A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 11 part 4

Maria’s birthday party was grandly held. Various events unfolded, but everything was resolved safely, and the dining hall was decorated beautifully. Fei, as usual, stood alone in a corner with his arms crossed, but he attended the birthday party properly.
The birthday party ended with a bang. And the next day. Fei woke up early again and headed for training.
“Oh, Fei. Are you leaving already?”
“We made such a fuss yesterday, and today…”
“It doesn’t matter. Training is indispensable for me no matter what.”
“I see.”
As Fei was about to leave the orphanage, the familiar blonde sister was standing at the entrance, seemingly to see him off.
A “Blue Flower” hair ornament was added to her hair.
“Fei, what about breakfast?”
“My master will make it.”
“…I see. Sometimes, eat here, okay?”
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
“Can I hug you and say ‘Take care’?”
“I’m the main character.”
“It should be over by now.”
“Come on.”
Saying so, the girl hugged Fei. After several seconds, she released her hands from around his neck.
“Well then.”
Without changing her expression, Fei left her.
“Take care.”
In contrast to Fei, Lilia’s face was flushed.

When I went to call Maria, an obvious jerk was about to attack her. I gracefully joined the fight to prevent that.
But, this guy is strong.
Damn it, but I won’t lose, right? Because I’m the protagonist. And Maria, with suspicions of being the heroine, is behind me, in a situation where I need to protect her. I can’t lose here, can I?
Because I’m the protagonist.
However, what to do. Ah, that’s right. Let’s use the move from Daemon’s time. The move passed down by Master Yururu, a tactic of striking back after being struck once, with one blow!
I deliberately make a big swing. Then the woman stabs a knife into my abdomen as planned.
Gotcha! Fool!!!
Deliberately letting the opponent strike me once, making them think they’ve given me a fatal blow, then catching them off guard and crushing them!!!
Maybe this is the winning pattern? Ugh, my stomach hurts. But cool guys endure stomachaches.
Besides, I’m the protagonist. It’s normal for my stomach to get pierced. I don’t get surprised because I have a super strong mental.
Getting a hole in my stomach is basic. The protagonist is super strong mentally, so they don’t get flustered.
I swiftly cut the opponent’s eyes with the knife.
I feel like modern Japanese ethics have gone somewhere… Well, it’s this kind of situation. Modern ethics don’t suit fantasy protagonists.
And then, I slam the opponent’s head into the ground!!!
I thought about killing her, but since this is an orphanage, if the kids saw that, they might get traumatized, so isn’t slamming her head better? In terms of age too, it feels like it would be okay even if they saw it.
But, it’s my win. You can’t beat me at your level. Our determination is different. And don’t underestimate me, okay?
Because those kinds of people usually lose.
However, it was quite a fierce battle. I’m glad Maria is safe.
Huh? My consciousness… is fading…
Well, that’s to be expected. I’m the protagonist, so it’s quite common for me to faint due to severe bleeding. The protagonist has a godly mental, so they remain calm even with severe bleeding. I’ve kind of gotten used to fainting due to severe bleeding.
Good nightー.

──I woke up.
“This is an unfamiliar ceiling…”
I wanted to say that once. It seems like this is Ector-san’s medical room. I’ll definitely become a regular here. I’m a hardworking protagonist, after all. I’m likely to get a lot of injuries. Nice to meet you, Doctor Ector!
Maybe, but I might end up going so often. Can I bring my own bed?
I heard that the jerk girl got caught, so it’s a happy ending!
Come to think of it, how long was I asleep? It was a fierce battle, so maybe about three days?
“So… how many days was I asleep?”
“Four hours.”
“…I see.”
Well, embarrassed smile. It was just a nap. I asked in terms of days, but it was answered in hours. I thought I’d been bedridden for about a week. Well, because I’m the protagonist, my recovery power is high!!
──As we talked about various things, the conversation turned to something in my pants pockets.
Huh? Was there something in my pants? Ah, it’s Maria’s birthday present. I’ll give it to youー, thanks for everything… Well, I’m cool, so I don’t say it much.
“Oh, right. I’ll give you this.”
Ah, it won’t be translated, will it? Indeed, as expected of the translation function of a cool protagonist like me. It’s doing its job properly.
“No, no, this is beautiful. One red and one blue.”
“Indeed. But one would have been enough. This is quite expensive, isn’t it?”
“…I thought two were necessary.”
“For some reason, I felt that I should send you two types of hair ornaments. That’s all”
Maria once said that for some reason, she always plants both red and blue flowers.
I thought it might be some foreshadowing, so I decided to give her both red and blue hair ornaments.
And it’s intuition, I just felt like Maria should receive two. I really don’t know why.
So, sometimes, for some reason, Maria’s cooking tastes strangely different, you know? Sometimes it becomes childishly sweet, or even if the same dish is served two days in a row, the taste subtly changes.
The other kids at the orphanage don’t seem to notice, but I did.
Occasionally, her demeanor changes abruptly, becoming unexpectedly childish. It’s kind of cute. She really fits the bill as a potential heroine.
I guess her occasional change in demeanor adds to her charm, huh? I even thought about suggesting she wear different hair accessories on different days.
Basically, it’s protagonist bias, also known as intuition, right? I just felt like there had to be more than one reason.
“Oh, I see… I didn’t realize… thank you. Thank you for noticing me, Fei.”
Huh, oh, um… I didn’t expect her to be so happy… well, I’ve never had someone cry over a present I gave them, so I’m not sure how to react…
Maria, crying over my present… she’s a good person. Her kindness really shines through. It’s evident.
It’s a bit different from her usual atmosphere… maybe she’s just excited because it’s her birthday.
She held my hand on the way home. Is Maria a heroine after all?
She’s definitely not like some panda I know.”

