Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 28

Organization’s hard workers

The head of the organization had requested an audience with His Majesty, but the head of the general affairs department, along with his vice head who also served as his deputy, went to the inspection department to explain the whole situation and negotiate for their understanding.
Ultimately, it took until late at night to obtain some form of understanding, and they left the inspection department.
Waiting for him was one of his friends from university.
He was the head of the finance department at the royal palace.
In this case, it was subtle as to which of the two, the head of the Coast Guard’s general affairs department or the head of the finance department at the royal palace, was more successful.
He held a lower status as the head of the Coast Guard, while the other was a department head at the political center of the royal palace.
Well, he casually caught the head of the general affairs department and started talking.
“Bordon, long time no see. It’s rare to meet like this.”
“You’re not saying something obvious. There must be a reason why you’re waiting for me until this late hour… You probably already know what we’re going through.”
“Sorry, sorry. Forgive me.”
“So, what’s the matter? You’re not free either.”
“Oh, it’s about work. There’s a reward for the Coast Guard.”
“A reward, huh? Can’t refuse that.”
“Do I need to hear the details of the reward?”
“It’s probably nothing good anyway. I don’t want to hear about anything that might bring misfortune.”
“I don’t know what you’re wary of, but oh well. Come back here tomorrow. I’ll be waiting at the finance department.”
“Alright, got it.”

The next day, the head of the general affairs department, accompanied by his deputy, went to the royal palace again.
They had been summoned by the head of finance yesterday.
“Thanks for coming. Let’s get straight to the reward.”
Saying so, the head of finance handed them a government document.
“Take a look at this.”
“Hey, isn’t this…”
“Yeah, that’s right. It’s a frigate captured by you guys. This is His Majesty’s will for you.”
“Can I ask why?”
“Oh, sure, as far as I know.”
He explained that
while there were serious flaws in the Coast Guard’s handling of the situation, there were also significant achievements that warranted recognition.
The fact that they had defeated the pirate Hishiyama family with only a few people was remarkable.
Above all, capturing two ships from the pirates was significant.
Because they had achieved tangible results, it was necessary to publicly acknowledge them to the people.
However, they couldn’t celebrate the commendation for Nao and the others at the national level.
The reason Nao and the others were forced to confront the situation alone was to prevent it from becoming public knowledge. Disliking overt actions, the higher-ups intended to grant honors discreetly. As a gesture of recognition to the citizens, the Coast Guard would be rewarded with a newly captured ship.
Additionally, it seemed there were other motives, though those weren’t clear yet, and there was also a lack of interested parties.
Tomorrow, a grand ceremony using the royal treasury was planned to officially present military ships.
Understandably, the palace knew that the captured vessels wouldn’t be immediately operational, so along with the ships, funds for repair and refurbishment would be provided.
“What do you want me to do then?”
“Well, we’re not unreasonable. It’s impossible for the Coast Guard, without repair and maintenance facilities, to suddenly undertake repairs. We’ve already arranged for that. However, our responsibility ends here. We can’t transport that ship to the dock ourselves. We need the Coast Guard to handle that responsibility. They’re willing to move it immediately after tomorrow’s ceremony.”
“Alright, understood. So, just to confirm, we can move the ship after the ceremony?”
“Well, technically, I did say after the ceremony, but that’s just for appearances. Since the ceremony will only involve an announcement, the ship’s relocation shouldn’t be an issue anytime. After all, that ship is currently under your control. Its official location will be determined at the ceremony.”
“In that case, why don’t we use those guys?”
The Deputy Director, who had been silent until now, whispered.
“Those guys?”
“Lieutenant Bruce’s squad. You can mobilize them under the jurisdiction of the General Affairs.”
“Well, that would save some trouble. But can they handle it?”
“It’ll be fine. According to the report, they’ve been solely responsible for moving from the pirate attack site to Lutilaria.”
“I see. In that case, let’s give them the order right away. They’ve probably been idle, so it’s perfect.”
“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”
“No, it’s just that we’ve sorted out the return voyage. We’ll start preparations to sail the ship to the dock immediately. We should express our gratitude here, shouldn’t we?”
“Either way. It still seems quite challenging, but hang in there.”
“Thank you.”
After returning to headquarters from the palace, the head of General Affairs went straight to see the Director-General
He wanted to inform about the ship’s return voyage, as a courtesy.


