Harem life with the hypnosis app I got Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 4

Saika always seemed to be alone in class, without any assertiveness, and she avoided interactions with others, earning her the nickname “plain girl.”
“Has she been bullied?”
“It doesn’t seem to have gone that far… but if the teasing from other girls escalates, who knows.”
“I see.”
Neither I nor Akira had ever spoken a word to Saika, so her behavior was only occasionally heard through hearsay.
(Such plain-looking girls can be quite sexy, huh?)
By the way, this is just a quote from a manga, so I don’t really know.
But precisely because she builds walls around herself like that, I’m really curious about what kind of figure she’ll show when I use my partner’s power.
“Do you find those kinds of girls intriguing?”
“Not really. But her facial features seem well-proportioned.”
Although her facial features visible through her hair seemed very beautiful, it was probably the dark atmosphere that Saika exuded that made them seem negative.
“She seems to have a dark side.”
“Yeah, I thought so too.”
Unlike during class, Saika didn’t turn around even when we watched her like this.
She remained hunched over, emitting a heavy atmosphere as she disappeared into the classroom, and we returned to the classroom without further discussion about Saika.
(I thought the same thing earlier, but girls like her can be surprisingly sexy. It’s even written in the Kojiki, book of legends!)
And I remember… this might be a vague memory, but wasn’t Saika supposed to have a really good figure? She usually hides it with her hunched posture, but didn’t someone say something about her having a huge chest when she wears her gym clothes during physical education…? It might just be my imagination, but I definitely need to confirm it!
While indulging in erotic fantasies like that in my mind, I quickly dispelled the drowsiness that attacked me during class, and soon after, it was time for the end of the school day.
“I’m off to club activities.”
“Good luck!”
“Don’t get injured. Are you going home already, Kai?”
“No, I have a mission, so you go ahead.”
“Why do you always talk about missions…? You’ve been acting distant lately, haven’t you?”
“Sorry, sorry. I’ll make it up to you someday.”
“Well, it’s not a big deal. See you!”
Sorry, Shogo.
In order to seize the opportunity to hypnotize Saika, I needed to study her behavior patterns beforehand.
But rather than stalking Saika, I just asked students in her class casually… well, with my partner’s power, it’ll be a piece of cake.
“Alright, let’s go…?”
The moment I briskly stood up, our eyes met perfectly as Aisaka, who was about to leave the classroom, coincidentally.
Instead of just leaving with her friends, she walked towards me.
“Hey there, Masaki-kun.”
“Oh, hey…”
Um… I’m glad she talked to me, but we hardly ever talk normally, so the guys behind her… especially the guys who seem to be interested in you, are giving me scary looks.
“Huh? Have you two been talking?”
“Quite surprising… Oh, but we were on duty together once.”
“Yeah, we were♪ But it’s fun talking to you, Masaki-kun!”
“Oh, really?”
“That’s right.”
Although the girls seem okay with it, the guys are glaring daggers at me! Especially you!
“Hey, Masaki-kun.”
“Why are you so surprised? See, we get along really well, right?”
“…Do we?”
“That’s right, say it here.”
She lightly tapped my shoulder.
Well, apart from whether we get along or not, we’re having a really intense interaction here~.
“So, we were talking about going bowling with everyone from now on. Would you like to join us, Masaki-kun?”
“Um… me too?”
I have an important mission… but I never expected to receive such an invitation.
Unlike me, it’s scary to mingle with an obvious group of extroverts, but I’m genuinely happy that Aisaka invited me like this.
However, as the perverted gentleman I am, currently searching for next “prey”, I couldn’t just nod to this invitation.
“Hey, isn’t this a joke? Why would you invite someone like him?”
“There’s no need to invite Masaki.”
“…………… “


