I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 6

I look at the surrounding circles and murmur.
Every single magic circle is the highest level of magic – Elemental Magic, Special Magic, and more. There are even a few at Emperor level… though apparently none at God level.
“I can use all magic. No limit on simultaneous use. Silent casting is a given.”
Lucas says matter-of-factly.
“And it’s not just magic. I also have a talent for swordsmanship and martial arts. After all, I am the Chosen One.”
“What the hell.”
I can’t help but let out a dry laugh.
I really have nothing to say but what the hell. Use all magic? Talented at everything? It’s so absurd, I can’t make sense of it.
“What are you going to do, D-rank?”
Sheathing his holy sword, Lucas gives me an icy stare.
From this movement and these words alone, I understand what he’s trying to say. Lucas looks at me as if it’s obvious that I should understand, with a tragic expression on his face.
Too strong…no, much too strong.
I release the black sword from my grip. I thought I wouldn’t need it anymore.
Seeing me like this, Lucas looks away bored, as if he has lost interest. As if he doesn’t care anymore.
“Surrender. I don’t have time to waste on weaklings.”
“I see… you’re right.”

I silently clench my fist. It is strong. It’s an undeniable fact that he possesses a strength far beyond my imagination. I have never seen someone so unreasonably strong with such an incomprehensible, baseless theory. Talented in everything? What the hell is that? It’s bullshit, really.
I sigh. Not at anything in particular, mostly at myself. And at this bastard insulting me and all my hard work and effort.
He’s strong, it’s true…Anyway.
I manipulate my magic power, use magic.
“But I’m stronger, remember?”
What I saw next was
The thousands of magics coming from all sides were perfectly neutralized by the magic I used.
Identical types and powers to Lucas’ magic.

Lucas, who hadn’t lost his calm expression, opens his mouth and gasps in surprise. He seems confused, not understanding what just happened.
What I did was simple. I simply read the magical formulas of the magic Lucas used and thoughtlessly let the same types and powers of magic collide.
“What did you do, D-rank?”
But Lucas doesn’t understand what has been done to him. He stares at me as if he wants to shoot me.
“I just nullified it with the same magic as you.”
“I can see that much. I’m asking how you can use the same magic as me with no limit on simultaneous use.”
“It just means that I can do the same things. All the magic you just used, I know it all and can use it too. I trained my ass off on simultaneous use.”
Through relentless training in my youth, I have learned just about every spell there is. The ones I’m not good at are the ones I have hard time to use, but I can still use them.
By the way, the main reason I put so much damn work into magic is the lazy reason of “I don’t have to move my body. I’m really lazy when it comes to swordplay and martial arts. If there’s a way to get by without moving, I’ll take it. I always hope there’s a way to make money just by sleeping.
“…There’s no way that a mere D-rank who’s not related to the hero could have that kind of power.”
“What does it matter? I worked my ass off too, you know. Like, muscle training…”
“Are you kidding?”
Thinking I’m making fun of him, Lucas’ temple veins bulge as he stares at me with a terrible expression. Even though I’m not lying!
“I’m completely serious. Anyway, isn’t this pointless now? Just surrender? I’m tired.”
I don’t know how to say it, but today I am tired from many things. After being dragged around without rest, playing leapfrog and demon tag, and escaping Magikos Mia, I’m at my mental limit. I’d like to sleep peacefully in a bed for seventy years or so. With the girls somewhere else, of course.
As if sympathizing with my wish, Lucas draws his sheathed holy sword… wait, draws?
“Let’s end this.”
His form melts away. I don’t understand.
“But I already said… “
I sigh. Annoying.
I move my lazy body, gathering magical strength in my legs.
“I told you it was useless.”


I am at Lucas’ location in one step, punching his unprotected back and knocking him out.
Lucas doesn’t seem to understand what has happened as he falls to the ground, coughing heavily. I’ll explain so you understand.
“Countering Phantasmal Deception is easy. Just hit them before they can switch the illusion and the real body.”
Even as I explain, Lucas regains his posture and teleports with Phantasmal Deception.
“It’s the same after they switch. Just punch the real body that replaced the illusion.”
Recognizing the real body, I move instantly and this time kick his defenseless stomach, sending him flying into the air.
Oh, that hit the solar plexus. He seems to be using Physical Enhancement, but I put more power into the kick, so the direct damage definitely got through. In other words, it hurt like hell.
After bouncing off the ground about five times, Lucas lands and coughs violently.
“And it’s easy to tell the real one from the countless illusions. Just blanket the area with constant detection magic to monitor the magical power.”
Even though the difference between illusion and reality is minute. Having to focus on it is quite tiring.
Without answering, Lucas points the tip of his holy sword at me.
The Holy Sword, wrapped in fiery magical power, then begins to change form. The crimson blade becomes silver, and the long sword becomes a dagger.
This holy sword is the dagger of [Erosion], Cardiopia.
I see, I’m starting to grab his hand. When he used [Phan]’s Phantasmal Deception, the Holy Sword stayed the same as it was at the beginning. This means that there are conditions to drawing out the power of each holy sword. I don’t know if he can use several at once, but it seems unlikely since he hasn’t done it yet.
In that case, as expected, I still have the advantage.
I released the magical power I had accumulated in my right hand and collided it with the silver magical power floating around Lucas.
After his encased silver magical power is extinguished, Lucas says
“……How do you know how to use [Erosion]?”
Lucas asks tonelessly and bluntly without changing his expression.
Without waiting for an answer, Lucas continues to switch Holy Swords to [Tone], [Control], [Stretch]… But I continue to thwart him, crushing each one before he can do anything.
With his plans thoroughly foiled, Lucas gritted his teeth as if he had eaten bitter worms.
“Why? With a power beyond D-rank and yet still there… why do none of my abilities work on the likes of you?”
“They’re not even your abilities. And I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to defeat me no matter what you try now.”
He said he could draw out the power of the holy swords. But every holy sword has a will. They can’t be wielded that easily.
He probably can’t use the Holy Swords directly. The Holy Swords created with [Duplicate Holy Swords] aren’t the originals, they’re just copied imitations.
Their weaker power than the originals proves this. Of course, they are still powerful, but they are far from the originals.

Then of course I can’t lose.
I also wanted to be the hero once. Of course, I’m very familiar with the abilities of the past heroes.
I read the Holy Crest Encyclopedia until the pages were frayed and torn, and I memorized top-secret information from books in the Magic Library (illegally).
Since the abilities of the holy sword change with each owner, even the same [Phan] can have different usable abilities. So I don’t know what the hero of the current generation can do yet.
But I know all the countermeasures for the heroes of the past. So there’s no way I can lose.
“Phew… More importantly, I am winning. Surrender if you don’t want to die.”
I tell Lucas, opening my mouth wide and yawning. Ahh, tired. I’m going to take a five-hour break at the inn. Separate from the girls, of course.
Lucas, who had stopped his hand and lowered his face, looks up. His eyes stare at me as if he holds a grudge. Uh, scary.
“Tell me… why is someone with such power beyond D-rank still there? With the ability to be so much more, why are you satisfied with D-class?”
A reason? Why did he ask that?
“Well, no particular reason. I just couldn’t be bothered to improve my rank. And achieving everything is impossible anyway. I failed to become a hero after all.”
Although I am relieved now that I couldn’t. Ah, of course, no need to come for me in the future. If you do, I’ll definitely dedicate my life to destroying you.
“Then for what purpose do you possess this power?”
“Purpose? Hmm…”

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