The Straw Millionaire, the Cat, and the Princess Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

Exploration progressed smoothly. The night vision mode of the Galactic Police’s life support device was excellent. Images were projected onto a helmet-like shield generated from the main body resembling headphones, making the cave as bright as daylight.
At first, I struggled to store the large amount of collapsed rocks that blocked the passage, but… I gradually got the hang of it, and it became smooth as if vacuuming them up.
“Are you getting used to it?”
“Well, after dealing with that much…”
The major collapse was only a little way from the entrance, and fortunately, we were able to proceed smoothly from there. It was fortunate that only the ceiling had collapsed, and there were no problems with the ground. We could clear away the piled-up things, but if the ground had disappeared, we wouldn’t have been able to proceed.
There were no signs of monsters in the dungeon, perhaps due to the collapse, making it even easier to proceed than usual. After advancing about five kilometers along the way, I heard a voice.
“Oooh… …… Ohhhh…!”
“Did you hear something?”
“Yeah, I heard it.”
“Is anyone there?”
Taking out the LED lantern and shining the light, I approached a man who had collapsed.
“Are you alright!?”
“Ah… a procurement Specialist… I’m saved, saved…”
The man who had collapsed was a member of the Ito Hunting party.
“Are the others okay?”
“Everyone in our party, except me, is wiped out… by a huge fire… I managed to escape being turned into charcoal because I was at the very back… That’s right, only I…”
“Can you walk?”
“No… it’s dark, and I don’t even know where I am anymore…”
I placed the LED lantern in front of him and placed water and block food next to it.
“Okay, if you head that way, you can get outside. We’ll call for rescue too.”
“Please… take me with you… I can’t do it anymore…”
“…I’m sorry, there are others who need rescue too.”
I shook off the hand grabbing my foot and transmitted through the radio, “[Survivors located five kilometers ahead. Collapse resolved. Proceeding forward.]” The voice from behind pleaded, “Please… wait…” while a cracked voice from the radio echoed, “[Return immediately!]” Ignoring it all, I pushed forward into the darkness, eager to not let fear paralyze me any further.

The usual open space at the five-kilometer mark was now half-buried under collapsed debris. The spot where I usually sat, where Abukuma-san’s team usually stationed themselves, all vanished under layers of earth and sand. With a sinking feeling, I shouted,
“Is anyone there!?”
There was no response, just the echo of my own voice in the darkness.
“Wait a moment, let me do a bio-scan,”
“Huh? Can you do that?”
“This device is police-issue. It’s multifunctional, meant for survival. It’s designed to withstand even space conditions.”
Using my shoulder as support, Mars operated the bio-device with practiced hands. Points of light appeared on the visor-like force field of the helmet, accompanied by unreadable text.
“No human-sized biological reactions in this room. Just insects and rodents,”
I breathed a sigh of relief.
“Keep it on from here on,”
“Sure, but remember, we can’t scan for corpses, so don’t go too deep,”
I nodded, though in this situation, going too deep seemed inevitable. The once vast open space was now mostly buried, and it seemed unlikely that anyone other than me, capable of storing soil and rocks, could navigate through it.
“Well, this is quite the mess,” Mars remarked as we surveyed the path ahead.
“Wouldn’t we have been buried alive if the collapse had been a bit slower?”
“We had the barrier, so we would have been fine, right?”
Still, it felt uncomfortably conspicuous… but at this point, what did it matter?
I chuckled and turned my gaze to the path leading to Base A. I sent a message via radio: “[No one at Base A. Proceeding further.]” The noisy response from above relayed the location of Abukuma-san’s team’s camp, as reported to the guild beforehand.
“Hey, Tonbo, why did you decide to come all the way here to help people?”
As we were clearing the collapsed area a little ways from the square, Mars asked.
“I don’t mind to tag along with Tonbo, but neither Tonbo nor I have any obligation or debt to these people, right?”
“Well, in this situation, it’s something only I can do… but… it feels like I’d regret it later if I abandoned them… but… then again…”
“Huh? You came all this way with that kind of indecisive feeling?”
“But you see, I just couldn’t stand by and watch. I felt like I had to go.”
“Well, you were close with Abukuma sister, and they were good clients,”
“Remember when I told you about the dream?”
“Yeah, you mentioned it,”
“In that dream, the stronger version of me wouldn’t abandon anyone. Plus, I thought I could easily overcome this kind of pinch, this kind of situation,”
The wind whistled between our words, seemingly trying to tip the balance of my wavering determination towards uncertainty.


