Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 6

The next day.
As usual, the students of Class A gathered in the classroom, wearing their gym clothes instead of their uniforms.
“Alright, we’re heading to the arena now. Once we get there, make sure to listen to what the knights say.”
As Hughan announces in a drawn-out tone, Raze sneakily observes Folia, who stands beside her.
(Is she okay…?)
She had an uneasy look on her face.
It seemed like she had woken up earlier than usual today. Maybe she couldn’t sleep.
Given the unusual phenomenon Folia had experienced, this class was expected to be harsh due to the damage it caused.
“Folia, if you start feeling unwell, let me know.”
“Raze-chan… thank you.”
Folia seemed to be aware that she was not behaving as usual. She weakly replied.
“But I also want to overcome it, so I’ll try a little harder.”
“I see. Understood.”
Raze nodded brightly, but at the same time, she felt uneasy.
She checked the prophecy book daily, but had the heroine of the game was this weak before the event?
(No, probably not.)
Raze thought.
Even though she was raised in the church, Folia, considered a commoner orphan, needed considerable ability to enter the Academy.
Although she was here with the support of Lord Mordill, according to the game scenario, she was supposed to be recommended for enrollment because of her achievements in that abnormal phenomenon.
However, as you know, the best soldier in the country worked tirelessly to mow down the beasts, so Folia’s mental and physical skills improvement didn’t happen. It’s good that disaster has been avoided, but Raze felt a chill.
It’s not good to be dragged into the game scenario…
She shook her head. Anyway, what she had to do was clear. There was no need to worry.
“Don’t worry. The knights are with you too.”
Carne encouraged Folia with a confident expression.
“There’s nothing to worry about.”
With Carne’s purple eyes on her, Raze felt awkward.
(Carne-sama, I’m sorry…)
She was probably convinced that she had succeeded in drugging that beast yesterday.
I was following her. And I removed the drug… There’s no way I could say that.
Although Raze felt guilty about Carne’s good mood, she smiled and let the moment pass.
“Let’s transfer.”
What Hughan placed in his hand was a spherical crystal. It was a small transfer device with a magic stone embedded in the center.
With his signal, everyone disappeared from the classroom.
Wrapped in a faint light, the next thing that spread before their eyes was supposed to be the arena they were stepping into for the first time.
Unlike the training ground adjacent to the school building, it was an oval-shaped stadium. It was mainly used for tournaments held in summer and winter.
In front of Raze and the others who landed on the field, there were several large cages covered with cloth, unlike when they were feeding yesterday.
Due to the magic covering the cloth, it was impossible to know the appearance, cries, and smell of the animals inside, but there was definitely a presence.
Judging by the number of cages, there were enough to open a zoo.
(Where did they prepare this from?)
The school was also doing something nasty on the side.
Raze caught a glimpse of the headmaster, Harrens, who was watching them from afar.
Yesterday, when she was suddenly called by him,
“You may have concerns about the event, but you don’t have to be overprotective. They need to gain various experiences, including failures, while they can. A few wounds are unavoidable. Only when there is a danger to life, help them specially.”
He said, it was terrifying.
It was definitely a restraint saying that unnecessary intervention was unnecessary.
Because the headmaster, who was in the position of the imperial brother, said so, the weight of his words was different. Is this what it means to have the lion’s share? However, it’s quite a pressure to be told to keep an eye on it so that no one dies.
Raze sighed involuntarily.
(The things big people think about, I still don’t understand.)
They probably commissioned adventurers or knights, but capturing monster alive is much more troublesome than extermination. It feels like taking students to a dungeon would be more cost-effective. As expected, it’s a considerable financial power.
The second-year students who already had classes in the arena yesterday had the task of defeating the beasts on the stage prepared with magic. Every year, the scale is assumed to be for same as stampede, and this year’s exercise stage seems to have been designated as a cave. The fact that there are many species of beasts that make their dens in caves is probably why there are so many cages brought in. The second-year students, who were gathering wisdom in the cafeteria to conquer it, must be receiving classes to discuss strategies by now.
This practical combat class was famous since there have been casualties in the past. If parents submit an application, the student can skip this class.
(Well, compared to reality, it’s probably a considerably safe environment.)
Raze saw knights with hot eyes enthusiastically sending their way.
Wearing uniforms that look like they came straight out of a fantasy story, they wore cloaks and had swords at their waists.
As expected, everyone looks cool and dignified. Somehow, they all seem to have attractive faces, though that’s probably just my imagination.
The military uniforms are quite stylish, but during missions, they wear combat gear. They rarely interact with civilians in the first place.
It’s easy to tell that the Knight Order is the object of admiration for the noble students at this academy, just by observing their reactions.


