My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 8.5

Interlude – The Wailing of a Certain Person

I had been regretting for a long time.
Why did I do that on that day?
Why didn’t I chase after that person on that day?
And, alone in the room where no one was left, I always regretted.
That person was very important.
I had always wanted to protect that person.
Because that person was weak and fragile. I had decided in my heart to always be by that person side, so that that person wouldn’t disappear like a fleeting moment.
My indecisiveness couldn’t allow me to abandon others.
I couldn’t push away the hand of a junior who seemed as fragile and about to disappear at any moment, just like that person.
Because of that, that person got hurt and truly vanished.
I used phones, messaging apps, emails, but no response.
All I could hear was the cold, impersonal sound of “beep.”
In deep despair, when I realized, time had rewound back to my high school days.
Back to the day of the entrance ceremony when I first met that person.
Time had rolled back.
A miracle had happened.
As if, God was telling me not to make that person sad this time.
This time, I will make that person happy, that was my determination.
(What am I doing now?)


On the way home, looking at the childhood friend next to that person, I thought such a thing.
that person face has changed from the pained expression before.
that person looked genuinely happy to have found the favorite keychain.
That’s good.
It’s a very good thing that that person is happy.
However, the problem is that the person who looks happy is not that person, but the childhood friend.
Despite saying that I will make that person happy, if someone I know is in trouble, I end up helping them just like in my first life.
Because I know the solution to that problem.
Knowing that, I couldn’t just overlook it.
Although I wished to make only one person happy, I couldn’t ignore that others couldn’t be happy.
I hated myself for that.
(Please, quickly bring me back to that day)
So, I wished.
Wished for the day when I would have an interaction with that person to come.
Because if that happens, surely this time I can choose that person.

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2 thoughts on “My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 8.5”

    1. it’s pretty obvious that he’s the “main hero” from previous timeline

      now I wonder if Saito also have different childhood friend from pervious timeline

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