Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 5

“Times like this, it would be convenient if I could use teleportation magic like Raze.”
Carne wished she could enlist Raze’s help, given that she knew the situation well. However, she couldn’t force Raze to enter the arena without the teacher’s permission.
Raze was kind, and she believed hse would cooperate if she asked, but inviting Raze now wasn’t an option for Carne.
” have no choice but to sneak in.”
With determination, Carne prepared herself.
“It’s quite a distance to the arena, so must hurry.”
Although she preferred to act at night, reaching the arena, located away from the usual living quarters, required leaving the dormitory.
To protect the academy, a dense forest spread beyond the walls and the shopping district. To reach the arena without being seen, one had to traverse the forest. It took a bit of courage to go alone without any light.
Equipped with her concocted potion and a robe for concealment, Carne left the dormitory.
“I can use the shortcut Addis-sama teaches the heroine in the latter part of the game…”
Magic spells on the wall detected intruders, making it impossible to leap over. There should be an emergency exit near the foothills with a shortcut to use in case of urgency. Walking cautiously outside the dormitory, Carne entered the thicket wearing her robe, heading towards the wall.
“There it is!”
Seeing the scenery just like in the game, Carne couldn’t help but whisper in awe. Regaining her composure, she checked once again for any signs of people around.
Confirming it resembled the game, she stared at the small rectangular hole in the wall.
“I believe Addis-sama made a key with wire…”
Carne placed her hand on the keyhole. Focusing her mind, she activated the magic stone.
And what appeared was an ice key.
With a click, the key opened the lock, and simultaneously, the wall in front slowly floated towards her.
Carne swallowed nervously. Gently pulling the wall aside, she exited the student living area enclosed by the walls.
Outside, a dim forest stretched out. Although there was an escape route leading to the shopping district and the arena, she had to be cautious to not get lost and find her way back to the school building.
Carne exhaled shortly and, relying on the mark guiding her towards the arena, took a step forward.
While there were marks left on the trees in the forest, Carne created ice pillars along the path she took, aiming for her destination.
About thirty minutes later.
A vast stadium appeared before Carne.
“I must return before the ice pillars melt.”
Glancing back at the path she came from, she muttered to herself. The forest was eerier and deeper than she had imagined. Feeling no presence of living creatures made her feel vulnerable. Frankly, she didn’t want to use this path anymore.
Carne gathered her courage and shifted her gaze towards the arena. The real challenge lay ahead from here.
(How do I get in…)
The goal was to drug the beasts intended for the rampage, but there was a considerable chance of failure. Success would be the best outcome. That was the plan.
Originally intending to figure it out on the day itself, she dashed out with minimal preparation.
Carne examined the wall of the stadium guided by the mark, searching for any possible entry points.
Then, she found it. A backdoor, perhaps. She spotted a familiar rectangular keyhole.
Carne restored the key she made earlier and inserted it into the hole. It fit perfectly.
As the door opened, Carne successfully entered the arena.
(Is it safe to light up?)
The room she entered was pitch-black. She hesitated for a moment, but realizing she couldn’t accomplish anything in the dark, Carne created a ball of light in her left hand, ensuring she could escape through the back door anytime.
“…Looks okay.”
Finding no reaction and seeing the room brighten, she moved away from the door and surveyed the inside.
There were large shelves stocked with cheese, preserved food in jars, and barrels that presumably contained water. It seemed to be a storage room for emergency rations.
Carne held her breath silently as she searched for an exit.
Finding the door, she turned off the light and focused, activating the magic stone.
(I’m not good at illusion magic, so it’ll last about twenty minutes. I have to hurry.)
When it came to infiltration, her famous illusion magic to make herself transparent came to mind. As part of the royal education, she had practiced escaping and hiding somewhere when she needed to. However, in Carne’s case, she couldn’t use it for long, and combining it with other magic was challenging. She couldn’t handle overly difficult spells.
She carefully opened the door, confirmed no one was inside, and quietly ran towards the field.
There might be guards at the entrance to the field. Carne circled around to the spectator stands.
(There are guards after all…)


