Evil Leader Next Door! Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 2

“Can you aim, Blue…?”
“With Green’s fully enhanced Blue Grad Arrow – Long, it’s just barely. It can reach up to five kilometers.”
“Pink is creating a diversion with bombs, and Green is guarding the headquarters. But using that bow took a lot of power.”
“It won’t last long… let’s finish it in one shot.”
Fixed artillery-type monster Megabarred appeared near the Banshokuger headquarters early in the morning. After long-range sniping from outside the range, we launched a full attack and defeated it.

“This one, it revives and multiplies!?”
“Maybe the main body is somewhere.”
“Black is searching. Until then, we’ll hold it off!”
Skeleton-type monster Skullongil appeared in the city at night. After finding the main body and a one-on-one battle with Black on the rooftop of a department store, we defeated it at dawn.

“Three consecutive days of this…!”
I collapse onto my sofa with a thud. And I participated in all the missions.
“We won with all five members in the end, even though we were tired… but it’s still tough.”
It’s 2 AM. Since I informed them beforehand, Ashella and the others are probably asleep.
“Oh, today, not tomorrow, there’s no class, so I’ll sleep until noon… I don’t need breakfast, and…”
Sent. Then, exhausted, I can’t even crawl to bed, and my consciousness sinks into the mud.

“────♪…… ♪ I’ve been in bed all day… ♪ …… “
I woke up to a faint singing. Though I collapsed and slept, there’s a soft feeling on the back of my head, and the view through my slightly opened eyes is a fabric-like, oddly close ceiling.
(This is… similar to before…)
It’s not an unfamiliar ceiling.
“…You’re awake.”
In response to my call, a voice comes from beyond the fabric ceiling. Then, I became certain. Once again, I’m on Asherah’s lap again.
If I turn my gaze sideways with glasses still on, there’s the familiar living room.
“Is this… my place, right?”
“Yeah. The door was unlocked. You’re careless to this extent.”
I can’t even feel the urge to complain about trespassing. And strangely, I don’t wonder why she didn’t ambush me when I was weakened.
“This… well, Taratatt-sama was overly concerned about you. She said to keep an eye on you since you seemed tired. I thought it’s a chance to defeat you…”
“I get it.”
“S-So, that’s how it is. Fine.”

scene transition

I’ll sum it up in one word. The level of trust is already high. Honestly, it was unexpected.
“Ah… ” I was going to say something, but I ended up not saying it. “Can we stay like this a bit longer?”
“You’re a hopeless one. If you were my subordinate, I’d fire you on the spot.”
The tone is exasperated, but the voice is gentle.
“I stored two meals in the refrigerator, along with dinner. Warm it up yourself and eat.”
Ashella’s hands are moving, doing some work, but due to the fabric ceiling (her chest), I can’t see what she’s doing.
(Well, it’s fine.)
It’s not a crime. That’s what I think. There’s no basis. I just believe it.
” ” ………………………………………… ” ” “


