Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 1

Chapter 6: Broken Sword

In front of Ishka’s house, Lars gazed at me, his face filled with urgency, and bowed deeply, almost as if prostrating himself.

The suddenness of his actions caught me off guard. I had no obligation to entertain Lars’ request, but his weakened state piqued my curiosity.

On another note, I couldn’t help but wonder why Lars was alone. I expected Iria’s absence, but what about Miroslav?

I invited Lars into the house to hear his story. The house was quite dusty from our prolonged absence, but Lars seemed unconcerned and impatiently pleaded, “Please, help me.”

After attentively listening to Lars, the situation became clear.

Lars, Miroslav, and three temporary adventurers formed a group of five to venture to Mount Skim while I traveled to the village of Melte. They were in the midst of climbing the mountain when I encountered Priestess Sarah.

Their objective was to subdue a Griffin, a task assigned by someone from a noble household.

Well, I already knew this situation without having to hear it from Lars.

I already knew these details from a report I received from Miroslav. The question that remained was what had happened to Lars and the others after they reached Mount Skim.

In essence, Lars reached Mount Skim but turned back upon encountering the Griffin’s habitat.

The reason for his retreat was Lars’ injury. While keeping watch with Miroslav at night, he was startled by someone and collapsed. Mount Skim, being a monster-infested area in the Tittis Forest, led Lars to speculate that he had been attacked by a creature residing on the mountain.

When he regained consciousness, Lars was disoriented. He found himself descending the mountain and being transported back to Ishka in a carriage.

The rest of the group, upon realizing that subduing the Griffin was no longer feasible, descended the mountain with Lars, except for Miroslav, who chose to remain alone on Mount Skim.

Hearing this, I furrowed my brow instinctively. Lars seemed to hold me partially responsible, which was evident in his bitter tone.

“I told them I would return immediately! But…”

Lars quickly regained his composure but soon sank into dejection.

With Lars right in front of me, the sequence of events became clear. The three new members had likely prioritized Miroslav’s instructions as the de facto employer over Lars, the nominal leader, during their time with the “Falcon Sword.”

In other words, their directive was to “Protect Lars and return to Ishka.”

Lars received a letter from them.

“This is the letter…”

With that statement, Lars retrieved a piece of paper from his chest. It was a letter from Miroslav, apologizing for acting independently and stating that she didn’t want to expose Lars to danger while he was incapacitated. She assured him that she would handle the Griffin and asked him to wait in Ishka.

Upon reading the letter, Lars attempted to return on his own, but the other members obstructed him. Under Miroslav’s orders, the three prevented Lars from going back to Mount Skim.

Outnumbered and weakened from his injuries, Lars couldn’t oppose them, and they brought him back to Ishka.

Upon their return, the new members promptly disappeared, leaving Lars in a state of despair. Their contract with Miroslav only extended until their return to Ishka, so they seemed unconcerned about Lars’ subsequent fate.

Naturally, Lars immediately attempted to return to Mount Skim.

However, his physical condition hadn’t fully recovered, and he struggled to even fend off the low-level monsters surrounding Ishka. Climbing Mount Skim in such a state was impossible.

Lars tried to find companions to accompany him, but no adventurer volunteered for the “Falcon Sword” request, considering its tarnished reputation, especially for a destination like the summit of Mount Skim.

He sought assistance from the guild, but it proved burdensome. Miroslav wasn’t in immediate danger; she could have returned if she wished, but she opted to remain on the summit alone.

Had she been left behind because of a monster attack, the situation would have been different. But since she chose to stay on her own, it fell under an adventurer’s personal responsibility.

Still, the receptionists Liddell and Parfait, known for their kindness, seemed to be trying to help Lars. However, Lars claimed that progress was slow and stagnant.

It took Lars four days to return from Mount Skim to Ishka. Factoring in the time spent descending and the period after returning, nearly 10 days had passed since Lars and Miroslav had separated.

Throughout that time, Miroslav had remained on the mountain alone, which fueled Lars’ anger and frustration.

At that moment, Lars heard rumors of my return from the royal capital. Presumably, someone who encountered Kurausora on the road promptly relayed the information.

Upon learning this, Lars came to my house, “setting aside his pride”—that was the crux of the matter.

