Aristocratic Daughters Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 4

“Long time no see, Miss Elena.”
“It’s been a while. May I intrude for a moment?”
“Of course. Please, make yourself at home.”
“Could I have that seat?”
“Of course. Please enjoy your time here.”
This conversation took place after school. When Luna entered the restaurant owned by Elena’s father.
Upon being directed to a private room in the corner of the second floor, which is a special seat.
“Hmm… doesn’t this seat feel different from the others?”
“It’s an invitation-only seat. I’m just using father’s connections, so it’s not something I’m proud to say.”
“Is it okay to use it without permission?”
“Of course, permission has been granted.”
“Oh. …… “
The spacious room exudes cleanliness, adorned with expensive vases, framed paintings, and quality chairs around a table
—a space clearly designed for business discussions.
Furthermore, it’s been mentioned that those invited by the Leclair family can use it for free.
“Since I’ll be hosting dinner at home later, would just a drink suffice?”
“That would be helpful. It wouldn’t be right to keep the staff busy without paying.”
” …… “
“…What’s with that ‘wow’ face?”
“Stop it with that tone. I just thought, ‘there she goes again.'”
As Elena raises an eyebrow in silence, prompting a response, she follows up with a gentle smile,
“You’re really something, aren’t you? Most people wouldn’t think that far. Your words just caught me off guard.”
“It’s just a little insight.”
“Heh, well, where did you pick up such a limited insight?”
“…… “
“Heh… Caught me.”
Despite attempting to mask the awkward thought, it’s clear it didn’t go unnoticed.
Elena, with her purple eyes narrowed kindly, smiles before calling a waiter over.
After conveying her request, she addresses again,
“Speaking of which, you didn’t bring Sia along. I thought you two were inseparable.”
“I invited her, but she politely declined, saying she had ‘work remaining.’ She might have come along as a helper or something, but she seems to think this isn’t her place.”
“Oh, I see.”
“It’s really admirable how she prioritizes work whenever it’s there.”
Not a hint of regret or reluctance… just the usual demeanor.
How many servants could act like this? It’s definitely a minority behavior.
If they accept invitations, they could temporarily leave their work behind.
“Did you try to convince her? With your usual ‘want to have some fun?'”
“I wouldn’t overturn Sia’s decisions. Spoiling oneself too much out of self-satisfaction can be poisonous.”
“Elena probably knows, but Sia is so earnest she doesn’t know how to slack off. She’s afraid of losing her sense of purpose if she keeps taking on work she decided on. Like, ‘Maybe I’m not needed even when I’m not there.'”
They say the more genuine someone is, the more delicate they become. Sia, who takes her maid duties seriously, might think like this.
“Hmm, those are words that only someone who watches Sia closely could say. Impressive.”
“Well, she believes that as long as she’s moving her body, she can serve… or something like that. Despite her saying things like ‘just being by your side gives me energy,’ I can’t quite grasp her reasoning.”
“Sorry for explaining with a serious face, but you’re saying embarrassing things, you know?”
“Wha… that’s… come on, that’s enough. But she really does move her body so much it’s worrying.”
Though retorting, it’s true.
Blushing at Elena’s smirk, there’s a realization that Sia’s dedication likely stemmed from her previous life, where she faced anger from Byleth daily.
(Maybe, but it’s Byleth’s fault. ……. He was hitting me unreasonably and harassing me).
Before transferring to this body, Byleth was always angry at her.
From Sia’s perspective, there was probably no other way to gain recognition than to show her dedication and effort.
Unfortunately, this seems to be the only explanation.
Even with that past, it’s truly humbling to be cherished by Sia.
“Anyway, please take care of Sia in the future as well. It’s obvious, but she’s also my friend.”
“Of course, I understand.”
The current Byleth is herself. From now on, she intends to create an environment where Sia can thrive without enduring hardship.
“Oh, speaking as Sia’s friend, isn’t that gift a bit too much in line with your preferences? She seems happy, so it’s not necessarily bad, but…”
“In line with my preferences?”
“I mean the hair ornament. With her bangs pinned back, she looked about two years younger than usual. It’s the first time I’ve seen Sia with her bangs pinned back, so it’s definitely because of you, right? Definitely.”
“Ahaha… That’s right, isn’t it? It’s just that it turned out that way in the end…”
It’s the day after Byleth gave her the present. he suggested a way to keep her bangs out of her face, but Sia insisted on keeping them in the same place where Byleth-sama had put them.
As a result, she went to Academy looking even younger than usual.


