Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 45

Mob No. 45 “Here’s the Galactic Empire Fleet, Second Fleet. Currently, we are on a large-scale pirate hunt. Are you a mercenary chasing after them? Withdraw immediately. They are our prey.”

After handing over the teenage robber to the police, I spent the night at this service area and headed towards the toxic salt planet Tassia the next morning.
With no nearby gates, I had to navigate manually, so I left the ship on autopilot and read the light novel I brought along. Around midday, an unexpected call interrupted my solitude.
I could count the acquaintances who would contact me on one hand, so I checked the incoming transmission.
To my surprise, it was the Imperial Fleet.
“This is the civilian ship ‘Patchwork.’ What business does the Imperial Fleet have with me?”
A rugged middle-aged military man appeared on the screen.
“This is the Galactic Empire Fleet, Second Fleet. We are currently searching for a large-scale pirate gang. Are you a mercenary pursuing them? Withdraw immediately. They are our prey.”
Their tone was high and mighty, but it seemed they were here for pirate extermination.
The message conveyed a warning not to interfere with their mission, but it appeared they were after different pirates than the ones I was looking for.
By the way, the Galactic Empire Fleet, Second Fleet, was the same Central Fleet’s punitive force that had helped me before.
The commanders and officers of this Central Fleet were almost 100% nobility,
known for their aristocratic attitudes and thinking.
Despite not revealing my identity, they assumed I was a mercenary involved in pirate hunting.
I decided to answer truthfully to avoid any complications later on.
But then, I have to be careful about my wording.
I don’t want to be criticized for my wording, and be fined or called disrespectful.
“Well, that’s okay. I’m looking for small fry here. Probably just a coincidence that their hideout or escape route aligns with the direction.”
[If you have information, disclose it. If not, consider yourself an accomplice of the pirates.]
So, I was careful with my language, but it seemed fine.
“I don’t have any significant information… Just some rumors about pirates, both big and small, showing up around the poisoned salt planet Tassia. I’m heading there now to gather more information.”
I didn’t hide anything; there was no need to.
If they accuse me of lying or demand more useful information, there’s not much I can do.
[Hmm… seems like it’s not a lie. If you get information about a large pirate group, report it to the military promptly.]
But it didn’t seem to be that serious.
Thinking calmly, someone like me wouldn’t single-handedly target a pirate group of that scale. Was there some urgency or situation I wasn’t aware of?
Either way, it wasn’t something I needed to worry about.



To avoid complications, I let the fleet go ahead and then set course for the Tassia system.
When I arrived at the service area [Luteta] on the planet Tassia, it was already evening.
Tassia, known as the [Poison Salt Planet], looked beautiful from space, reflecting the light from distant stars, sparkling in white.
Because of its beauty, it was a popular destination for tourists to witness this spectacle. As a result, the military and police patrolled frequently.
However, the gathering of people also made it a target for pirates.
Recently, with the suppression of large pirate groups, smaller ones had multiplied, ironically.
Whether due to that or not, various ships, including delivery vessels, were parked in significant numbers.
It seemed like they were stranded, possibly due to pirate activities.
To confirm this, I headed to the tavern where many people, including what seemed to be delivery workers, had gathered.
In a tavern with an interior so old that it might have been built around the time of the empire’s founding, or even before, the tables and chairs were made of real wood.
I took a seat at an empty table near the deliverymen and ordered a beer.
I don’t particularly like alcohol, but one drink wouldn’t hurt.
As I listened to their conversation, I heard some interesting things.
“Can you believe it? Forming a fleet as deliverymen!”
“This way, it won’t be easy for anyone to mess with us!”
“But didn’t Juro run into pirates the other day and got his cargo stolen?”
“I heard those pirates were just a duo. With our numbers, we could easily take them down!”
“That’s right! We’ll swarm them like bees!”
It seemed they had decided to form a fleet for transportation.
Indeed, it would make them less vulnerable to attacks, and even if they had a beam for breaking rocks, they wouldn’t stand a chance against concentrated firepower.
They might have combat ships for escort, or there might be former military personnel or mercenaries among the deliverymen.
Considering such risks, it would be wise not for small-scale pirates to attack.
But in the case of large-scale pirates, the cargo would be the ones in trouble, as the pirates were likely more skilled.
Still, they were talking big, even with alcohol in their system.
I couldn’t decide if it was better to report to the military or not.
So, for now, I approached the apparent leader of the deliverymen, pretending to be a traveler.
“Excuse me. Are you all heading to the planet Nachilema?”
“Yeah, but what about you?”
“I’ve been traveling alone, but I’ve heard there are pirates around here, so I’d like to stick together if possible. Is that okay?”
“Sure, the more the merrier. Strength in numbers, you know. There are plenty of others who have the same idea as you. But we’re leaving tomorrow morning at 6. Don’t be late. If you’re late, we’re leaving without you.”
“Thank you so much! I appreciate it!”
This might be bad.
I initially thought about acting together and gauging the reaction of the pirates, whether they were large-scale or small-scale. But this is bad.
If it were just a fleet of deliverymen, it might be fine, but with a mix of people, there’s a possibility that some of them could be pirate associates.
It would be okay if it were just the two of us, but if it’s the large-scale group, there’s absolutely no chance of winning.
Even if I tell them to stop, they probably won’t.
For now, I’ll take a break and contact the Imperial Army.
After paying for the beer, I left the shop and returned to the ship to contact the Imperial Army.
“Yes. This is the Galactic Empire Army Information Bureau. What can I do for you?”
The screen displayed a beautiful android.
Moreover, she was smiling and providing mechanical responses, making it very easy to talk to her.
It’s much better than being greeted by a flesh-and-blood woman with an obviously displeased expression.
“I actually made contact with the 2nd Fleet of the Central Fleet Suppression Unit while on my way to Planet Tassia, and I was instructed to report if there’s any information regarding the large-scale pirate group they’re pursuing. So, I’m reporting the contact.”
“Thank you. Please provide the details of the information.”
“Yes. Currently, I’m at the service area of Planet Tassia, and a fleet primarily composed of deliverymen is being assembled from there the next morning. There’s a possibility that a contact person from the large-scale pirate group might be among them. Their destination is Planet Nachirema. It’s not confirmed, but can I convey that information?”
“Understood. We appreciate your information sharing.”
With this, well, even if joining forces is impossible, the military’ll probably come to the nearby space.

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