The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 2 chapter 1 part 3

2-5 Interlude – Freya Sensei’s Diary

〇 month, X day.
Today, my big sister contacted me. Apparently, she’ll be staying in [Gilbadia] for a while.
Apparently, the eldest son of the Gilbert family has manifested [Dark Attribute].
Geez! I know rare attributes are amazing, but sis is just too selfish!
She’s been like that since we were kids. She’s usually so capable, but when it comes to magic, she suddenly becomes like this. She’s still freeloading at my place, too…….
It’s fine, really! She probably only thinks of me as a convenient servant!
Ahh, what a relief! ……Well, I do feel a little lonely, but.
I’ll never say it, though.

〇 month, ☆ day.
Every day, I receive a letter from my sister.
In itself, that’s very exciting.
But it’s exciting, yet… the contents are mostly the same every time!
Like, “Luke is amazing,” or “Alice is incredible,” or “His dark magic is insane.”
It’s been like this the whole time! I get it already, so could you please write a bit about your own situation too!
And anything that’s more than half filled with “crazy” doesn’t count as a real letter!
Hurry up and come back, you magic idiot!

◇month, 〇th day.
After about a year of my sister being in [Gilbadia], she finally came back.
Yay! ……Yeah, honestly, I’m happy. I guess I missed her in a way.
But still… as soon as she comes back, she’s like “I’ve decided to be a teacher for about three years, so please take care of me!”
Whoa, whoa, whoa, isn’t that a bit too rushed?!
……Sigh, my sister’s reckless freedom really amazes me.
I have a feeling I know why. It’s probably because of that Luke kid who manifested the Dark Attribute, right?
Geez… the entrance exam is still coming up, and it’s not even certain she’ll pass, but my sister is being too hasty.
After all, our school is a pretty amazing magic academy.
It’s not as simple as just saying you want to become a teacher and making it happen… well, I guess my sister could probably do it.
Despite all that, my sister is an amazing person who has risen to the rank of [Magic Knight].
She’s so lazy at home, but she worked so hard to become a Magic Knight, which is the complete opposite of me.
But when it comes to things she loves, she’s always straightforward and uncompromising.
That’s the part of her I respect the most, my big sister.

△month, △ day.
Today was the entrance exam day for Aslan Magic Academy.
Yeah… Luke was really incredible.
I was curious because my sister kept talking about him so much, but I think he’ll definitely pass.
The practical exams were all over in an instant, so I didn’t get to see much of the actual magic.
But I think that kid has the same innate talent as sister.
Even if you manifest a good attribute, it’s meaningless if you lack the magical aptitude to wield it.
Yet, there are some truly special people who possess both extraordinary talents.
However… those who can do anything from the start tend to be surprisingly fragile, which worries me. No, that’s why we teachers need to support them!
Alright! I’m feeling motivated!
……But the thing is, I love children a lot, yet I get extremely nervous, and end up sounding stiff…
It’s like I’m trying to act cool.
The character I’ve built up for myself at the academy has become set in stone… what a tragedy.
No, I can’t be weak-willed, Freya!
This year, this year I’ll be a teacher who’s more approachable, someone the students can freely consult about anything!
And so, my plan to make a grand debut as a homeroom teacher began.
Just kidding.

x month, # day.
Finally, finally, finally!
I’ve been assigned as a first-year homeroom teacher! Yay!
I’m so incredibly happy!
Being a homeroom teacher was a dream of mine. I’m truly delighted.
……But I’m also a little anxious.
This academy isn’t all fun and games, after all… what with the ranking system, everyone tends to be so grim.
There are always students who end up transferring out in their first year…
Uwah, the more I think about it, the more anxious I’m getting. What should I do?
I wonder if I can really do it. Even if a student talks to me, I still get incredibly nervous, and my tone ends up sounding so stiff…
I’m too anxious. I feel like I’m going to fail spectacularly.
It probably won’t be much help, but I’ll try consulting my sister later.



◎month, 〇 day.
Tomorrow is the first day of school for the new students. Ugh, I’m so anxious…
Somehow, constantly thinking about this has even given me a slight stomachache at the academy.
It’s not extremely painful, just a persistent, nagging discomfort.
Help me, big sis. Ah, but you always look so well-rested, I’m jealous.
At least be a little anxious, won’t you…?
Big sis, you’re not exactly skilled at teaching others, you know.
I hate how you’re a genius. You just intuitively understand everything.
When I was a child and you helped me with my studies or taught me magic, I truly didn’t understand anything.
For studying, the amount of information was just too much.
You’d teach me background knowledge and advanced content all at once, and my head would nearly explode.
As for magic, it was even worse.
It was just a continuous stream of onomatopoeia, like “Gwaan! Not Shurulun!”
Really, what is that? How can you write academic papers like that?
I’ll never understand the genius’ intuition.
Sigh… but just thinking about you helped me relax a bit.
Thank you.