The next day, when I was about to head to training, Maria hugged me.
Her vibe is different, but… maybe she’s just excited since it’s the day after her birthday.
Alright, time to do my best at training.


It was a morning at a certain orphanage. The children were having breakfast as usual, chatting and enjoying their meal.
Meanwhile, I, the protagonist, was sitting at the edge, calmly eating breakfast. And in front of me, Lele and Maria, wearing hair accessories of the “Blue Flower,” were eating together.
Master Yururu sometimes makes breakfast for us, but it wouldn’t be good to rely on him too much…
So, I eat breakfast at the orphanage.
Today’s breakfast is ham lettuce sandwiches. Someone gave us a lot of lettuce, so we can’t consume it all alone. Therefore, all the children at the orphanage are having ham lettuce sandwiches.
Well, I like it, so it’s fine.
Now then, shall I have Maria’s special ham lettuce sandwich? I quite like it. I also like Master Yuru’s sandwiches… but Maria’s is probably the best… Well, Master’s is delicious too.
Hmm… this ham lettuce sandwich tastes different from usual. Maria. My tongue, as the protagonist, cannot be deceived.
“Fei? Is something wrong? Wasn’t it tasty?”
Huh, Maria looks really sad.
“No, I just thought the taste was different from usual.”
“Oh, is, is that so! Actually, I changed it!”
“As I thought.”
“You noticed!”
“My tongue can’t be deceived.”
Because I’m doing my own taste-check. I’m aiming to be a first-rate protagonist, so I’m paying attention to even minor details.
If I miss foreshadowing or something, I might be ranked as a second-rate or third-rate protagonist. If I’m aiming for something, it’s to be a first-rate protagonist. That’s all there is to it.
I already knew that the taste changed occasionally.
“Is it delicious?”
“Not bad.”
“…I see.”
“…You, seem different from usual.”
“Huh? Oh, well, um… really?”
“You really noticed me…”
Huh? Did you say something? I couldn’t hear you well. But still, is it because she changed her hair accessory?
She seems like a completely different person.
Well, it’s amazing how a little decoration can make such a difference, right?
Is it like in a mobile game, where a character you’re used to becomes a limited edition swimsuit character with changed abilities?
But, this kind of thing is specific to important position characters. Maria might really be the heroine…
“Fei, is Maria different from usual? I don’t know.”
“I just had a feeling.”
“Hmm, I don’t know. She seems as kind as usual!”
“That might be true too.”
Lele says that. Well, that might be true too. I don’t know, though.
“Hey, are you okay even though you got hurt? If you eat a lot, will your wounds not open?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
“I’m glad you’re okay, Fei. But don’t overexert yourself because it still hurts!”
“It’s not something you need to worry about. I’ll be fine. Instead, you should focus on improving yourself.”
“Lele, you’re a good guy. It’s totally okay now that you’re okay.”
“But it did hurt when I got stung… huh? It hurts… now that I think about it, Master Yururu once…”
She made a face as red as a tomato and brought me lunch.
“U-Um, your stomach hurts, right? I happened to bring breakfast, s-so if you want, w-would you like to eat this bento?”
She said that to me with a really red face…
I got stabbed in the stomach in a recent battle -> It hurts -> Master Yururu -> She was laying the groundwork for battle!
Wow, he’s amazing. He was actually laying the groundwork for future battle events. I didn’t notice at all.
As expected, Master Yururu is laying proper groundwork for battle events.
I thought he was just trying to catch my attention by making me lunch… but Master Yururu was laying even deeper groundwork.
Leave the battles to me! It’s exactly like that. From now on, I need to pay closer attention to Master Yururu’s words and actions and interpret them properly!
As I was impressed by Master, Maria called out to me with upturned eyes.
“Fei, are we training again today?”
“That woman Yururu, huh?”
“What else would it be?”
“I see… do your best.”
Maria cheered me on. I’ve always thought she’s a great person, but there aren’t many people as good as her.
After finishing breakfast, I left the orphanage. As usual, Maria saw me off.
“What is it?”
“When training is over today, could you help me with shopping…? I usually ask Lei or True or Iris, but sometimes I want to ask you, Fei.”
“… If I feel like it.”
“Oh, okay! Thank you!”
“I said ‘if I feel like it.'”
“Fei, I know you’re kind, so I’m sure you’ll come.”
“… I see.”
When she says that, I feel like I have no choice but to go. It’s kind of different from the usual Maria, a bit forceful…
“Can I hug you and say ‘Take care’?”
“… Again?”
Lately, these ‘see you later’ hugs have increased… could it be that a flag has been raised?

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