Romelia Senki Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 3

“No, it’s not that. I’m just bad at dancing and poetry, but otherwise I’m fine.”
I tried desperately to smooth things over, but it’s difficult with two people who know my childhood present.
“She can’t sing or play instruments either.”
“And she has no talent for writing poetry.”
Teachers Welly and Quins continued to list my shortcomings.
“Of what I taught, only etiquette was barely passable. *Without even that, she couldn’t make it in the world as a person.”
Teacher Welly relentlessly revealed my past grades.
“Everyone says I’m a good teacher, and my students tend to be above average. The one exception is Young Lady Romelia.”
Teacher Quins shook his head regretfully. Teacher Welly also looked at me with sad eyes.
“Romelia. I once taught Potraro, who is now called Poet Sage. And yet, look at you now, it’s a bit pathetic.”
Hearing her words, Mia’s eyes widened in surprise. Oh well, give up on damage control.
“I have no excuse.”
I apologized sincerely. All that time spent educating me, and now all I can do is apologize.
“But please don’t misunderstand me, Miss Mia. There was no better student than the young lady.”
“That’s right. Although I’ve seen many students, none have surpassed this girl.”
The usually strict Teacher Quins and Teacher Welly suddenly praised me.
“What do you mean?”
Mia asked and Teacher Welly replied.
“I was hired to teach poetry and music, while Quins taught etiquette and dance, but my real expertise is in political science and military history. Quins is an expert in mathematics and economics. Not profitable fields of study, and men don’t care if a woman is good at math or economics! Being a tutor was just a sideline. Well, I couldn’t find a job in my field anyway.”
Both were teachers I respected, but the world’s opinion of them wasn’t good. Or rather, completely lacking in praise. This is the unreasonable part of a society that doesn’t understand.
“Young Lady Romelia had no talent for dancing or poetry, but she was very interested in what we were studying and researching, and she progressed quickly.
Teacher Quins remembered the past. Indeed, when I saw the teachers’ research notes, I experienced the joy of learning. That day was a turning point that changed my life.
“No matter how I tried to teach her poetry, she couldn’t remember it, but things like the chronology of the war, she absorbed immediately.
“She couldn’t remember a single dance step, but she excelled in math.”
The teachers Welly and Quins complained. I feel very sorry for both of them. But no matter what, I couldn’t remember poetry or dance steps.
“This child, however, was the first to understand my economic theories almost completely. There was no better student than the young lady.”

Being openly praised by the esteemed Teacher Quins, I felt somewhat embarrassed.
“I see, so Lady Romelia really is amazing.”
Mia was very impressed by me.
“However, intelligent women are unpopular in high society, so I kept what I taught you a secret. But I didn’t expect it to be so useful.”
Teacher Quins looked at me with an expression of admiration and surprise.
When I was studying it, I didn’t think I would be able to use it like this either.
“That’s right, Romelia. The construction of this fortress is quite interesting.”
Teacher Welly noticed the construction of the fortress.
“I heard that the plan is to lure the enemies inside and shoot them down with arrows, right?”
Having come to an actual battlefield, Teacher Welly seemed a bit restless. Up until now, although he had studied warfare, Teacher Welly had no practical experience on the battlefield. Al and Ray’s tactics seemed to have greatly stimulated Teacher’s curiosity.
“Ah, you should ask Al and Ray, the captains of this fortress. You might get some interesting stories.”
I called a soldier and had him take Teacher Welly to meet Al.
The story of how the fortress was built in one day and the tactics of the crossed arrows will be very interesting to Teacher. And if Teacher builds a good relationship with Ray and the others, the understanding and scope of tactics for both sides can also be expanded. I want Teacher Welly to be both a teacher for the soldiers and an advisor for me.
“Young lady, please let me be the accountant. Leave the salary distribution and resource management to me.”
Teacher Quins bowed slightly and asked for help. Having a teacher who is good with numbers to help me reassured me.
“Also, please allow me to hire some maids. Right now Miss Mia and I are getting by, but we need people to take care of Young Lady Romelia.”
Although I can’t go against Teacher Quins, I want her to wait a little.
“But I can do it myself, right? I’ve always done it this way.”
For me, it would be better to prepare more soldiers and weapons instead of hiring people for this.
“Fufufufu, what an amusing joke.”
The teacher laughed dryly. Even though she was smiling, her expression was colder than the northern permafrost.
I recognize that face. It’s the look I used to get as a child when I didn’t do my homework.
“…No, please proceed as you advised, teacher.”
I immediately waved the white flag. It’s best not to defy the teacher.
And now that I think about it, I am a noble young lady. A virgin.
During the three years of traveling with the prince, I did things on my own, but as a noble, a lack of servants wouldn’t look right. As the teacher says, maids are necessary.
“Then I will get to work right away.”
Teacher Quins gently lifted her skirt, curtsied deeply, and left in a dignified manner.

