I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 5

A few minutes later.
Eve is standing in front of me and stares at me as if she wants to say something… Eh, what?
Eve’s gaze hits my cheek. I have the feeling she’s waiting for something.
I had no idea what she wanted, but when I noticed her glance at the cup Rafine was holding and then back at me, I understood what she was after.
“You want…water? …Here.”
“Thank you.”
Eve takes it with satisfaction. She can conjure water herself, so I don’t know why she wanted some from me. Maybe water from me is a limited edition specialty? It’s just ordinary water.
After swallowing the water from both hands, she lets out a small sigh.
“Eve, you’re amazing! To think that you can use such advanced magic…”
“Thank you. Rafine, you defeating such a huge beast is also impressive.”
Eve is a little embarrassed by Rafine’s open praise and returns the compliment.
…Looks like Rafine has recovered a lot too. She’s full of energy and says things like “It’s all thanks to my love for Sir Jirei~!” Eve competes with “No, I love him more!” Stop it.
I listened in silence as they continued to chatter excitedly.
“Yes? What is it, Ray?”
After a while I called Eve’s name and, without turning my face, murmured just one sentence.
“You worked hard.”
Eve’s eyes widened and she tilted her head in confusion.
She seems to understand and her face lights up happily.

She answers just that one word. Her cheeks are softened with a genuinely delighted expression, just because I said such a whimsical thing.
I really don’t understand. Why I…
“Um, Sir Jirei? I worked hard too, but… why only praise Eve? Um, um…”
My wandering thoughts are pulled back by Rafine grabbing my clothes with an unsmiling face despite the smile. Creepy.
Well, in any case, they both won.
Next is-
“Every single one of them… useless bastards, all of them.”
The man who had been quietly watching the games – Lucas – stands up and scolds his companions.
“Come, D-rank. I’ll show you your place.”
-My turn to crush this guy.

Lucas and I move to the coliseum and quietly face each other on the circular field.
“Then let’s get started. You two ready?”
“I’m ready. Hurry up and start.”
“O-okay…how cold. Jirei, you good?”
“I’m ready.”
After Aldi nods that we’re both ready, the arena activates and magical power permeates the area.
I close my eyes in the blinding light.
When I open my eyelids, I see nothing but a scorched wasteland as far as the eye can see.
This is the ultimate fighting environment. I’ll be able to give it my all.
“I acknowledge your ferocity, D-rank.”
Lucas silently draws a holy sword from its scabbard, the blade wrapped in a crimson, flame-like glow that shines brightly.
“Ferocity? I’ll correct you on that. I don’t want to embarrass you later.”
“Don’t make me laugh. Although it pains me, I’m praising you. For the attitude of a weakling challenging the strong. Completely frivolous, to be sure.”
Lucas mocks me. Looking down on me as a weakling, his cold eyes seem to say that the outcome is clear.
“However, I find it thoroughly unpleasant. If you would just shut up and do as you’re told… I can’t stand it.”
He scowls and clicks his tongue.
“But what I cannot stand the most is the attack hero.”
“What’s that?”
“Just looking at her makes me sick. Everything about her irritates me. Her attitude, her posture, her thoughts, her personality, all of it is annoying.”
He scowls hatefully, grits his teeth and mocks Letty.
“The problem itself is that she is the hero. I cannot accept that. If I could take the sacred markings by force, I would make her stop being the hero without question. For trash to try to be the hero…”
I spat out a single word. There was no point in listening to more of this bastard’s ramblings.
“If you say anything unnecessary, I’ll kill you. Even if you lie, I’ll kill you. Just answer my questions.”
As if resonating with my emotions, magical power unintentionally releases from my entire body and the air shakes.
But Lucas just sneers, laughing pleasantly as he answers.
“I see. So she is precious to you. Interesting to hear.”
“No…not really.”
“Then why are you so upset? Strange man.”