As expected, Lars’ request was to “Please transport me to Mount Skim using the Wyvern.”

His objective was to rescue Miroslav.

I anticipated that he might also seek assistance in subduing the Griffin, but he made no mention of it.

Observing him, Lars shook his head with an indifferent expression. His decision to restore his reputation had led him to this predicament. Lars bit his lip, seemingly regretting his choices.

Looking at Lars in that state, I narrowed my eyes slightly.

Lars likely believed that Miroslav had remained alone on Mount Skim to prove her loyalty to him.

Such a conclusion wasn’t entirely baseless. Given Miroslav’s clingy behavior towards Lars, anyone would assume the same.


—However, is that truly the case?

I didn’t intend to assert that “Miroslav’s heart now belongs to me instead of Lars” based solely on the letter she sent me. It wasn’t about that. Miroslav’s decision to stay alone on a mountain infested with monsters struck me as unnatural.

How would she defeat the Griffin? Even if she managed to do so, how would she bring back its corpse?

Considering that the client is a noble who likely intends to preserve the Griffin, any scratches or decay would significantly impact the success of the task. Despite defeating the Griffin, all their efforts would go to waste.

There were also concerns regarding provisions of food and water.

Moreover, even if Miroslav successfully completed the request alone, it wouldn’t contribute to restoring Lars’ reputation. On the contrary, Lars, who returned to Ishka seemingly fleeing and leaving Miroslav behind, would only further damage his standing.

It’s difficult to imagine that Miroslav wasn’t aware of these issues if her actions were genuinely “for Lars.”

—In fact, one could surmise that she did all of this to tarnish Lars’ reputation.

If that were the case, then Miroslav had already accomplished her objective. Therefore, rejecting Lars’ request wouldn’t pose any problems.

As I mentioned before, I had no obligation to entertain Lars’ request. On the contrary, I was tempted to ridicule and scorn him.

However, a faint voice echoed in my mind.

“Um, would you like to join our group?”

Those were Lars’ words when we first met, and the memories flooded back, suppressing the urge to mock and scorn him.

I owed Lars a favor for inviting me to join the “Falcon Sword.”

A debt that I thought I had resolved long ago after returning from the Lord of Flies’ nest. However, to be honest, there was still a lingering unease, as if the debt remained unresolved.

In that case, this was an opportunity to repay it.

Of course, I had no intention of taking Lars to Mount Skim. Firstly, I doubted that the current Lars could withstand flying on a Wyvern. Even riding Kurausora alone could be quite exhausting.

So, I would go to Mount Skim alone. Lars might protest at that point, but his goal now was not to defeat the Griffin but to rescue Miroslav. I didn’t think he would have any complaints if I brought Miroslav back safely.

Besides, even if he did have complaints, I wouldn’t have the ears to listen.

In the meantime, I would listen to Miroslav’s true intentions and clarify our future relationship. With that in mind, I gave my answer to Lars’ bow.

“At last, invisible raptor bird—Penetrating Falcon!”

As Miroslav chanted, an invisible blade shot forth from her hand, soaring through the air.

The second-grade wind magic flew towards the airborne monster, directly striking a harpy and severing its right wing.

The harpy, a peculiar creature with the face and torso of an old woman and bird wings on its lower body, couldn’t maintain its position in the air. It screamed as it plummeted, either crashing into the mountain or being impaled by the treetops, both resulting in significant damage.

Miroslav, having defeated the harpy, immediately targeted the next one.

Seven harpies had attacked, and she had already dispatched three. More than half of the enemy group still remained.

Harpies possessed a fierce nature and a voracious appetite. They often attacked in groups, targeting creatures larger than themselves. With four harpies, they could easily devour and tear apart a human. One couldn’t let their guard down until every last harpy was defeated.

Miroslav focused her sharp gaze on the next target for her “Penetrating Falcon.”

Perhaps her fierce determination was palpable because the movements of the harpies in the air became visibly disturbed.

These flying monsters were truly ferocious, but when they sensed that they were at a disadvantage, they would become timid and attempt to flee.

The harpies, witnessing their comrades being swiftly defeated by wind blades, decided that they couldn’t “win” and tried to turn around and distance themselves from the human.

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