Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 12

“Reiner and Zack and Reed and Yukata”

Reiner was led to the largest room on the second floor of the reception hall, where he sat down on the sofa with a grim expression. Tomorrow, he was scheduled to have an audience with the king, but he suspected that opponents of the marriage would try to interfere. Thinking about the maneuvers of the nobles of Renalute, his head already began to ache.
Initially, Reiner hadn’t planned to bring his son along for the marriage affair. However, he had no choice but to bring him along since it was related to Nunnaly’s illness. Remembering the subsequent hardships still gave him a headache.
He pondered how to convey in a letter to Arwin in the imperial capital that his son was going to Renalute as a marriage candidate. Although permission was somehow granted with the plausible reason of “strengthening relations with both countries,” he knew he would need to report everything once it was all over, which made him feel gloomy from now on.
He had also contacted Renalute with a letter from the Emperor. However, naturally, anyone would anticipate such communication in advance. The Baldia family was the most likely candidate for the princess’s marriage partner.
In anticipation of this reaction, Reiner had also reached out to collaborators in Renalute. As a result, they had a good understanding of the opposing country’s movements. Combining the proposals from the collaborators and Reiner’s own opinions, they had decided to proceed with a plan.
Today, the reason he didn’t have an audience with the king was also to have a final meeting with the collaborators. They should be arriving soon.
At that moment, there was a knock at the door, and Zack entered upon receiving permission. He bowed respectfully as he entered the room. Reiner stood up and gestured for him to sit on the sofa opposite. Sitting across the desk from each other, Zack smiled with satisfaction.
“Well, Reiner-sama’s son is looking forward to the future, it’s frightening.”
“Again, has Reed done something?”
With Zack’s words, Reiner frowned, suspecting that his son had done something again. Seeing the change in his demeanor, Zack continued to speak happily.
“No, no. There was a picture of Lady Eltia hanging in the room. Reed-sama was fascinated by it, so I told him she was Lady Farah’s mother. At first, he seemed embarrassed, but then he started to look thoughtful…”
“…And then?”
With his teasing tone, Reiner realized that his expectations were correct.
“Yes. He said, ‘If I’m fascinated by a picture, I might fall in love with Princess Farah. I’d like you to support me then.’ He quickly understood the meaning of the picture hanging, the political situation in Renalute, and my position.”
“…Reed, does he not know how to hide his claws?”
Zack recounted his exchange with his son with a beaming smile. However, Reiner, with a disgusted expression, muttered reluctantly and shook his head weakly.
“Yes, that’s right. Reed-sama doesn’t know about the relationship between me and Reiner-sama. And with that intelligent demeanor, I look forward to the future. I personally am fully in support of Reed-sama.”
Reiner showed a slightly surprised expression. This was because he knew Zack’s position in Renalute.
“…Considering the circumstances, Reed’s defeat at your hands is nothing short of a blessing for me. But why were you so taken with him? It seems unlike your character.”
Zack, hearing Reiner’s words, maintained his smile but his gaze sharpened.
“As I mentioned earlier, that’s exactly it. I’m looking forward to the future… yes. And my house, the Reberton family, having ties to the princess of Renalute and Reed-sama’s marriage, this seems to offer far better returns than marrying into royalty.”
“…For you to say that… it’s frightening, even as my son…”
Reiner, having finished listening, shrugged and leaned back against the sofa’s backrest.
Zack, observing him with a confident smile, was the Reberton family’s ally. However, he was also connected by blood to Eltia Reberton, the king’s consort, and was the current head of the Reberton family.
Moreover… the organization he secretly leads is Renalute’s intelligence agency. He’s directly tasked by the king and has deep ties with Elias. And yet, he’s fully supporting his son. Just getting this commitment was meaningful for Renalute. Zack had somehow managed to deceive someone of Reiner’s caliber without his knowledge. Indeed, it might be appropriate to say, as Zack did, that it was frightening. Reiner, with furrowed brows, naturally took on a thoughtful expression.
“Setting that aside, in the future, if Reed-sama and Farah-sama are blessed with children, I’d like to ask for an heir to our Reberton family, if possible.”
Reiner couldn’t help but burst out. What was Zack going on about with the children’s marriage? But Zack continued without seeming to mind.
“For Dark Elves, childhood is but a moment in life. If the marriage goes through smoothly, I hope you’ll support their relationship as well.”
“That’s… their concern… not something I should be involved in.”
Dark Elves, perhaps due to their longevity, sometimes say things that are hard for humans to grasp. Reiner merely shook his head in response to Zack’s words. Zack, who had been enjoying the exchange, suddenly changed his demeanor, his smile fading. Reiner, noticing this change, also adopted a stern expression.
“Well, let’s get to the main topic.”
They then discussed tomorrow’s audience with King Elias, as well as the movements of the opposing noble factions. Their conversation continued for a while longer.

“…That’s about it.”
“Understood. Let’s turn a blind eye to what happens tomorrow.”
“Thank you. Then, I’ll take my leave.”
After concluding their discussion, Zack rose from his seat, bowed, and left the room.
Left alone in the room, Reiner reminisced about the meeting’s contents, silently smiling to himself.