“So, I don’t have those kinds of interests, okay? Seriously.”
Elena’s drawn-out voice is accompanied by a skeptical gaze.
“I’d like you to believe me here: …… “
“You say that, but don’t guys like younger girls? Even Luna-sama, who you’re involved with, is younger.”
“That’s just a coincidence.”
“If it’s a coincidence, then do you… not have a problem with girls your age or something?”
Elena asks hesitantly, with an unusual upward glance.
“Huh? Of course not.”
“Oh, really?”
“That’s right, but what about you, Elena?”
“…I won’t tell you.”
“W-What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Hehe… Well, I guess that’s fine then.”
Elena’s tsundere attitude suddenly changes, and she blushes for some reason, then starts coughing softly and continues reading.
Elena cheerfully called out, “Please come in.” The staff member slowly opened the door and brought in some drinks.
Byleth bowed his head, and Elena raised her hand in thanks with a smile before the staff exited.
“……Well, why don’t you take a look at the letter from my father while have a chance? I think it’s a good timing.”
“Yeah, I suppose we could do that.”
Following her suggestion, Byleth took out the sealed letter from the pocket, feeling tense as we faced each other.
Being careful not to tear it, he opened the seal and unfolded the note inside, only to furrow his brow involuntarily.
“Oh, it’s written in rather difficult handwriting……. I had a feeling when I saw the addressee, but I might not be able to read the contents with this……”
“Ah, my father writes with a lot of vigor, doesn’t he? If you’d like, I can read it for you? I’m quite used to this type of handwriting.”
“Really!? Then I’ll take you up on that offer.”
Her proposal was truly a blessing. Having her read it would certainly be easier on Byleth heart.
“Well, since it’s a rather stiff piece of writing, I’ll translate it in a more gentle way, okay?”
“Thank you.”
“Alright, let me begin.”
With that preface, Elena began reading the letter out loud.
“Ahem… ‘I hope this letter finds you well. I understand you may be puzzled by this sudden letter, but please forgive me. My son, Alan, was greatly indebted to you the other day. When I heard about the content of your consultation with him, I felt that you possess wonderful insight. Also, my daughter Elena has been talking abou…I-I mean! ‘”
“N-No, it’s nothing…”
For some reason, Elena suddenly blushes and gets angry, then coughs softly and continues reading.
“Ahem… ‘I would like to have a conversation with you at your earliest convenience. I will arrange for a carriage to come for you. Please let my daughter Elena know your response, as I will adjust the date and time to suit you. Something like that.'”
After placing the letter down slowly, Elena looks byleth in the eyes with a puffed-up cheek. She seems dissatisfied about something, but Byleth not sure what.
“Uh, about the pause…did I miss something??”
“No, I didn’t skip anything. If you doubt me so much, why don’t you read it yourself?”
“W-Well, I can’t read it…”
“Then trust me. There’s nothing else.”
“W-Well, I guess you’re right.”
“If you’re satisfied, then that’s good. Now, shall we have some drinks?”
Seeing Elena blinking repeatedly in an unsettled manner, and seeing her getting flustered, he naturally thought:
“I should try hard to analyze this letter…”
It was an obvious reaction indicating she had skipped over parts of it.
“Hey, you’re not thinking anything weird right now, are you?”
“W-What? No, of course not?”
“If you’re not, then it’s fine.”
Byleth feel a chill run down your spine, as if Elena’s sharpness almost saw through his thoughts.

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