk possessed.
Glaring down from the sky with flickering purple demonfolk eyes, Onyx growled.
“That damn fake hero who slayed Lord Downburst! He should have just died instead of struggling pointlessly against fate! That damn wolf too for telling us not to fight him directly! This is revenge for Lord Downburst!”


Onyx is bent on revenge for the death of his superior officer.
His superior slain, Onyx led the remnants of Downburst’s forces in retreating from Atherdam. He returned to the demonfolk stronghold, immediately proposing that the other Eight Generals mobilize to kill the [Hero]. However, the subsequent orders given to Onyx were to monitor Foil and his friends.
[Why won’t you send the army right away? We defeated one of the Eight Generals after all. It’s not like we would do something careless correct? Wasn’t retreating instead of eliminating them after defeating them Lord Downburst’s own decision?]
[You fighting the “Hero” directly? Don’t make me laugh. There’s no way you can accomplish that. There’s no chance of you defeating him]
Those words and the images of those contemptuous yet gentle smiles and their trained physique fill Onyx’s mind with rage whenever he recalls them. All of Onyx’s proposals had been refused and to add insult to injury, he was now placed under [Baron] in name only .
“My only lord is Lord Downburst!!”
Naturally, Onyx was indignant at serving anyone other than Downburst. However, having no power to oppose the Generals yet still forced to carry out humiliating orders, the bitterness was overwhelming.
“Respond, have you located him?”
Flapping his wings, Onyx spoke into the bracelet in his hand.
A magical artifact passed down from ancient times. With a matching pair, it enabled conversation no matter the distance between holders.
The one who responded in broken speech was a lowly demonfolk soldier.
[Gaah gah, Onyx sama. Not find. Hero nowhere, not here]
“He’s not the [Hero]! Just hurry up and find him!! Should I shred you mongrels up like that wolf!?”
[S-Sorry very much]
Not hiding his irritation, Onyx cut off communication.
“Can’t even respond properly without me contacting first. Useless fools.”
Onyx clicked his tongue.
The formidable army Downburst once led now had naught but unintelligent demonfolk and magical beasts remaining.
The reason Onyx was convinced Foil still alive:
He had watched everything transpire from the skies above – the Eight Generals’ ambush, the demonfolk army’s attempt to steal the holy sword, all of it.
To the public, Foil battled Yuu and fell off a cliff to his death.
Yuu and Mei had also searched but found no traces of him, judging that his body must have been washed away down the river below. They were crestfallen over his loss.
However, Onyx witnessed it with his very eyes.
Someone had rescued Foil as he fell off that cliff.
“Don’t know who it was but no doubt they meant to save him. Then he must still be somewhere in these woods.”
And so Onyx scoured every inch of the forest in search of Foil.
All in order to kill Foil with his own two hands without returning to inform the demonfolk stronghold that Foil still lived nor asking for permission – acting entirely on his own discretion. However, the forest was vast and the search progressed less smoothly than he imagined. Even his sharp vision was mostly useless amidst the obstructing trees.
Initially Onyx was not so impatient. After all Foil’s injuries were grave. He reasoned there would be no way for Foil to move from the woods.
But that impatience gradually transformed to agitation. No matter how much area he covered there was no sign of Foil. And yesterday, the unit searching for Foil suffered immense casualties from a single massive wolf.
Onyx himself descended to take action but the beast exploited an opening to escape. His forces also lost nearly half their numbers, hampering search efforts.
“That damn fake will show himself eventually! And then Onyx of [Swift Claw] will have his revenge for Lord Downburst! That wolf as well, next time I’ll tear out its throat! ……Hmm?”
Burning with vengeful fury,
Onyx spotted Ouro Village below.
Already irritated over his inability to find the elusive [Hero].
Disdainful as he was towards his own men for lacking wit, Onyx was still undeniably demonfolk. His malice towards humans easily matched any other’s.
Onyx’s lips twisted into a nasty grin.
“Might as well have come for this after all. Far more eager to hear human screams than beastly howls.”
Kachi kachi rang out…the white feathers on his arms glinted eerily in the moonlight on the sharp hooks of Onyx’s talons.

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