Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Chapter 5 part 2

Vim’s performance was so impressive that I couldn’t help but nod in agreement.
The main reason we hired him was as a means of countering the hierarchical leaders, who should have been beyond our reach.
With him around, many of our members could move forward with confidence. They became less timid and could unleash their true potential more easily.
That alone was enough, but when he had free time, he would also help with mapmaking, resource development, and information gathering for us.
Camila’s group had gathered valuable information on the surface, allowing them to make useful updates now that they found themselves in this dungeon environment.
While Vim’s condition had caused some worries, it also seemed to spur his helpful perceptiveness. As their leader, Camila was grateful for this outcome.
Lately, young Vim no longer wore such a dark expression, and his presence did not have any apparent negative impact on the group’s dynamic. If anything, it was good that their ace remained humble.
[Hans here. The scouting party has detected monsters. There are multiple targets.]
Hans’ transmission came from off to the left.
[Camila here. Details.]
[It appears a large number of apes have taken notice of us. This matches the reported monsters.]
It seemed their brief respite was over.
This was indeed the front lines of the labyrinth, where nothing would come easily.
[Everyone, prepare for combat. We’re being surrounded.]



Camila’s urgent transmission put them all on high alert at once.
Based on prior intelligence from “Dragon’s Wings”, these “apes” appearing could only be the described monsters.
“It’s said that highly intelligent monsters will launch coordinated attacks.”
Monsters with high intelligence and coordination gaining the advantage of a dense jungle terrain can’t bode well.
Fear begins to hide and reveal itself behind the trees and flowers in my field of vision.
I expand my reconnaissance and remain vigilant not to miss any movements.
I carefully distinguish which rustles are caused by the wind and which sounds come from beasts. According to the rumors, the floor boss is some sort of ape, so I can’t afford to miss even the slightest piece of information, just in case.
But, however…
Even if I don’t see its presence, I had a premonition.
I’ve been pretending not to hear it all along.
Because I instinctively knew it was a bad thing.
Oh, there it is, I can definitely hear it now.
I’ve been hearing it all along.
But neither Monica nor Abel show any signs of hearing it. It seemed like a hallucination only I, the crazy one, could hear.
I knew it was something caused by the labyrinth.
But I couldn’t tell anyone.
It was the kind of voice you must never listen to.
The very act of hearing it was a voice that should invoke a sense of guilt.
Still, he might turn even this to his advantage as an extra set of senses.
[Vim here. The floor master may be present.]

In the gaps of broadleaf trees, a shadow took shape.
Its rhythmic motions began revealing purpose – fading in and out left and right to sow confusion while draining their stamina.
Clearly aiming to hone in on their position without presenting a clear target itself.
Where a leader coordinated others, the floor master must be near.
And so by the name “Horned Ape” described in Dragon Wing’s dossier, this could only be it.
Perhaps not as large as higher-level monsters, but possessed of overwhelming attack power through sheer speed.
[Vim, are you certain?]
Half of it was just a hunch.
It could not be said with certainty, but his intuition was shouting that it could not be wrong.


Because it was constantly making annoying noises right in his ear.
His legs were also shaking strangely.
Imminent danger was looming before them.
Everyone’s lives depended on the judgment of this moment. He wanted to get out of here quickly.
[In that case, we retreat. I want to hear your assessment.]
As I reported it, the strategy should also be what I think.
Calm down.
Suppress these feelings. Do not panic by turning tail or rushing in. Clarify what is needed.
[A straightforward retreat may prove difficult. Given that these are simian monsters, they will likely maneuver to flank us. We could get pinned by larger foes.]
[I see. Then?]
[Yes, I will go.]
[Specifically, what is your plan?]
Recalling the reports of their basic tactics – enclosing, sowing confusion, then the Horned Ape striking from behind to split their party down the middle.
[If we all face the same direction, the floor master’s movements should be predictable. It will likely come from behind to attack our center. I will intercept it there.]
[…]Very well, proceed as such.]
Camila spoke decisively through her commands.
I’ll moved to the rear central position in preparation.
[Remember, you don’t need to defeat it. No recklessness.]
[Your first strike is critical. As the only one who may counter on first sight.]
This is a situation that I had assumed to some extent.
Everyone in [Night Dragonfly] can handle it as long as you watch their movements for a while.
My job is to prevent the attack in the first few seconds. If we can survive that, we can make it a one-on-one game.
“Now, we were acting.
We pretended to be cautious, but our attention seemed to be focused forward.
So our steps followed suit and moved forward.
With limited times to look behind us, we gathered information at the edges of our vision and through our ears.
While remembering the arrangement of the trees, we captured the sounds in three dimensions and filled in the missing parts with our imagination.
Ironically, our senses became more acute, and our heartbeats became disturbingly noticeable.
And then, I saw it.
A large figure among the trees.
I say figure, but it wasn’t human. At least, it had the same stature as Camilla or even larger.
A horned ape.
There was no doubt about it.
As the name suggests, it had horns, and more than anything, it exuded the overwhelming presence and pressure typical of hierarchical leaders.
I could vividly imagine getting my throat slashed by its long arms and claws the moment I let my guard down. It reminded me of the fragility of human life, even before the fight began.
Everyone could clearly feel that fear.
That’s what hierarchical leaders are like. When facing the previous hierarchical leader, Amur, everyone had prepared themselves for death.
But today, something was different, if only a little.
I felt eyes on me. From the side, too.
Could it be that everyone is watching me?
Am I being relied upon?
Of course, I had devised this strategy.
I have a duty to fight. I have the most confidence that this is the most efficient way.
This is the best, safest strategy.
So, is it okay to do this?
“Transition: [Puppeteer]”
The horned ape let out a sly voice from the depths of its throat.
It seemed to have been watching to see what everyone would do.
Could it be that I inadvertently played right into its hands?
Upon closer inspection, it was confidently standing in a guardian stance. It had the appearance of a knight ready to duel.
The scenery had slowed down without me noticing.
I had become quite accustomed to this sight.
Even though using it was an enhancement that could potentially kill me each time, I had no doubt anymore.
I can use this. It’s almost like walking a tightrope with low odds, but it’s stable, so I hardly feel any danger.
So, there must be something different.
The essence of this enhancement isn’t about having a slim chance of winning in any situation, after all.
…No, this won’t do. My mind has become too sharp, so I end up overthinking even in this situation.
“[Instant Strengthening – Fiftyfold]”
I grip the two mountain swords in both hands.
I could tell that the horned ape was about to readjust its stance with its legs.
So, I did the same.
A greeting in the form of an attack.
Our collision happened at the midpoint of the distance the horned ape was trying to close.
I clashed the mountain swords while it crossed its arms and claws in a defensive posture. Sparks flew.
I managed to grasp its movements somehow. It was a task that would have been impossible without enhancing my brain.
After sharing the impact, we both retreated out of reach.
Then, I kick off the ground again, and the two pendulums swing back together.
While jumping, the horned ape was simultaneously raising its right arm to strike. Its left arm was defensively positioned, leaving no openings.
So, my only option was to evade.
I avoided the swinging arm by tilting my body heavily to the left.
The horned ape over-rotated, and its right shoulder faced me.
As it twisted its fallen body back, it immediately thrust its left mountain sword into its side.
But its skin was tougher than I expected, and my attack lacked the necessary force.
And the horned ape showed no reaction.

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