Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 2 Prologue

Senei Academy Student Guidelines:

  1. Develop the ability to adapt to all situations by maximizing the use of your given abilities to excel in both academics and physical training, laying the foundation to become a productive member of society.
  2. The Student Council within this school holds certain authority granted by the academy to act as impartial mediators solely in the event of disputes between students.
  3. All students will receive a stipend based on their performance in regular examinations. This aims to foster self-sufficiency in students and ensure a fulfilling school life.
  4. To enhance individual initiative, students are not permitted to have any external contact in any circumstance. Leaving the academy grounds is only allowed in cases of withdrawal.
  5. School rules within the academy are absolute, and the academy staff and teachers are to be respected as such. Going against these rules will not be tolerated.
  6. Keep in mind the above guidelines while maintaining a disciplined school life.





[Every Person Has a Reason to Be Born]

In a corner of a bookstore filled with countless books, a title catches my eye.
I stop in my tracks. Intrigued, I pick up the book.

It says, “Every person has a reason to be born.”
People live to accomplish something, and they fulfill their mission at the moment of their demise.
Or perhaps, it is only at the moment of their death that they realize their [reason].
This can be from great achievements to small acts of love.
Everyone is born for a purpose –
there is no one in this world who should not have been born.

After reading this far, I found the idea quite interesting.
There is no person who should not have been born.

–Then, what am I? I wondered.
My life is so sinful, and my hands are caked in dried blood.
If only I didn’t exist. I’ve thought that more than once or twice.
And yet, I don’t want to die, nor do I want to change who I am now.
I know it’s wrong, but
what a hopeless situation.
If all births are desired, then I don’t seem to fit that criteria.

On the cover of the book, there is the name of the author.
I looked down at the name and …….
“…Hey, tell me,” I murmur.
If you say there’s a failure as a human being.
Is Yuuto Amamori a heartless monster, then?

Soon after, I return the book to the shelf,
reluctantly pushing it back with my finger, along with the author’s name.

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