Misunderstood Saintly Life Volume 3 chapter 1 part 5

“…Wait! This authorization to access it…”
“Ah, yes, a reward from the King. After hearing of your passion for magical research, he approved the access grant.”
If only I could have shouted, “There’s no way that’s all there is to it!”
I’m reacting with genuine surprise, inwardly panicking.
Why would this happen?!
The King is trying to set up a confrontation between me and Flone. This reward at this time…I can’t help but sense his intentions.
Moreover, I’m still just a student, my abilities far below even Alice’s.
There’s no way I’d be able to take on Flone, whom Alice couldn’t defeat!
“You’ve already declined the title, so it’s best to graciously accept this as a means of saving the King’s face.”
Misunderstanding my inner turmoil, my father provides additional explanation.
Perhaps there was never an escape route to begin with…
Just the other day, I had my father convey my formal refusal of the title’s bestowal.
The reason is obvious – I have no need for such honors that would restrict my desired freedom.
“But Ouga, the King has high expectations of you. He believes Ouga Vellet is the ‘Saint’ who will defeat the ‘Lightning Strike’ Flone and save the world.”
There it is, just as I thought. The King wants to pit me against Flone.
And what’s this “Saint” business?!
If I’m branded with such a title, it’ll become much harder to indulge in certain, ahem, pleasures.
Whenever a problem arises in the kingdom, I’d be expected to rush in and resolve it immediately, greatly limiting my free time.
What’s the use of training my combat skills? What do you think I’ve been doing all this time?
all for the purpose of living a comfortable lord’s life doing whatever I pleased!
But the ideal I had painted for myself was crumbling to pieces.
“To think that you have earned such trust from the king… Well done, Ouga. You are the pride of my family,”
“Hehehe… Don’t praise me so much, Reina,”
Reina, patting my head. And I trying to maintain a casual attitude despite the situation.
Stay calm, Ouga-Vellett.
Now is the time to utilize my brilliant mind.
Crisis is opportunity. This is when I need to think outside the box.
Aha, I see. The king wants me to study dark attribute magic so I can fight against Flone. I’ll take advantage of that.
I’ll study dark attribute magic thoroughly, and then I’ll be the one using it.
That way, I can brainwash many humans and expand my harem endlessly… I can use them as labor too!
It’s true that I don’t have an aptitude for magic. But I don’t know for sure if I lack aptitude for dark attribute magic.
After all, it’s a highly secretive attribute. They may not even be able to test my aptitude for it.
I can’t give up on the slim, one-in-a-million chance.
Hehehe… This is starting to get fun.
…It’s not escapism, I swear!
“I understand. I will do my utmost to meet the king’s expectations,” I said.
“Hahaha. The king will be pleased as well. I’m proud that my son has been chosen for this honored position,”
my father said, patting my shoulder enthusiastically.
“Later, I’ll personally explain the location of the forbidden library to you. You must still be weary from the battle. Take some time to rest for now,” he continued.
“I gratefully accept your generosity,”
“Reina, if you have any troubles, don’t hesitate to come to me immediately. There’s no need to hold back,”
“Thank you for your concern, but I’m fine as long as I’m with Ouga,”
“Hahaha! In that case, I may have grandchildren sooner than I thought,”
I couldn’t quite make out what he said, and Reina didn’t seem to catch it either, so it was likely not too important.
“Young Master Ouga, Lady Reina, dinner is ready. Please come to the dining hall,” a servant announced.
“Perfect timing. Now, you two, eat your fill. I must be on my way,”
my father said, standing up and donning his coat.
It seemed that the discussion was over.
As we were about to leave, my father called out to me.
“Ouga, I’ll be visiting more nobles who Reina said can provide information. This will be the last time. Once the investigation is complete, we’ll start planning countermeasures against Flone. The Vellett family will be behind you all the way, Ouga.”
The expression on his face was not that of the current head of the Vellett family, Gorden-Vellett, but rather that of Ouga-Vellett’s father…
And for some reason, that fact made me slightly happy.


