Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 2

However, their movements served as bait for Miroslav, who ruthlessly launched magic at their backs.

One, two—the number of monsters instantly diminished.

In the end, only one out of the seven harpies managed to escape. Miroslav had successfully dispatched six harpies in a short battle.

Solo hunting in the mountain had yielded a favorable outcome.

As if verifying this fact, Miroslav’s body trembled. She paused for a moment to confirm her increased level, and then her expression shifted to a combination of joy and relief. She clenched her fists tightly.

Afterward, Miroslav immediately moved away from the area.

This was a precaution against the arrival of new monsters attracted by the sounds of battle and the scent of blood.

Monsters were welcome, but consecutive battles were undesirable.

She set up a simple tent and created a barrier to repel monsters in its vicinity.

This was Miroslav’s settlement on Mount Skim. From here, she continued her hunt for monsters.

Needless to say, it was a perilous endeavor. It was nearly suicidal for a mage, who typically served as the rear guard, to be alone on Mount Skim. However, the experience gained was substantial. Since leaving Ishka, Miroslav’s level had increased by two, reaching level “17.”

However, the price had been steep. The magic stones she had packed in her bag had already been reduced by half. Magic stones, as their name implied, contained magical power and greatly alleviated the burden on mages.

They were valuable items, and if Miroslav were to convert the expendable magic stones into gold coins, they would fetch a significant amount. If her father were to witness this, he would likely go into a frenzy. With that thought, Miroslav let out a mocking smile.

The magic stones had been used in battles thus far, as well as for creating the barrier. All of it had been acquired with the assistance of the Sauzar Company. She had convinced her father that defeating the Griffin required these resources and that success would establish a connection with the Count’s household. But in reality, that argument was nothing more than a facade.

After all, Miroslav had never intended to fulfill the Count’s request from the start.

Her true objective was to dismantle the “Falcon Sword.”

That was the driving force behind Miroslav’s actions. It was part of her plan to manipulate Lars and Iria into taking divergent paths.

This dismantling also included her relationship with Lars. By severing the bond between Lars and Iria, childhood friends, she could secure Lars for herself. There was no other calculation behind it.

But, the love she had once felt had waned. It had sunk like quicksand a month ago. Whether it was hatred or desire, she had never experienced such intensity. Compared to the profound impact on her soul, the feelings Lars had evoked, her longing for Lars, felt as light as cotton candy.

Now, Miroslav’s heart was filled with fear of Sora, disgust, regret, reflection, repentance, fascination, and obedience

—a swirling cauldron of emotions, washing away the feelings she had held before like a torrential river.

It was enough to dismantle the “Falcon Sword,” the group she had built with her companions over the past five years.

However, Miroslav didn’t hate Lars. She didn’t want to hurt him. In fact, her plan was designed to help Lars.

From Miroslav’s perspective, Sora didn’t harbor much hostility towards Lars. While he gave clear instructions regarding Luna María and Iria, his directives towards Lars were less pronounced.

On the other hand, Lars clearly held animosity towards Sora. That animosity wouldn’t dissipate, especially after the separation from Luna María. And if Iria were to fall into Sora’s hands as well, Lars’ hostility towards him would reach unprecedented levels.

At this rate, Sora’s heart would soon turn against Lars. Before that happened, it was imperative to quell Lars’ hostility towards Sora.

However, it wouldn’t be easy. After all, it was Miroslav herself who had fueled Lars’ animosity towards Sora. If she were to suddenly defend Sora, suspicions would arise.

That’s why she decided to utilize Lars’ request for the Griffin’s subjugation. By acting discreetly, avoiding suspicion, and aligning with Lars’ desire to restore his reputation, she could orchestrate everything behind the scenes.

Miroslav’s goal was simple.

Since losing Luna María, Lars had grown increasingly impatient about his reputation as an adventurer. This impatience had only intensified after his clash with Iria.

Surely, Lars, more than anyone else, understood that subduing the Griffin was an impossible feat. However, he had accepted the request in hopes of reclaiming what they had lost.

And Miroslav, in turn, desired nothing more than to witness Lars’ despair and regret when faced with the inevitable failure. It was all she wanted as he teetered on the edge of losing himself.

Once he was saved from that sorrow and remorse, all the animosity would dissipate.


