Aristocratic Daughters Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 5

(Already evening, huh… Why does time fly so fast when I’m with her?)
After going to the restaurant.
Elena walks through the city dyed in twilight with Byleth.
“Hey, Elena, are you really okay with not using the carriage?”
“You’ll see me off until the end, won’t you? Then I’ll walk. Sometimes, this kind of time isn’t bad either.”
“Hehe, that’s true. Come to think of it, isn’t this the first time we’re going home together?”
“…If you had been nice to Sia from the beginning, it wouldn’t have been the first time. Then there would have been no misunderstandings for me either.”
“I-I’m sorry…”
Looking at Byleth, who seems apologetic, Elena feel it deeply.
(If you had been kind from the beginning, we could have had enjoyable times long ago…)
A feeling of helplessness.
“Well, let’s save this conversation for another time in my room.”
“Just to confirm, the meeting with your father next Saturday is fine, right?”
“Yeah. I’ll adjust the time to fit your schedule, so it’d be helpful if you could let me know.”
“Got it.”
(Next Saturday, leave the timing to Father… Hehe, I’m looking forward to it.)
She murmured in her mind, etching it into her memory.
“I’m sure I’ll be very nervous from now until the day. I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep properly.”
“I’ll try my best to make sure to sleep. And, I don’t dislike this matter. Elena’s father will probably be kind and straightforward.”
“Why can you say such a thing?”
(He shouldn’t know much about my father…”)
When she tilted her head, he would explain the reason.
“Because Elena doesn’t differentiate based on status, unlike others, right? Probably her younger brother, Alan, too. I think it’s because of your parents’ education. Children learn from seeing their parents.”
“It’s a bit uncomfortable… Praising my parents without prompt.”
(I understands the difference between joking and serious… Byleth is serious about this.)
It was something that confronted Elena like a gap. A tricky element that left her at a loss for how to respond.
“As you say. I’ve been taught this since I was young.”
“To ensure that people who support you think, ‘I want to follow this person,’ is necessary for the prosperity of the family.”
“Yeah. So, it’s something to be proud of. My parents. But as I’ve said before.”
“I still need to absorb more good qualities from them. There’s still a lot to learn.”
(Why won’t he tease me about this?…)
She thought as she smiled at him. Not understanding the meaning behind it.
She could judge what was okay to joke about, what she didn’t like being teased about, and what made her happy to be acknowledged.
Despite his habit of making light of things, his words carried weight in situations like this. She could tell he was speaking sincerely.
This man, who brought a sense of rhythm to their interactions, was cunning from start to finish.
“If I relay those words, your parents would also be pleased, wouldn’t they?”
“Let me just say this now, don’t mention this. Not during the meeting.”
“Can’t promise that.”
“When someone nails it, it makes you want to say something, you know?”
“You’re so mean! I really hate you.”
“Haha, just kidding.”
(Why does he have to tease me like that…)
She felt as if she were being toyed with. But, it wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy this exchange.
On the contrary, she found it enjoyable.
“Sigh. But, enough about that… You can talk about whatever you want. It’ll bring you closer to father.”
“Thank you.”
“In return, answer what I say from now on. So we’re equal.”
“What question is that?”
Though she hadn’t said it aloud, she had been curious. She had been waiting for an opportunity to talk about it.
Finally, she asked about its contents.
“U-um… So, changing the subject, what kind of date did you have with Miss Luna? Tell me everything, don’t hold back.”
In an instant, embarrassment and frustration overwhelmed her.
To conceal these feelings, she squinted slightly.
“It might sound like an excuse, but I didn’t do anything special, okay? We went to commercial areas, visited the library, and had dinner. Just those three things.”
“Three things mean you were out since lunch…?”
“Yeah, from lunch.”
“I see… Well…”
They hadn’t been on a date alone since morning.
Knowing just that lightened her heart.
“It’s not considerate to go out in the morning when considering Luna. She’s not used to crowds, so just going out into the city would tire her out.”
“You’re not wrong.”
(To plan things like that…”)
It wasn’t a self-centered thought, but one that considered the other person’s daily life and personality.
(I wonder if you would have done the same for me if it had been me on the date. ……)
She couldn’t help but feel envious of Luna, who was treated with care.
“You included the library in the date for her, right?”
“That’s true, but it’s also a place we can both enjoy.”
“…She must have been happy. To have someone understand her interests and act on them. And during a date, too.”
“Isn’t that a normal thing to do?”
“I can’t do that, which is why I’m saying this.”
(Surely, Luna must have been in a good mood. I’m sure she was definitely aware of this guy as a member of the opposite sex. ……)
The woman’s intuition was at work.


“So… Was there nothing? During your date.”
“There weren’t any troubles, particularly.”
“N-No, I mean… any lovey-dovey moments?”
(Come on, get it already… Why do I have to say embarrassing things… It’s not even funny to tease about it.)
Heat flushed her face. She was irritated by his dullness.
“It’s not a lover’s date, so there wasn’t anything like that. If anything, we just held hands for escorting.”
“Eh!? You’re totally acting lovey-dovey!”
“No, there wasn’t that kind of vibe.”
“I don’t believe you because it’s you. You’re dense.”
“I’m not that dense, am I?”
“The more dense someone is, the more they deny it. Is that some kind of rule?”
“Well, I’m really not that dense.”
“See, you’re denying it again.”
“I’m denying it because it’s not true.”
(I want to shake some sense into him… this clueless guy.)
Elena knew well that this man was dense.
She had conceded to avoid pushing and pulling, but it was also because she had grasped the information she wanted.
Luna’s date was from noon. They only held hands.
These two…
(That’s… still okay, right?)
They hadn’t done anything lover-like. Just knowing that was an accomplishment. But even then, there were things that made her uneasy when she heard about them.
Experiencing something with Luna, whom he had known for a short time, and not experiencing it with Elena, whom he had known for a long time.
(…Maybe I should try a little harder. Rather than confidently asserting that I’m not dense.)
With that thought in mind, they walked shoulder to shoulder for fifteen minutes.
Then Elena said,
“See, you really aren’t dense.”
“Oh, it’s nothing, dummy.”
“I’m not a dummy. And not dense.”
Encouraged by Luna’s actions, Elena had secretly planned.
She lacked the courage to do it, but while pretending to look around, she reached out her hand to hold his, trying not to be noticed.
It was a statement made because she didn’t notice his actions, but Elena herself also didn’t notice.
They had been seen by the townsfolk, walking side by side, with the man next to her reaching for her hand, and then retracting it.

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