“I just do what I want. Things like precious or whatever don’t matter to me.”
Hearing my words, Lucas makes a “hmm” sound as if convinced and
“Well, no matter. It has nothing to do with me. More important is what I did about the attack hero, right?”
“Yes, answer quickly.”
“Heheh…you want to know? Then…”
As Lucas laughs, I tighten my grip on my black sword. If he makes any unnatural movements, I’ll thrust it between his eyes and impale his head. It won’t even take a second.
“If you can defeat me, I’ll tell you.”
The moment he spoke, Lucas’ figure literally melted away.
“Recognition. Fast calculation. Parallel thinking.”
I immediately kicked off the ground to get away. Accelerating my cognition to the limit with magic, I cast a long-range recognition spell.
With accelerated thought, the flowing images slow down significantly before my eyes. A few moments later, the detection spread across the entire arena grabs its target.
“What the hell.”
The massive amount of information granted by parallel thinking and high-speed calculation flows into my brain. The reported information was enough to astonish me.
[You want to know what I did? Then come at me with your blade in desperation. And desperate.]
Lucas’ voice echoed from several directions at once, as if many people were speaking.
At the same time, I calculate the trajectory of countless swords that will rain down on me from all sides in a matter of seconds.
In an instant, I slip away. Looking at where I was just now, countless swords are deeply embedded in the ground – each a different “Holy Sword”, hundreds of them.
If I had chosen to defend myself with a barrier, the blessing imbued in the Holy Swords would have destroyed it, and I would have been pierced helplessly.
“You dodged well. Looks like you’re no mere puppet.”
I grabbed my black sword with the utmost caution, further speeding up my thoughts.
What is this? The hero only gets one holy sword.
So why does he have several?
“You look confused. Are you wondering why I have multiple holy swords?”
Without warning, he appears behind me and I immediately block his attack with my black sword. We exchange a few blows before I retreat to get enough distance.
“What’s the matter? All bark and no bite? Don’t disappoint me.”
Despite the distance, he instantly appears perpendicular to me and slashes me true and straight. My cheek is grazed, splitting skin and splattering blood.
I straighten up and look at the Lucas in front of me. I see…so that’s how it is.
“Phantasmal deception.”
“Oh? Not uneducated. I’ll praise you.”
“Don’t need it. Makes me feel disgusting.”
As I say this, I turn my attention to the “other Lucas” my magic has detected. If my guess is correct, he is…
“You can summon the power of past heroes?”
I mutter, and Lucas’ eyes shoot wide in surprise.

“You’ve deduced that much? …That’s right. I can ‘Extract the Holy Sword Abilities of Past Heroes’ and ‘Duplicate Holy Swords.'”
I see. So that’s the extent of his hand. When he used [Phan’s] Phantasmal Deception, the Holy Sword remained the same as it was before. That is, there are conditions to drawing out the power of each Holy Sword. I don’t know if he can use several at once, but it seems unlikely since he hasn’t done it yet.
In that case, as expected, I still have the advantage.
“But how did you know that I can use the powers of heroes other than [Phan]? I haven’t shown my full hand yet.”
“Huh? What do you mean? You just randomly threw a bunch of holy swords at me.”
I reply, and he puts his hand on his chin and says, “Hmm… Of course I did. I made a mistake. You didn’t even notice, huh?
“Well…I’ll tell you one more thing. My power isn’t limited to that.”
“Oh? Are you sure you should reveal that much?”
“Understand the difference between our strength and surrender. I don’t want to see you groveling pathetically.”
“How nice of you. But not listening.”
Ignoring my words, Lucas says,
“The other thing is…”
The moment he murmurs, countless magic circles unfold around him in an instant.
Hundreds… no, thousands of magic circles fill the desolate plain, the air and the distant sky, glowing pale and blue.
An eerie spectacle. The fact that each one contains magical power means this isn’t a bluff. Without any incantation, he instantly deployed these magic circles.
Moreover, these magic circles –
“Absolute Conflagration. Aqua Dragon Formation. Thunder Edict Lance. Dark Nova…”

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