“But still… risking our lives like this, wouldn’t it be foolish if we died?”
“…Maybe, but isn’t that alright? It’s rather adventurous,”
Mars chuckled, patting my stomach.
“I don’t know why, but just try doing what you want until you’re satisfied. It’s not a bad thing, so go ahead and do what you like,”
“Mars… sorry for dragging you into this,”
“It’s okay, I’m Tonbo’s right-hand man, after all. I’m a pretty accommodating employee,”
The words seemed to warm my heart for a moment, and I sniffed back my runny nose as I moved closer to the large rock. As I stored it away, my visor-type force field reacted with a faint flicker.
Ahead, four large dots of light shone. Holding my spear-like rod low and moving my feet as best as I could, I slowly advanced toward the lights.
“Is anyone there?”
My call echoed off the cave walls without any response other than the reverberation of my own voice. Despite getting closer to the lights, I hadn’t encountered anyone yet.
“Wanna try using enhanced hearing?”
“We have that option?”
“Using it too much might make you feel sick, though.”
Mars, skillfully climbing onto my shoulder, fiddled with the headphone-like life support device. Amidst the echoing wind, I could now hear the sound of flowing sand and crawling insects right next to my ears.
“Whoa, this feels weird…”
“I doubt many people use it regularly. Imagine activating it accidentally at home and hearing weird noises from behind the shelves.”
I’d rather not imagine that… Concentrating on the sounds, I felt like I heard something incredibly large moving amidst the vast natural sounds.
“Something’s moving.”
“A person?”
“No, there’s also the rumbling. Feels like something huge is moving.”
“That sounds dangerous. Let’s finish up and leave quickly.”
“Wait, let me listen again.”
Trying not to focus on the footsteps, I listened intently to the wind. Amidst its howling, I thought I heard a faint “heh” or something similar.
“Hey! If anyone’s there, speak up!”
After calling out, I strained to listen. “Over here… over here…” A voice echoed back. Though I couldn’t pinpoint the location clearly due to the sound bouncing in the cave or due to the nature of the auditory assist, I headed in what seemed to be the direction of the louder voice.
Stowing my spear, I cupped my hands around the life support device, creating a directional focus for the sound. Besides the heavy footsteps, I didn’t hear any animal-like sounds. Strangely, I hadn’t encountered a single monster since entering the dungeon that day.
“Is this it?”
“This looks bad!”
Following the sounds, we arrived at a scene of scattered rocks. From a pile of rocks, the remnants of an orange tent jutted out. That means… someone’s buried alive! In front of the collapsed site, Abukuma-san and Yoshikawa-san, with headlights on and holding spears and knives, were sitting next to several dead monster bodies.
“Who… who are you?”
“I’m Kawashima! Are you okay?”
“Te… tent…”
“We’ll get you out right away!”
I moved Abukuma-san and Yoshikawa-san away to a safer spot and began digging out the tent.
The two inside the collapsed tent were relatively unharmed, possibly protected by the reinforcement pipes set up inside for monster defense. Although they suffered various fractures and bruises, they were in better condition compared to unconscious Yoshikawa-san and Abukuma-san, who couldn’t stand due to a broken leg. However, mentally, the two inside the tent seemed more distressed, trembling and crying uncontrollably without being able to communicate.
I placed the injured pair on the stretcher, one by one, and began dragging them to the hall. Though everyone was severely injured and couldn’t move, I hurried as much as possible. Even though I thought I had turned off the auditory assist, I kept hearing the sound of something large. A clear danger, something that rescuers should avoid at all costs, seemed to be approaching. Afraid that I’d freeze if I thought about it too much, I moved my body recklessly through the darkness.
“Base A, four casualties, one unconscious! And something dangerous is approaching from deeper inside!”
“We’re aware! Listen up, procurers! Deliveryman! We’re escorting the guild’s rescue team to our location! Once you’ve relocated the Ebisu party to safety, don’t move them anymore!”
“Run with all your might if you’re caught by those coming from the depths, leave the Ebisu party behind! You’ve done your part! Stay calm! Don’t panic!”
I brought out the containers I had been entrusted with in front of Abukuma-san and the others, who had finished being transported to the hall, and placed sports drinks and snacks next to them. The dangerous ones approaching from the depths of the dungeon were getting closer.
“Help is on its way, please hold on. We’ll leave your belongings here, so if you have the time, prepare yourselves.”
As I headed towards the passage leading from Base A to the depths of the dungeon, I felt like someone said something behind me, but I didn’t turn around. No, perhaps I couldn’t. Even a slight hesitation would have spilled all the courage that had entered my small vessel.
“Are you going? It’s probably going to be a battlefield from here on out.”
“What would a space sailor do in times like these…?”
As I murmured these words, I filled the passage leading to Base A with rocks I had found in the junkyard.
“If it were the company I used to work for, they’d thoroughly…”
“What kind of company were you in?”
“Well, it was a rough company. But Tonbo isn’t a sailor, he doesn’t have any guarantees, or anything to carry, he’s in an easygoing position, right? Even so, are you going?”
I squeezed my hands tightly, stained black with dirt and smeared with blood from scraping against the ground.
“I’m going. If it’s the strong me I saw in the dream I mentioned earlier, I’ll definitely go.”
Mars shrugged, saying, “Is it because you’re strong?” but didn’t stop me.
“Well, from here on out, it’s really a matter of life and death. And remember, the barrier strength isn’t absolute.”
He jumped lightly from the baby carrier to my shoulder, attaching himself to the headset.
“I’ll monitor the barrier strength for you, so do whatever you can.”
“…That’s reassuring, really.”
I shook a can of juice from the junkyard in my hand. It made a light clinking sound as it transformed into a gun, which I aimed into the darkness.

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