From then on, we had been playing and letting off steam from the busy work of the past few days.
As students, our primary duty is studying, but occasionally we need to take a break to avoid mental exhaustion.
Especially since the king is forcibly involving me, I’m likely to encounter more bloody situations in the future.
Cramming in my free time as well would only wear me down even further.
With that in mind, we came here today to a private beach, fulfilling the girls’ request.
“Is something wrong with my body, Karen?”
“Eh, ah, no… It’s just that, Ouga’s body is amazing~”
“That’s because I’ve trained it to perfection.”
Come to think of it, this was probably the first time Karen had seen my physique up close.
“Say, can I touch it?”

scene transition

“Feel free to enjoy yourself without holding back.”
Karen’s face flushed as red as her hair as she first grasped my arm.
“Ohh, it’s so thick…”
“Wow, it’s so hard. My hands can’t even wrap around it!”
Somehow, her expressions and words were making me feel a bit… improper.
The way her wet hair clung to her cheeks was peculiarly alluring.
Of course, I would never dare indulge my desires here, as that would only invite disgust.
“Your chest is thick too… so sturdy,”
she murmured, gently pressing her face against my chest.
The coolness from the water made me especially aware of the warmth of Karen’s body against mine, without the barrier of clothing.
A slight sense of embarrassment welled up within me.
…But it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling.
As we sat in silence, the tranquility was suddenly shattered by the noisy voices of Mashiro and the others from behind us.
“Wow! Alice-san is hard as a rock too! As expected!”
“When I press, my fingers just bounce back…”
“Fufu. As the blade of Ouga-sama, I cannot afford to be dull.”
Looking over, I saw Mashiro and Reina poking and prodding at Alice’s chiseled abs.
…Seeing that physique, the average man would likely feel a loss of confidence.
It was clear at a glance how rigorously she had trained her body.
“Hard, hard, hard,”
Reina continued, prodding Alice’s stomach.
After a few jabs, she changed direction and turned to the gluttonous girl next to her.
“Reina-san!? I’ll get angry, you know!?”
“Ahaha, sorry~”
Mashiro, now a crimson ogre, began chasing the fleeing Reina.
Sadly, Mashiro’s athletic abilities would never allow her to catch Reina,
whose physical enhancements made such a feat impossible.
Well, it made for good exercise, I suppose…As I watched, Karen started admiring Alice’s abs as well.
“How may I assist you?”
“I was wondering if Ouga’s abs are harder, but I can’t really tell…”
Shrugging her shoulders, Karen seemed perplexed.
I see. Indeed, I had no memory of ever testing that.
Alice meticulously checks every inch of my body during her training sessions, but I rarely have the chance to touch hers.
…I found myself growing a bit curious as well.
“Alice, may I touch as well?”
“O-Ouga-sama as well!? Well, it’s nothing special, but… if you wish, please do.”
Alice seemed unusually flustered, but quickly composed herself and offered her abdomen.
With permission granted, I gently placed my hand on her stomach.
Incredible… the hardness was remarkable.
There was not a single yielding spot to pinch.
It was like pressing against a mighty castle wall – sturdy and unyielding.
I try to press my abdominal muscles with my other hand, but I can’t feel such firmness.
I still had much more training to do.
I would need to push my body even further to reach her level.
In other words, I still had ample room for growth, not just in magic, but in physical strength as well. Just learning that was worth the experience of touching Alice’s abs.
…No, I should correct that.
The true treasure was being able to witness the flush that spread across her cheeks.
That was the greatest reward.
“Ouga-sama… shall we stop here?”
“Ah, yes, thank you. You’ve helped me understand a lot.”
“If I could be of assistance, I’m glad. …Then, I shall go for a swim a bit!”
Alice dashed across the sandy beach, launching herself into an impressive dive that sent up a huge splash as she began swimming away.
Her speed and power were astonishing, and she rapidly disappeared from sight,
her cries fading in the distance.
“…Is she going to be alright?”
“With Alice, there’s no need to worry. More importantly…”
Turning back, I saw Mashiro face-down on the ground, with Reina poking her squishy belly.

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