As I watched my mentor leave, I felt Mia’s eyes on me. I cleared my throat slightly and looked at the new court healer and secretary.
“I was like that as a child, wasn’t I? How disappointing.”
“No, nothing like that.”
Although Mia denied it, that was a nice lie, wasn’t it? But with the teacher here, I feel reassured. Not only can they help, but with both of them here, they can prevent me from losing control.
Even though my position is higher, as mentors, they won’t pander to me.
If all my opinions are met with nods and approval, it can hardly be called healthy. I also make mistakes, and I need people to reject and admonish me.
“Miss Mia, I’m going back to my tent. I want to talk to the mining engineers, can you bring them here?”
Mia, who had become my secretary, agreed and I returned to my tent alone.
Inside the tent there was a large table with a map of the valley spread out on it.
I took off my heavy armor, raised my sword, took off my helmet, and placed the breastplate and chain mail on the armor stand.
With just the breastplate, chain mail, and helmet, I could still put them on alone, but to be honest, taking them off alone is difficult. In fact, it would be very helpful to have maids around at times like this.
After disarming and changing into light gear, Mia brought the mining engineers to me.
After being allowed to enter, Mia came in accompanied by four men.
After exchanging greetings, I got down to business.
“We’re currently searching the southern half of the valley for monsters, so south of the fortress is relatively safe.”
I pointed to the map on the table and gave a general overview of the safe areas.
“Excuse me, even though you just arrived, I want you to go to the gold mines tomorrow, with guards of course.”
I asked for immediate mobilization. Although a bit sudden, I still want to carry out the plans as soon as possible.
“In three weeks, the valley will be completely cleared of monsters. To coincide with that, I want the mining operations to begin as soon as possible.”
I made the timeline clear. I want the mines up and running and the workers in as soon as possible.
I then discussed the schedules with the engineers and made a decision after only one meeting – really too hasty, but it will have to do.
“I’ll leave it up to you.”
I quickly closed the meeting and had the four mining engineers start preparing for tomorrow.
“It would be great if we found gold, Lady Romelia.”
“Yes. Next, please call the harbor contractors, I want to talk to them as well.”
Mia said fervently, watching the backs of the departing mining engineers. I replied briefly, then gave her the next task. Although you could say they are the main event.
While we waited in the tent, led by Mia, a small man of about fifty years of age entered.
“I have been sent by Master Chalcios. My name is Ganze.”

The man with the rock-like wrinkles on his face looked hard to handle. Chalcios said he would send his best craftsman, so he must be highly skilled.
As soon as Ganze entered, he stared at me and snorted.
“So you really are a woman.”
It looks like he’s unhappy about working with a woman. Still, there’s nothing we can do about it. Men and women working together usually doesn’t happen. This is an ongoing problem from now on.
“Master Chalcios is an old friend, and he told me to do as you say. I hear you want to build a port.”

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