◎month, x day.
Oh no… oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no.
This is really bad. Today was my first day as a homeroom teacher. I immediately had a ranking battle.
Luke and Abel, the top-ranked and the lowest-ranked students. A ranking battle at this time of year is still permitted.
I got so hyped up that I approved it without the academy’s permission, and got scolded quite a bit, but I don’t regret it at all. Because both of them were truly amazing!
It was just mind-blowingly crazy! First of all… why were they both fighting with swords?!
From there, it was just too confusing! Well, I can kind of understand Abel’s case.
Stacking reinforcement magic. He’s like a bundle of unknown potential.
He’s truly incredible. But he still seems to be getting swept up by the magic.
His movements are too linear. He can’t even envelop his sword in magic.
This can eventually be compensated with magical tools, but not being able to perform the “Sword-Breaking” technique is fatal.
To establish his style as a swordsman, that’s absolutely necessary.
Hmm, he has a lot of challenges. But I’m really looking forward to it.
Abel, and Luke, they might just overturn the common belief that “mages should only fight with magic.” In that case, they’d be [magic swordsmen].
And then, there’s Luke. This kid is… amazing. Seriously, just amazing.
Despite having many areas to improve, Abel’s [speed] is a huge threat.
I couldn’t keep up with my eyes. If I were him, I’d counterattack with wide-range magic.
No, I think any mage who can use attribute magic would do that.
Even if he’s that fast, if you eliminate any place for him to escape, it’s fine.
But… Luke simply countered him with his sword!
Without any enhancement at all! I just couldn’t understand it.
Even I, who knows little about swords, could clearly see the extraordinary skill in Luke’s sword techniques.
And that dark magic he showed at the end! It was so incredible that I was stunned for a moment!
I had heard it from my older sister. The darkness has the ability to “absorb”.
But is it really that much!? Because I was mesmerized and my magical resistance was delayed, about half of my power was absorbed. The magical artifact that was maintaining my magical barrier was completely destroyed as well.
But I think I understand why my older sister is so attached to this child.
Because it’s a child that anyone can see is exceptionally special.
Oh, and my teacher debut was a complete failure. I’ll be going for the cool teacher character again this year as well.

◎Month ☆ Day
A few days have passed since classes started. It’s been going remarkably well, somehow.
Looks like they’re getting along well in the dorm too. Since there’s a hierarchy, everyone around me is a rival.
But there are also aspects where I have to cooperate with my classmates.
If I don’t actively share information and help each other improve, there’s no way I can beat the upperclassmen.
Well… There are exceptions every year, though.
More importantly, Mia and Lloyd have their rank battle tomorrow.
For first-year students, this will be their first official rank battle in front of the public.
They must be anxious. I wonder if there’s anything I can do.
Actually, I’m opposed to first-year students having rank battles.
I think it should be allowed from the second year at the earliest. First, they should cultivate their hearts.
That way, there would be fewer students dropping out in their first year.
…It’s sad that someone like me can’t change the system of this academy.
But Mia! Lloyd! Do your best! I’m cheering for you!

◎Month ◇ Day
The result of the rank battle is Lloyd’s win.
Mia is an exceptional talent who has manifested three attributes.
Her potential is no less than Lloyd’s.
But this time, her weakness in the mental aspect and the delayed progress unique to multi-attribute users stood out.
While the result was a quick one, I think the content was very good.
Surely, this experience will lead to great growth for the both of them.
Lloyd is good at combat itself.
Since Mia can use three attributes, his options are inevitably more limited.
So he overwhelms with tremendous firepower before anything can be done to him. It’s simple, but the optimal solution.
It’s very reasonable.
However… I’m worried about Mia. This was probably her first major setback.
I wonder if she’ll be okay. I thought about calling out to her, but I left her alone for today.
I thought that no matter what I say, it wouldn’t reach her heart right now. If it were me, I’d want to be left alone.
But I’ll try talking to her tomorrow.

◎Month □ Day
It’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over.
Today, Mia came to get permission to use the magic training grounds.
I thought she was recovering quickly. But then, because of the curse of my cool teacher persona, I said something very insensitive. So I went to apologize.
And then, Luke was there, talking to Mia.
I couldn’t hear their voices, but it was clearly not a normal conversation.
Because Mia started crying and clinging to Luke.
Overcome by curiosity, I watched intently, and then Luke started walking towards me.
In a panic, I hastily hid in the janitor’s closet locker. – I was caught.
And in my flustered state, I… made a completely nonsensical statement about the probability of a teacher hiding in a janitor’s closet locker, when that is in fact the reality… and then left.
Aaaaah! My image is ruined!
What face am I supposed to show at school from tomorrow?
Big Sis, help me– (the text becomes illegible)

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