Despite their choice of words, it seems the guys aren’t accepting.
It annoys me to be called such a person when I haven’t even had much conversation with them, but considering their perspective, it’s not surprising. So, I awkwardly smile in return.
I thought about politely declining from my position, yielding to their words, but to my surprise, Aisaka replied there.
“Why would you say such a thing? Sure, it was my personal decision to invite him, but there’s no need to go that far.”
I can’t see Aisaka’s face from where I am… but I can feel strong anger in her voice, and the guys quickly avert their gaze, so she must be making quite a scary face.
“……My bad.”
Being clicked one’s tongue doesn’t bother me.
I don’t care how they perceive me, as I won’t be affected by what someone I’m not even close to says.
“Thanks for inviting me, Aisaka. I have something to do today… so if it’s okay, invite me again.”
“Yeah. I got it.”
Although it was disappointing to see her look so dejected… Hmm, it’s a bit of a longing to go out with Aisaka when she’s not in a hypnotic state, even though we’ve only just started conversing like this.
Watching Aisaka walk away as I wave goodbye, I sigh deeply.
“It seems unlikely that I’ll fit in with that group of people… but going out with Aisaka, who isn’t under hypnosis, is a bit of a dream.”
I think about that for a while, then suddenly remember about Saika and leave the classroom.
As a conclusion, Saika had already gone home, and I couldn’t meet her.
I put pressure on the diminishing battery life, hypnotized Saika’s classmates, and tried asking about her… but it seems Saika doesn’t have any close friends as she seems to be putting up a barrier to the outside world.
“…I’ll try again next time.”
But it would be a waste to just go straight home, so I contact Shougo with the expectation that he might be out somewhere, and we end up deciding to hang out together since he was just outside.
Playing with another guy might not seem glamorous, but moments spent with a close friend are always enjoyable, and we both part with smiles on our faces.
“See you later, Shougo. I had a blast.”
“Me too. Let’s battle at that arcade again sometime.”
Parting ways with Shougo, as I walk alone while looking at my phone, I suddenly become curious.
“…Hey, partner, why did you come to me?”
It’s been quite some time since my partner came under me, but I still haven’t figured out why my partner settled into my smartphone.
In the first place, it’s strange that such power exists… Will the day come when it will be understood?
“Even if it’s not understood, I don’t want to let go of such a wonderful power.”
It’s a bad habit to keep thinking about something once it starts, but in this case, it might be pointless to think about it because it’s likely to remain a lifelong mystery… But even so, I can’t help but think about it, because my partner— the hypnosis app— is an extraordinary power that shouldn’t exist in this world.
“How did my partner come into existence and exist until now?”
…There are many mysteries and many things I want to know.
Even so, my partner— the hypnosis app— doesn’t respond to my questions or engage in conversation. It remains silent.
Even though it would be horrifying if it suddenly came up with an answer to my question, I still want it to answer me. But it’s not convenient for it to respond to my questions.
“…If my partner is such a mysterious power, it would be nice if it would answer me.”
As if resisting, I repeatedly launch and close the app, but there is no response… Well, I should go home.
Realizing that it’s pointless to continue, I give up and start walking.
I thought I shouldn’t pass by Aisaka’s house on my way home… but apparently, I have to try a little harder today.
In front of Aisaka’s house… two people, a man and a woman, were facing each other.
I quickly recognized who they were— Aisaka and her ex-boyfriend, the guy who had cornered her.
“He’s an incorrigible guy.”
Since Aisaka told me about him, that guy should have been behaving himself until now.
In other words, he must have come to bother her today… I never expected to come across such a situation today of all days.
“Are you going to do it again…?”
I have my partner with me… so I’m not afraid of anything, I think as I hold my smartphone, and I realize the worst.
“Oh no… my battery’s dead.”
Battery at 2% remaining…If I activate the app now, the battery will die soon after, risking the hypnosis wearing off midway…It’s no use.
“Can’t be helped, I guess.”
I walk over to the two of them.
As frustrating as it is to not have my partner available, I can’t just ignore them…Especially since I’ve been taking advantage of Aisaka unilaterally.
And above all, I did tell her – that I’d help if anything happened.
Even if it was a promise made to her while hypnotized, I don’t want to turn a blind eye to this situation.
Is it because it’s Aisaka…?
Well, never mind that now, I need to help her.
“What are you doing, you streaking brat?”
Taunting right off the bat? Shut up, I’m harsh on pretty boys.

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