For a while, a silent moment passed. Nevertheless, it wasn’t uncomfortable. It felt as if we had returned to the time when Kusama Midori and Kuris Ashella—just ordinary humans to each other.
“Maybe we should go to that Japanese tea cafe again. This time, with Taratat,”
I said, perhaps because of that, I found myself uttering something akin to an invitation for a date.
“W-Well… yeah. That sounds good. I haven’t been there since we went together last time. Inviting Taratat-sama sounds fine too.
The place has sweet treats too,” she responded, somewhat stumbling in her reaction.
“Why haven’t you been there? You seemed to like it,” I asked.
From matcha and various teas to sweets like oshiruko, dango, and ohagi, she had enjoyed them with an interesting smile.
But perhaps, was that consideration towards the neighbor she thought of as just an ordinary person, Kuri Ashella? That’s what I wondered when she said:
“Oh, um, that place… it just felt like, you know, it’s a place for that kind of thing], and…”
With a slightly blushed cheek and averting her gaze, she spoke.
Such a place. What did she mean by “for that kind of thing”?
(Is it a place where we always went, like for a date? Oh no)
My face also heated up. Change the topic, me!
“By the way, about Taratat, I apologize for the other day. I promised, but…”
“Well, well… While postponing Taratat-sama’s matters may be disrespectful, it would be a loss to our good name if Banshokuger is defeated by a newcomer.”
As an evil organization, they seem to have a complex pride. The topic and the consciousness switched simultaneously.
“Do you guys have no idea about the new ones?”
“If we observe, we might understand… But without the ability to transform into giant forms, the organization’s overall strength won’t be significant. Banshokuger should be sufficient.”
Giant transformation refers to the phenomenon where monsters literally become huge. This is caused by the power of the Supreme Leader Taratatt, and it can only be done by those with the rank of high executive or above. The giant transformation of high executives is referred to as “giant god transformation,” making a distinction.
“Yeah, they’re quite strong. Is there no strategy against them?”
“Hmph. I don’t know.”
A dismissive response to a joking, teasing question.
“Can you do me a favor tomorrow?”
The subject of Ashella’s continued words was immediately understood.
“Babysitting for Taratat. Got it, got it.”
“Make sure you don’t show any disrespectful attitude, okay?”
As she responded with a teasing remark, I withdrew my head from the paradise between her thighs and sat next to her.
“Sorry for keeping you…?”
If I looked closely, what Ashella was moving was yarn and knitting needles. A vest, half-formed, without sleeves. It was easy to identify whose it was.
“A vest? Taratatt’s?”
“It’s gotten warmer, but there are still times when it gets cold. I thought I’d offer a simple garment that can be easily put on or taken off.”
The conclusion with Cleared was in February. After a few months, it was about time for the scent of summer air.
And then, I noticed. After the knee pillow incident. Side by side on the sofa.
It was a situation that inevitably made me recall what happened back then.
A moment of silence. But this time, the atmosphere was slightly different from before.
(Oh no)
My gaze unintentionally, unknowingly, lingered on Ashella’s moving hands and, above that, on her lips with a natural color.
It was too late. She noticed, turned to look at me, and covered her mouth with one hand, suddenly averting her eyes.
“…………………… You can’t do that, okay?”
Her cheeks—no, even her ears were dyed red.
“Sorry, uh…”
Feeling apologetic, I turned my glasses toward the front wall.
Immediately afterward, Ashella, who had returned to the Kuri residence, reported something to Taratat as ordered. I didn’t know what it was.

“How about tonight, Teacher Kusama?”
“Sorry, Vice Principal! I have a prior engagement!”
The next day. After finishing classes, I immediately left the school. Considering the recent emergency consecutive deployments, I felt that I should handle it this time.
(By the way, I don’t really know what Taratatt is doing alone. I’ve seen her playing with the neighborhood kids on days off, but that’s about it.)
This might be important for surveillance purposes. There’s a possibility that she’s doing something unexpected.

“Recently, I’ve been obsessed with building ridiculously tall towers in that game.”
She’s into Minecraft. It’s a trendy game where you build houses, buildings, and cities for fun.
Feeling relaxed, I sat down on the sofa behind her.
“What’s that about?”
Connected to the TV was a popular gaming console that’s said to be hard to get.
“Well, there’s a shopping district a little way from here. I won it in the lottery there.”
I look up to the heavens and say, “Really?”
The former leader of the evil organization, who once threatened the world, winning a lottery in a shopping district.
Along with Ashella’s part-time job, it made for a strange situation.
“Now, I’m playing with people from another country. It’s amazing.”
“Online, too?”
I watched Taratatt enjoy the craft game for a while. From her lively and agile controller movements and the cheers and shouts, you wouldn’t think this girl had once controlled billions of people.
“Controlled, huh?”
I consciously spoke out. Taratatt’s ears moved slightly.
In the game, she quickly dealt with underground monsters and expanded her above-ground base with the resources she acquired. It was a skillful move.
After a pause, she put the gaming console to sleep and stood up.
“Hmph, hehe.”
Plop. Taratatt walked to the sofa – where I was sitting – and lowered herself onto my lap. Arching her neck, she looked up at me.
“Isn’t it fine? you might become a father considering our positions.”
“Stop saying things like that, okay?”
Hehehe, she laughed while refusing to get off.

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