Utilizing personnel from General Affairs fell within his purview, so he didn’t need permission from anyone. However, given the circumstances, he thought it prudent to consult with the Director-General.
After obtaining permission easily, he went directly to see Nao.
The members of the Nao team were each lounging in a room given to them, doing what they liked.
“These guys won’t do anything unless told. Even though I’m struggling so much, the ones who caused this…”
The chief of staff entered the room and called for Nao, deepening the wrinkles on his forehead.
Nao, who was reading the latest volume of his favorite fantasy novel,
suddenly straightened up in front of the chief of staff, as if a student caught misbehaving were showing contrition to the teacher.
After saluting, Nao asked the chief,
“Chief of Staff, is it an order?”
“Yes, it’s urgent, but a perfect job has come up for you guys. Here’s the order.”
Before receiving the order, Nao lined up his subordinates.
After lining up, he faced the chief again and received the order.
“Lieutenant Nao Bruce. You are ordered to act as the acting captain of the provisional space frigate [Butcher] and lead your subordinates to the thirteenth dock of the space fleet factory on the Lutilaria surface.”
“Yes, I humbly accept the order.”
After conveying only this order, the chief of staff left the busy room.

“What are we going to do next, Captain?”
Maria asked in her usual tone, not showing any tension at all.
“It’s about towing the space frigate. But, was there a ship named [Butcher] with us? And the way the name is different.”
“That’s right.”
“It’s the one we took from the pirates.”
“Yes, the chief said it was a provisional name, and it’s the name of the captured ship. That’s why it came to the Coast Guard. I think they used the previous name as a provisional name because the name hasn’t been decided yet.”
“In short, are we supposed to tow it to the dock for repairs?”
“Yes, Sister Meyrica. I guess the higher-ups thought it would be good to leave such chores to us, who have nothing else to do.”
“But isn’t it strange? That ship is a space frigate. Just us towing it…”
“Maria, it’s not towing, it’s returning.”
“What’s the difference?”
“They’re telling us to transport that ship under its own power, Kate.”
“Just us transporting that ship…”
“In fact, we brought it here ourselves. I think the higher-ups ordered it knowing that.”
“Well, that’s probably it. Anyway, we have to go back to that ship. Kasumi, sorry, but could you find us a means of transportation urgently? It’ll probably be via the regular route to Lutilaria through the spaceport.”
“If we can’t have it transported by spacecraft from here, that’s the only option. Fortunately, this is the General Affairs Department, so we can arrange it right away. I’ll arrange it for everyone.”
With that, Kasumi left.
“Well, we don’t know when we’ll be back here next, so let’s clean up the room and vacate it. We might still be able to ride that newer ship after repairs.”
“We’re not going to get something like that. Well, if it’s work, we can’t refuse.”
“That’s right. I’ll count on you again, Sister Meyrica.”
“Okay, then I’ll clean up until Kasumi comes back.”
“Yes, Sister Meyrica.”
It seems that arranging things was quite a hassle, as Kasumi returned an hour after leaving the room.
“Captain, there was a civilian transport ship two hours ago, and we’ve been allowed on board.”
“Civilian? Which port should we go to?”
“Fahren Spaceport will be fine. It’s a civilian ship, but it’s doing military work, and it’s the one that returns to Ruchiraria from Fahren Spaceport.”
“I see. Okay, then we’re done cleaning up here, so gather your belongings and meet at Fahren Spaceport. For now, let’s disband here. See you at the port later.”
“Yes, Captain.”

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