Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 27 part 2

Considering the relatively equal strength in this instance, their actions couldn’t be justified.
Therefore, it’s likely that false reports were submitted by the personnel on site.
As the survival of Nao and the Second Inspection Team seemed bleak, the trio likely provided matching testimonies, believing it would be futile to argue otherwise.
However, with Nao and the others rescued, everything would eventually come to light.
At the very least, the decoy operation had to be concealed, hence the tense atmosphere in the meeting.
“Isn’t there any alternative? If this continues, the Royal Inspection Department will uncover it. That would spell disaster for the entire security force.”
While everyone present at the meeting thought, “You’re the ones who caused this mess,” no one dared to voice it.
The ones trembling now were the frontline supervisors responsible for executing this plan, known as “the Line.”
All of them were either seconded from the military or transferred.
Their sole focus was on achieving significant success to return to the military or to spite those who had pushed them out.
At this point, the head of the audit department spoke up.
“I still think you need to be punished in a visible way.
“Hi, hi, you should take responsibility as the commander…”
“The commander should take the appropriate responsibility, but I’m not asking for resignation. The responsibility the commander should take is only supervisory responsibility for subordinates.”
“What do you mean?”
“Yes, we all don’t know about the decoy operation, and such a plan doesn’t exist in the first place.”
“The responsibility this time lies in dereliction of duty and reckless orders. Admiral Ash, the highest-ranking officer on the scene, must bear this responsibility. Furthermore, according to the basic law, Commander Potto and Captain Dusty should also take appropriate responsibility for ordering subordinates into dangerous situations. Regarding these three individuals, we need to convene a formal inquiry committee and present the results to His Majesty, and the commander himself must explain to His Majesty in person, seeking forgiveness as appropriate as a supervisory responsibility. That’s what I think.”
“Do you think this will settle the matter?”
“No, not yet.”
“Now we need public opinion manipulation. Don’t you think so, Chief of Staff?”



“Look, they’re here, dumping this kind of trouble on me just because I’m the chief of staff.”
“Whether or not manipulation of public opinion succeeds depends on utilizing all available means like public relations.”
“If that happens, it’ll fall within my purview, but it’s giving me a stomachache.”
“How much punishment do you think is appropriate for the three who just came out?”
“Well, it depends on the results of the inquiry committee, but it will have to be quite severe for the royal family to be satisfied. Since the decoy operation, which should not have existed, will likely come to light, they will have to pretend not to have seen it. Therefore, demotion is inevitable for the three of them. In addition, they should return their retirement benefits and retire by request.”
“Such heavy punishment…”
“Wouldn’t the three of them agree to that?”
“Once false reporting is discovered, such punishment seems appropriate. And if you’re from the military, you should know that this is clearly a case for a military tribunal. Moreover, it’s a case where the worst-case scenario, even the highest penalty, could be considered. If you like, shall we return those three to the military and decide on their punishment through a military tribunal? I think it’s possible, but in that case, the commander may not emerge unscathed.”
“Understood. Could you please take care of the internal affairs to prevent unnecessary confusion caused by this?”
I’ve been burdened with even more trouble.
“As for the policy, let’s go with this.”
“Wait a minute. This is not enough for the citizens, considering what has happened. After all, a transport ship was attacked. Therefore, we need to divert the attention of the people elsewhere.”
“What do you suggest?”
“We need heroes. You know, there are heroes who saved a transport ship attacked by pirates under overwhelmingly disadvantageous circumstances. I think we should request decorations for them from the royal family.”
“Is this also under the jurisdiction of the chief of staff? It’s going to be a lot of work, but do your best.”
“Wait a minute. If we go with that plan, Captain Dusty will also have achievements in ordering the heroes. Is that okay? If only Captain Dusty’s mistakes are diminished, I don’t think Commanders Ash and Potto will remain silent.”
“What do you think, Chief of Staff?”
“Give me a break, what more do you want me to do?”
Fine, let’s just do it!
Basically, let’s recognize the merits of Lieutenant Bruce and his team and make sure Captain Dusty doesn’t get any of those merits.
“I understand. If we recognize the merits of Lieutenant Bruce and his team only, how about transferring Lieutenant Bruce? As long as it’s just the merits of a direct superior, it doesn’t have to be the immediate superior at the time the merit was gained.”
“That’s ridiculous.”
“That’s why I said I understand it’s unreasonable.”
“Wait a minute, maybe it’s not so impossible. Minister of Justice, would this pose a problem?”
“Please wait a moment. …To cut to the chase, legally, retroactive transfer orders are not illegal. Also, it does not violate the employment regulations of the Coast Guard, so it is possible. However…”
“Ah, this is unprecedented. We can’t afford to ignore it this time. Make arrangements immediately. Head of personnel, understood?”
“If it’s just about making appointments, I can do it right away. But honestly, I’m worried about the confusion within the organization.”
“We can push through some degree of chaos with the handling of this whole series of incidents.”
“Understood, but what about the transfer destination?”
“Is it appropriate to attach them to the headquarters?”
“No, can such a thing be allowed? If they are attached to the headquarters, some of the achievements will also be credited to the headquarters. I’m worried that there will be complaints from others when you make decisions on your own.”
“…Alright, I understand. This is unprecedented after all. Assign them all to the general affairs department. The rest will be decided by the personnel and general affairs departments. Understood. Let’s consider this meeting adjourned.”

With that said, the day before, after repeated negotiations with personnel, even though it seemed impossible, I created a practical task force attached to the general affairs department.
Questions arose, but even I couldn’t think of what to have them do.
Well, I should be prepared to be reprimanded until then, as something will surely be dictated from above.
It would have been nice to say that.
If only they could understand even a little of my struggles.
I handed the orders to Lieutenant Bruce and hurriedly left the room.
But the deputy chief caught me.
“The director, the chief inspector is calling for you.”
“Do you know what it’s about?”
“The results of the inquiry committee just came out. So, is it about that matter?”
Ah, I see.
I’m going to use this as an excuse to see His Majesty.
So I’m his talisman.
“Understood, I’ll go see the chief inspector now. If it turns out that I have to go to the palace, I’ll order you to accompany me, so get ready to go out.”
True to the deputy chief’s expectations, I was taken to the palace by the chief inspector.

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