As she reached the spectator stands, she noticed numerous containers resembling cages placed on the field, guarded by members of the knight order.
Day by day, even as she practices magic to avoid losing to the scenarios of otome games, facing professionals is tough for her.
As she anxiously waits for her magic to run out, Carne searches for the target monsters.
(Found it—)
Luckily, it’s within sight from where she currently sits.
Now all that’s left is to drug the bait and return. She waits patiently, seizing the opportunity.
Was this truly a chance that happened by coincidence, or was it inevitable?
As the guards change shifts and the knights feed the bait, Carne doesn’t miss a beat.
She leaps from the elevated spectator seats onto the field.
(Once the bait is laid, I can sprinkle the medicine on it and be done.)
Carne holds her breath, waiting for the bait to be placed.
the beasts begin to bark and growl.
“What’s going on?”
“They seem restless.”
While the knights calmly converse, Carne’s heart pounds loudly.
She feels the beasts’ gaze on her, triggering fear, and she instinctively covers her mouth to stifle a scream.
“They must be excited about the bait.”
The knights continue to distribute the bait to the caged monsters, their eyes fixed on them.
Carne freezes, feeling as if she’s turned to ice, with no choice but to wait for them to pass by.
Once the wagon carrying the bait, and the knights, are out of sight, she trembles as she sprinkles the medicine onto the plate inside the cage.
Even now, the red eyes of the bear-like monsters inside seem to stare directly at her. It could pounce at any moment.
(There, it’s done.)
Struggling with fear, Carne finally succeeds in drugging the monsters.
There are no knights in sight at the entrance to the field.
Suppressing her still pounding heart, she retraces her steps back to the storage room.
Upon reaching the safety of the storeroom, Carne collapses, feeling drained.
“That… that was terrifying…”
While she’s achieved her goal, she now regrets her reckless actions.
“But… but this should prevent tomorrow’s event. Yes. I’ll crush any flags of destruction that come my way!”
Considering it was an environment guarded by the knights, she reassures herself that there’s no need to despair.
“Alright. I need to get back before the ice melts!”
Having cleared her mission, Carne quickly exits the arena.

After Carne safely reaches her dorm and falls asleep, a figure begins to move.
“I had a feeling something was off. Carne-sama has too much initiative…”
Letting out a sigh, it’s Raze.
“Who would have thought a fiancée of the prince would venture into the arena?”
She climbs onto the rooftop of the dormitory to express her thoughts.
Raze had been called to the Time Tower by the headmaster after class. Harrens’ room is on the top floor. Upon leaving his room and intending to visit Dieter’s laboratory, she noticed an unfamiliar figure moving suspiciously through the campus.
Upon closer inspection, she realized it was a fiancee of the prince of this country, trying to sneak into the arena. She quickly followed after Carne.
Unable to approach due to stalking, Raze watches nervously to see what Carne will do. She notices Carne drugging the bait for the monsters, seemingly to avoid tomorrow’s event of the monsters going berserk.
Feeling a sense of danger, Raze decides to retrieve the medicine Carne used, fearing it might have adverse effects due to her unfamiliarity with the herbs used.
“That was close. The combination of medicines was too risky; they were about to become aggressive.”
Raze stares at her hands, which are holding the collected medicine.
If there were investigation, Carne’s reputation would be at risk. What she thought was a good deed could turn into a crime, jeopardizing her future. The flag of destruction was too prominent.
“I was really surprised…”
She hadn’t expected such a grand adventure from Carne, so her heart rate rises unexpectedly.
“But well… I marked which monsters she was wary of, so I’m ready just in case.”
In case something happens, she had prepared to transport the bear-like creature far away.
To calm herself down from the unexpected excitement of Carne’s actions, Raze finally returns to her own room.

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