Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 24 part 1

XXIV Conclusion

After the Dorsen army retreated, Kiri, who was commanding the Warwolf unit, contacted Zeros through magical communication.
“Listen, Zeros-sama! Our cute little woofers did an amazing job!”
Through the crystal of magical communication, Kiri’s eyes sparkled as she enthusiastically described the Warwolves’ performance.
Referring to massive wolves as “woofers” was quite unusual.
“They patiently waited until the enemy forces reached the target point, and when I said, ‘Go!’ they all ran at once! Isn’t it adorable?”
Describing the onslaught of over 500 Warwolves as “adorable” was something only she could do.
However, it is precisely because she’s such a perverted person that she’s able to communicate with all kinds of monsters, and I have entrusted her with the command of the War Wolf unit this time.
“Did you manage to crush the supply unit?”
“Of course! The doggies cleaned it up nicely!”
…Was she talking about the supply materials or the enemy soldiers?
Better not to ask; it’s kind of scary.
“Your presence hasn’t been noticed, right? We still want to keep the Warwolf unit usage by Faloon a secret.”
My reputation is already terrible, and if it’s revealed that we’re using monsters for military purposes, it could make things even worse.
Even if it’s revealed, it would be better to gradually spread the news and gain public understanding.
How to achieve that, I have no idea.
“Yeah. I only watched the Woofers’ performance from the shadows, so I shouldn’t have been seen. However, the information about the Warwolves is probably known to the Dorsen army through magical communication.”
“I don’t care about that. Rather, it’s essential that the attack on the supply unit remains unknown. But, this time, let’s say it was a wild monster attack.”
“Huh? Wild Warwolves don’t form such massive packs, you know?”
This guy remains calm in strange situations.
“If there’s no evidence of Faloon’s involvement, that’s good enough. Anyway, great job. Stand by until further notice.”
Kiri bowed, and the magical communication was cut off.
The Dorsen army, having suffered the attack on their supply unit, should start retreating soon.
A massive army like theirs cannot function without supplies. General Kimblee is a careful military officer, so he will choose to retreat while he still has the chance.
Our guys might opt for an all-out assault, saying something like, “If we can’t handle a prolonged war, let’s make it a short decisive battle.”
Anyway, with this, Faloon has won this battle.
Our soldiers gained valuable combat experience, and our officers had the opportunity to gain experience in unit operations. The practical deployment of the Warwolf unit was also successful. In the end, the results were satisfactory.
Our casualties were minimal, and the damage to the Dorsen army wasn’t overly significant.
This should leave no significant grudges, and we should be able to engage in diplomatic discussions in the future.
As a human, problems should be resolved peacefully, and resorting to violence like war is not the way to handle things as civilized beings. Yes, we should avoid conflicts as much as possible.

“The damn Dorsen bastards are starting to prepare for their retreat! Now, let’s make sure they never pick a fight with us again and instill the fear of King Zeros into their bones!”
The next morning, news came that the Dorsen army was beginning their retreat preparations, and Ogma advised in a cheerful manner.
“King Zeros, Ogma is right. Pursue them without letting a single one escape. We should show other nations what happens when they oppose the mighty King Zeros. Now, prepare for departure!”
Warren advised with a smile.
“No, I don’t intend to fight…”
“I understand, King Zeros! Yesterday, you deliberately refrained from participating in the battle for the sake of those ranked lower or unable to enter the rankings. But, there’s no need to endure any longer! Everyone eagerly desires to see King Zeros in action on the battlefield!”
Warren, completely misunderstanding me, interrupted my statement.
“As a king, it’s only natural…”
“Of course! Unlike the fat pigs of other countries’ royalty, King Zeros has always stood at the forefront, continuously fighting. That attitude is the true mark of a king! Now, let’s show Dorsen the true form of our king!”
This time, Chrom overlapped his words eagerly.
No! That’s not it! I meant “As a king, I have reservations about this!”
Why is the supreme commander, the king, going to the front lines like this? Is there such a way of fighting?

“Zeros! Zeros! Zeros!”


Hundreds of members gathered around, chanting my name.
What do I do? Thinking about it, I looked towards Frau, who flatly stated,
“I will also show myself fighting as the queen,”
as if she didn’t care.
No, she just wants to use magic.
“No, the enemy supply unit has already been dealt with. Further combat is…”
As I tried to say it, the surroundings started buzzing.
“So, the enemy has started retreating. If the king pursues them himself… that’s brutal.”
“Terrifying… After cutting off the enemy’s supplies, crushing them,
King Zeros intends to thoroughly break their spirit.”
I have no such intentions!
Among the soldiers, my unpleasant evaluation was rapidly rising.
“Well done, King Zeros! Now, let’s go!”
…I had no way to refuse anymore.

“The Faloon army has set out! Leading the charge is King Zeros!”
“What did you say?”
Kimblee couldn’t believe his ears.
Even though their supplies were cut off, we still had an overwhelming advantage in terms of forces.
The Faloon army should not have chosen this moment to attack.
“What’s going on?”
Kimblee looked around. Then, he noticed the strained expressions of many officers and soldiers.
Their minds were leaning towards the idea of “we don’t have to fight anymore” due to the retreat order, and they had already lost the will to fight.
In contrast, the Faloon army, with the king leading the charge, had high morale. From yesterday’s battle, it was evident that each one of them was a formidable warrior. The enemy’s fighting spirit must be at its peak.
“So it’s to whittle down our fighting spirit before shifting to attack! What a strategist, King Zeros is!”
But Kimblee was a veteran general.
He immediately tried to pull himself together and give orders to reorder the army.
Then, a nearby sorcerer attendant yelled.
“The Thunder Emperor in the sky! That is… [Thunder Judgement]!?”
Looking, a floating female figure was visible above the Faloon army. Doubtless the Thunder Emperor Frau.
Magic circles of light were deployed around her, imparting extraordinary magical power even to non-magicians.
“Hurry with defense spells!”
Screams rose from the magicians.
[Thunder Judgement] was the mightiest spell among lightning system magic.
A spell now said to be only usable by Frau, the origin of her nickname Thunder Emperor.
“Here it comes!”

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