Returning to the room from the hot springs, I asked Diana if I could be alone for a while to think. Initially hesitant, she eventually agreed to wait outside the door. But what about when it’s time to sleep? When she left the room, I immediately lay back on the bed and summoned my Memory.
“Hey, Reed. You seemed to be enjoying yourself quite a bit with the mischief, didn’t you?”
“Mischief… well, I meant it as a light retaliation to Diana. I never thought it would turn out like that.”
To me, the sight of a woman in a yukata, fresh out of the bath, is familiar from memories of past lives. I can’t say Reubens felt the same way.
In this world, baths themselves are luxurious, so it’s likely the first time Reubens has seen Diana after her bath. Moreover, it’s probably the first time he’s seen her in a yukata.
Looking back, maybe I went too far. Considering Magnolia’s culture, a yukata would be quite revealing attire for a woman. A lover with a seductive aura, wrapped in a yukata for the first time – it must have been quite shocking.
As a result, Reubens lost his composure and created their own little world. Diana, delighted to have overwhelmed Reubens with her charm, got carried away by the atmosphere. I want to believe that it was the heat of the moment, rather than the two knights going so far. At that moment, it seems my thoughts were conveyed, as Memory chimed in mischievously.
“By the way, you were very consciously watching Diana in the bath at that time, weren’t you? If needed, I can play it back for you anytime. What was it called, playback?”
“Hey! I don’t need that!”
It was certainly shocking, but can Memory really view memories like that? Just the thought tingles a bit of masculine curiosity. However, before I could ponder further, Memory’s voice cut in, as if reading my mind.
“Oh, are you having naughty thoughts now? That’s not good. I refuse such requests!”
“I said I don’t need it! Besides, it was you who brought it up, Memory!”
I’m sure he’s wearing a wicked smirk. But more than that, I had a question I wanted to ask, so I sighed and addressed Memory.
“Okay… let’s forget about that. Do you have any new information?”
“Sorry… nothing new.”
Hmm, so it didn’t pan out. Well, it was worth a shot. Anyway, since we’re already here, let’s make a new request.
“Alright. How about looking up how to make soap or alternative ingredients?”
“Making soap or alternative ingredients, huh? I’ll look into it.”
It was disappointing not having soap when we went to the hot springs. Plus, it’s a luxury in this world. So, if we can find soap or alternatives, it would be a good product to have, killing two birds with one stone.
“Thanks. That’ll be all for today.”
“Got it. Reed, do your best tomorrow.”
“Yeah. Thanks.”
After thanking him, I ended the call. Once the conversation was over, I called Diana, who had been waiting outside the room, and invited her in.
By the way, Diana is currently dressed as a maid. The yukata was charming, but it’s not something she would wear while on guard duty. Still, it suited her incredibly well. Thinking so, I had a suggestion.
“Hey, Diana.”
“Yes. What is it?”
With a mischievous smile, I said:
“Would you like to take some yukatas home?”
“…!! cough cough… I humbly apologize.”
Right now, I definitely wanted to say, ‘I’ll butt out’. But, is it… that Diana doesn’t need it?
“That’s a shame. It really suited you…”
“Ugh… even so, I humbly decline the yukata.”
She seems a little puzzled by my words that she ‘suited it well’.
“Understood, let me know if you want it anytime.”
Diana is probably remembering today’s blunder. Throughout our conversation, her face remained flushed.

By the way, after this exchange, Diana never mentioned the yukata again. However, I, driven by mischief, secretly mentioned the yukata to Reubens another day. His response was, “Yes, please!” I didn’t ask why he wanted it. Afterward, I told Zack that I wanted several yukatas, and he agreed. However, he looked puzzled, so I explained the situation.
“A young knight seemed to like seeing women in yukatas…”
“Is that so?”
Surprised by the unexpected answer, Zack seemed lost in thought.
“A young knight…? Ah… I see.”
He soon seemed to realize something, barely suppressing laughter as his shoulders shook, but I didn’t ask what was so amusing.
Afterward, Reubens was very happy to receive the yukata. However, unexpectedly, other knights and men also expressed a desire for yukatas upon hearing about Reubens’s.
So, reluctantly, I had to ask Zack again with an embarrassed look on my face. Upon hearing my request, he had a look of disbelief, shaking his shoulders while suppressing laughter with his hand over his mouth, visibly struggling. Still, Zack provided yukatas for everyone, so I couldn’t be more grateful. I truly owe it to him.
Since I’ve always relied on the knights of the Order, I thought this was just a token of my appreciation, but everyone was so delighted. Seeing that, I thought, could this lead to business? So, I told Chris about the situation and asked him to import yukatas. His face was unusually bleak when he heard the situation.
However, for some reason, these yukatas became a big hit in the Baldia region as gifts for lovers or wives. And then, the story spread to the imperial capital and became a trend across the empire, but that’s another story altogether.

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