In that sense, Mount Skim presented the perfect opportunity.

Regardless of Lars’ hatred towards Sora, if he had a genuine desire to rescue Miroslav as quickly as possible, he would have no choice but to rely on a wyvern rider.

A small arrangement was made to ensure that Lars wouldn’t place his trust in anyone other than Sora. The adventurer’s guild would not respond to a rescue request, as Miroslav had chosen to remain behind. Even if the guild did intervene, the other adventurers would not take action.

Undoubtedly, the three individuals hired as Lars’ escorts would promptly explain the situation to the guild to avoid any accusation of abandonment towards Miroslav.

The only concern lay in the uncertainty of Sora’s return from the village of Melte and his willingness to assist in Miroslav’s rescue.

For a moment, Miroslav contemplated sending an envoy to the village under the guise of Alexandra. However, she ultimately decided against it, for she had her own considerations.

Assuming her plan succeeded, “Falcon Sword” would be disbanded, and Sora and Lars would reconcile. But what would happen next?

Miroslav intended to send Lars away from Ishka and return with Sora.

Yet, it was possible that Sora no longer expected Miroslav to come back. He likely viewed her previous actions as an attempt to “possess Lars” rather than a genuine connection. From that perspective, Sora may have lost interest in Miroslav altogether.

This became evident when he mentioned the condition of leaving “Falcon Sword” behind once Luna María and Iria were obtained.

The purpose of freeing Miroslav was to exploit her as a tool to dismantle “Falcon Sword” from within, without any trust or genuine concern. If Miroslav followed the instructions, she would reap the benefits. However, failure to comply would result in her being treated as an enemy and potentially eliminated. That was Miroslav’s belief.

She had risked her life, tirelessly leveling up in the mountains to prove her usefulness to Sora.

Based on her experiences over the past month, it seemed that Sora had acquired a skill similar to “Energy Drain.” Reflecting on Sora’s behavior during that time, it could be inferred that his level played a role.

Frankly speaking, what Sora desired was a high-level adversary. If Miroslav could reach a level where she posed a genuine threat to him, she might finally catch his attention.

Miroslav made a miscalculation when Sora returned from the village of Melte and headed straight to the royal capital. At that time, Lars had not yet returned to Ishka, and she had no opportunity to seek Sora’s assistance.

As a result, Miroslav had been hunting in the mountains for over ten days.

For an adventurer, such a duration was a regular occurrence, and it didn’t bother Miroslav much. However, living without the ability to change clothes or bathe was uncomfortable.

Food and water were scarce, and her barrier provided no guarantee against all types of monsters. How many nights had she awakened to the sound of beasts trampling fallen leaves?

She acknowledged her own strength and understood that her energy and physical endurance would be depleted if this continued.

Nevertheless, Miroslav persisted in the mountains. The current circumstances were part of her calculations. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have acquired magic stones that remained unused for ten days.

She continued to defeat monsters, pushing herself further.

Perhaps she had already lost her sanity long ago. Despite such accusations, she pressed on, slaying one monster after another.

Was it all worth it?

Three days after that particular date, when the flapping of wyvern wings reached her ears, Miroslav had raised her level by two, reaching level “19.”

When I first spotted that figure, I didn’t recognize her as Miroslav.

Her robe was torn, and her characteristic pointed hat was nowhere to be seen. Her hair resembled a lion’s mane, and her face was covered in dirt, sweat, and blood, displaying no signs of cleanliness. If she hadn’t held onto her staff, I might have mistaken her for a goblin or something of the sort.

I discovered Miroslav when I witnessed a fireball explosion in the mountains. Guiding Kurausora towards the source, I found her engaged in battle with a monster.

It was a baboon, a creature resembling a giant monkey. Possessing immense strength and agility, it was well-suited for traversing the mountainous terrain. With high intelligence, it could communicate with humans, and some of them even preferred attacking and consuming human prey.

Unfortunately, Miroslav had fallen victim to such an attack. Her right hand had been broken, and her left leg charred. As I arrived, I witnessed the baboon preparing to deliver the final blow. However, it ended up being the unfortunate one as Miroslav severed its head with a wind-based spell.

After dispatching the monster, Miroslav gazed up at me in the sky.

She must have deduced my presence from the sound of the wyvern’s wings.

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