“That person…”
All eyes are on the man whose cloak is a different color.
“That’s Vice Commander Gilbert En hein.”
His name is whispered softly, but the excitement among the classmates is palpable.
(He’s the vice commander of the Knight Order…)
Raze have heard rumors about him for a long time, but this is the first time She’ve seen him in person.
With his white hair and striking red eyes, he looks like a serious individual.
While her classmates regard him with respect and admiration, Raze view him through a different filter.
(With his handsome looks and elite status as a knight, he’s bound to be popular.)
Gilbert is about five years older than raze, and he joined the Knight Order through recruitment from this academy four years ago. He’s risen to the rank of vice commander in just a few years, making him one of the most promising young talents.
(He’s often compared to me, but he’s different.)
The ace of the military and the ace of the Knight Order.
Whenever this topic comes up, the subordinates always start clamoring, “Please don’t lose to the knights! Our representative is number one!”
It’s commendable that the knights come all the way to this isolated academy for the sake of the students. It would be nice if they could also give some recognition to the military personnel. If only they had more opportunities to showcase their coolness, they’d probably be even more popular, considering how they treat their comrades like family.
Despite their air of nobility, which Raze finds somewhat uncomfortable, she understands the situation.
(They seem pretty disciplined, so I’ll just keep quiet…)
Raze wouldn’t want to arouse suspicion from the excellent knights here.
“There are more than I expected.”
Suddenly, she hears the words she was thinking in her head, and she instinctively turns towards the source.
Their eyes meet.
“Um, I mean, there are a lot of knights here.”
Seeing Addis’s puzzled expression, Raze hastily continues the conversation.
(It feels a bit tense here.)
Perhaps she’s nervous.
For some reason, Addis’s presence feels sharp.
“That’s true. With this many monsters around, they’re here to scout for usable talent in real combat situations.”
Raze is taken aback by the unexpected content of his words.
“While the results of the summer and winter tournaments tend to get attention, this class is also for evaluating suitability for joining the Knight Order. They’re assessing whether we can actually fight against monsters.”
It’s an answer that’s easy to arrive at with some thought.
However, she never considered joining the Knight Order, so she didn’t realize that today could be a pivotal moment for some students.
“If your abilities are recognized here, you might even get recruited before graduation.”
Addis’s usually carefree demeanor is replaced by a serious expression, and his hands form fists with excitement.
Raze understands what Addis is thinking from his demeanor.
“Do you want to quit school?”
For a moment, Addis’s eyes widen.
After speaking, Raze regret being too straightforward.
After a brief pause, he responds.
“…It’s not so much that I want to quit, but rather, I want to join the Knight Order as soon as possible.”
“I see. That’s great! I’ll be rooting for you!”
A broad smile spreads across Raze face upon hearing that.
(Maybe I’ll be saying goodbye to the son of the Grim Reaper sooner than I thought!)
If he leaves, Raze won’t have to watch over a VIP, worry about her superiors, or have the otome game scenario disrupted. It’s all good news. Raze really hope he gets recruited.
Raze’s pure joy must have been conveyed to him.
Addis furrows his brow.
“Normally, wouldn’t you say it’s a waste to quit after working so hard to get into school?”
“I wouldn’t say that! It’s better to do what you want. If you have the ability but don’t join, that’s the real waste.”
Addis is taken aback by Raze’s cheerful tone.
She’s a commoner. She should be the most aware of the fact that not everyone can get into this academy, even if they want to. He probably expected her to react negatively, but he didn’t anticipate such an answer.
“You’re kind of strange.”
Addis chuckles wryly and looks away awkwardly.
being encouraged to leave is a first for him, and it makes him uneasy for some reason.
Surrounded by beautiful knights, the observation of the monsters begins.
The cloth covering the nearest cage is removed.
Inside are twelve small dog-like monsters.
With dozens of glaring red eyes and ferocious bared fangs, small screams rose from the students.
While boys raised on heroic tales might handle it, girls raised in a refined and beautiful world like this were shrinking back at the sight.
Folia also took a step back.
The scent of beasts, not smelled in a long time, made Raze’s hand twitch.
“Now then. Anyone know what these are?”
Hughan started the lesson without hesitation.
As usual for him, some students raised their hands immediately.
“Alright, Margil.”

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