GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla Prologue

This proposal document reflects on the current situation of humanity and proposes an important choice regarding securing the survival sphere for humanity going forward. According to the Central Earth Union Government in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the surviving human population is currently 522 million (compared to around 7 billion at the time of the kaiju emergence). Ensuring the survival of the remaining humans within limited resources is an urgent issue for the Union to consider. Two interstellar immigration ships have long been under construction in stationary orbits, with a combined capacity of around 15,000 people (Aratrum: 5,000 / Oratio: 10,000). From the perspective of maintaining human culture and civilization, as well as political legitimacy, careful judgment is required in selecting the immigrants. The following is the final proposal of this subcommittee after extensive discussions on the matter.


Background to the Selection of Immigrants

The following explains the circumstances that led to the “Extraterrestrial Planetary Immigration Plan.”
Excluding unofficial records held by former national government agencies prior to the formation of the Earth Union.
May 1999
United States – New York to Boston
Emerging Kaiju Name: Kamacuras / Estimated Casualties: Approx. 2.5 million.

The first confirmed giant creature “kaiju” to appear. Suddenly emerged from the Upper Bay of Manhattan Island, southwest of New York. Within 72 hours of landing, it moved 330 km northeast, destroying everything in its path. It was repelled near Portsmouth, Boston by a concentrated attack from the Air Force using laser-guided earth-penetrating “bunker buster” bombs.

* The emergence of “kaiju” is still a prevailing hypothesis caused by a rapid change in the Earth’s environment, triggering a biological culling phenomenon.

September 2002
United Kingdom – London to Manchester
Emerging Kaiju Name: Dogora / Estimated Casualties: Approx. 3.9 million

November 2005
People’s Republic of China – Tianjin to Beijing
Emerging Kaiju Name: Radon-Anguirus / Estimated Casualties: Approx. 8.2 million

* The “Hedorah” biochemical weapon operation was a success, causing contamination throughout Hebei Province.

December 2017
Commonwealth of Australia – Sydney to Newcastle Emerging Kaiju Name: Dagahra / Estimated Casualties: Approx. 6.7 million

* An unidentified substance emitted from within the kaiju’s body caused a bacterial infectious disease that spread along the east coast of Australia.

May 2022
Turkey – Izmir to Ankara
Emerging Kaiju Name: Orga / Estimated Casualties: Approx. 1.15 million

A different type of “kaiju” emerged in the West Coast area of the United States.

Emerging Kaiju Name: Godzilla / Estimated Casualties: Approx. 8.7 million / Human Survival Rate: 56% / World Population = Est. 2.3 billion.

The area from Los Angeles to San Francisco was devastated. The damage was incomparable to that of conventional “kaiju,” with catastrophic consequences.

* Three other kaiju that emerged simultaneously were annihilated and silenced by “Godzilla.”

Western Europe was devastated by Godzilla. The EU Union Army’s all-out attack failed.

Emerging Kaiju: Godzilla / Estimated Casualties: Approx. 6 million / Human Survival Rate: 30% / World Population = Est. 2 billion.

The capital of the French Republic, Paris, fell. Retreat from all of Europe.

The alien “Exif” flew to New York.

The alien “Bilusaludo” flew to London.

The “Earth Union” consisting of humans, Bilusaludo, and Exif was established. Each nation became an autonomous region. With the support of advanced science and technology from the Exif and Bilusaludo, the “Operation Eternal Light” campaign to retake Europe was carried out successfully. The development and mass production of anti-kaiju weapons accelerated, but an effective countermeasure against Godzilla remained elusive.

“Godzilla’s” increased activity was confirmed (8 appearances).

Emerging Kaiju: Godzilla / Estimated Casualties: 300 million / Human Survival Rate: 19% / World Population = Est. 100-200 million.

Lost Survival Areas: Entire East Coast of the United States, Northern Africa, 50% of the Eurasian Continent.

This Project Team Was Established

A plan to selectively relocate immigrants to extraterrestrial planets. Construction of the necessary interstellar immigration ships began. The interim central government function was moved to the vicinity of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“Operation Great Wall” was executed to contain “Godzilla” within the Eurasian continent. Approximately 2,000 thermonuclear bombs were detonated to destroy the plate boundary faults in the plain areas near the Himalayas, creating a massive fault zone (Width: 1 km / Depth: 800 m / Total Length: 10,000 km). This successfully delayed “Godzilla’s” advance for about a year.

January 2046
“Godzilla” breached the Indian defense line.

Emerging Kaiju: Godzilla / Estimated Casualties: 200 million / Human Survival Rate: 13% / World Population = Est. 800 million.

The Godzilla contained within the continental plates melted part of the Himalayas with its heat ray, escaping the massive fault zone. It breached the Indian defense line, resumed its advance, and disappeared into the Bay of Bengal. In March of the same year, it landed in Hamamatsu, Japan. The final battle against Godzilla.
■■■■■■■■ is lost. Following the Indian subcontinent, humanity also retreated from the Japanese archipelago.

Emerging Kaiju: Godzilla / Estimated Casualties: 100 million / Human Survival Rate: 11% / World Population = Est. 700 million

“Extraterrestrial Planetary Immigration Plan” scheduled for implementation.
Fragment (2048) (2)

To: Daichi Tani
From: Akira Sakaki

It’s Akira.

The higher-ups have changed their decision.
Although there are restrictions on viewing kaiju-related data, especially concerning G, the deletion from the database has been suspended. Carrying on the information collected by our comrades at the cost of their lives is a way to connect to the future.

There’s been movement in the military.
The F-3YS fighters of the Mixed Squadron 38 scrambled in a hurry.
Clearly not a routine patrol mission.

Could it be that it has…

There’s no time. Go ahead without me, take Haruo and head up first.
We’ll meet up at the spaceport.
I’ll be fine.
I’ll catch up for sure.
I can’t leave Haruo alone.


To the reader:
There was not enough room for thorough editing in the following sections, so they remain in draft form.
Although incomplete, considering the possibility of something happening to me, I have decided to upload the entire document, including the edited draft, to the database for now. I sincerely hope that this unfinished text will not come under anyone’s eyes, but if such a situation does occur, please be fully aware that the following document is in an unfinished state as you read through it.

Akira Sakaki, Intelligence Officer
Earth Union Information Forces Intelligence Department

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