My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 8 part 2

Late at night, when he was trying to wash his jersey, he found a maid outfit inside the washing machine.
Although Saito had never seen anything like it before, when he tried to put the jersey in, his mom, Yabana found him and scolded him for not noticing it.
Yabana, quite angry that her favorite clothes were handled roughly, continued to scold him without stopping.
“…Yabana-san does that kind of thing?”
“It seems she got into cosplay during a photoshoot with Lucy san the other day.”
“What’s Mom doing~!?”
Lily’s mother, Lucy, is a professional photographer, and dressing people up for photoshoots is her favorite pastime.
When Lily learned that Yabana san was influenced by her mother, she couldn’t help but facepalm.
Well, she could understand the sentiment.
Both Yabana and Lucy are beautiful, but they are both close to forty.
The fact that a woman of that age is wearing a maid costume has a certain impact.
Saito was slightly repulsed when he first heard about it.
“Maybe I didn’t run the washing machine. I’ll go get it. My mom is only a bit shorter than you, so it should fit.”
“Even though you’re trying to saying it on naturally, I won’t wear it! I just forgot to mention that earlier because the impact of the conversation was too great.”
However, Lily is still in her teens.
It wouldn’t be too embarrassing for her to wear it.
Thinking this, Saito decides that he doesn’t want to think of anything else.
“Alright, instead, eat two servings of death sauce, booger-flavored and rotten egg-flavored, and don’t forget the vomit flavor.”
“…Fine, I’ll put on the maid outfit.”
But for Saito, thinking about anything else at this point was just too much trouble.
Presented with the choice of either eating both extremely spicy and disgustingly awful things or wearing a maid outfit, Lily reluctantly chose to don the maid outfit.
“Hey, isn’t it over yet?”
About ten minutes have passed since Lily entered the bathroom to change into the maid outfit.
Saito asks if she’s not done yet, sensing that she might never come out at this rate.
“Just a bit more. I really mean just a bit.”
Although she claims that she’s not done yet, Saito knows that there has been no noise for about three minutes.
“Even so, it’s been quite a while. You’ve probably changed already. Get it over with. I’m coming in.”
“Wait a sec──”
Feeling that she might not come out at all if this continues, Saito forcefully opens the door.
“What? It actually looks good on you. It’s the kind that doesn’t expose your skin too much. It gives off a neat and clean vibe. Why were you embarrassed about it?”
When he enters the bathroom, he finds Lily in a classical maid outfit, and she looks so good in it that there’s no need for her to feel embarrassed.
Expressing exactly what Saito thought, Lily covers her face with both hands, crouching in the corner of the bathroom, feeling no need to be embarrassed.
“…I knew this would happen, so I wanted a bit more mental preparation.”
“Hey, hey, can I take a picture?”
“Absolutely not!”

scene transition

Saito, thinking it could be material for future teasing, asked if he could take a photo, only to be vehemently denied.
“Well, then, do something maid-like. Make tea, wipe the windows, write something with ketchup or whatever.”
“No way! The punishment was just wearing the maid outfit. I didn’t agree to become Saito’s maid, so I won’t go that far!”
In that case, I asked if he could do something maid-like instead, but he insisted that the punishment was only until wearing the outfit, causing Saito to groan.
“You’re so stingy. Well, at least turn this way instead of squatting there. I won’t get to see Lily’s maid appearance properly for a moment.”
“Fine, but wait a bit longer.”
With both photos and maid-like tasks ruled out, there was really nothing left to do.
Saito was allowed only to watch.
However, in the current situation, even that was proving impossible.
Protesting that it was only fair to let him do that, Lily reluctantly agreed.
One minute later, her ears, which had turned red, returned to their original clean white, and she turned towards him.
(Seems like something out of a fantasy world or anime.)
Looking at Lily’s maid outfit again, Saito couldn’t help but think that.
His childhood friend, with extraordinary looks, resembled a main heroine from manga or anime, making for quite a picturesque scene.
It was truly unfortunate that he couldn’t capture this in a photo.
“Hey, can we finish soon? I feel like I’m going to die from embarrassment.”
“Just a bit longer. I’m etching this into my memory so I won’t forget.”
“Ugh, why did I agree to that bet back then? I hate my past self.”
Instead of taking photos, Saito focused on observing his precious childhood friend from various angles, trying to remember every detail. Unable to endure it any longer, Lily, covering her face with both hands, turned towards the corner of the washroom.
(Now might be my chance?)
The moment Saito saw his childhood friend’s vision closed, a mischievous thought surfaced in Saito’s mind.
If she can’t see what’s around her now, taking a picture shouldn’t be noticed, he thought.
Following that inner voice, Saito raised his smartphone to take a photo, but his gaze met Lily’s through the screen.
“Oh, crap.”
“Say~it. I can see you! Didn’t I just tell you yesterday that taking pictures without permission is not okay, Saito?! Get out!”
Realizing his mistake, it was too late.
Enraged, Lily, with a fierce expression, promptly threw him out of the bathroom.
“Ugh!? It’s been a while, but I’ve been thrown out so cleanly. Nice one, that girl.”
“What are you doing, Saito?”
Lying in the corridor, casually praising his childhood friend’s arm, Saito attracted the disapproving gaze of his mother, who had returned from shopping.
Her eyes were looking at her son as if she were seeing a criminal who shouldn’t be directed at.
“Oh, no, Mom! It’s not what you think! I didn’t peek at Lily’s naked body or underwear. It’s just that, as a punishment game, I made Lily change into the maid outfit you wore. I didn’t see her naked or in underwear, okay?”
Seeing a man thrown out of the changing room, it’s natural for anyone to think that he peeked.
Saito, sensing the reason for his mother’s cold gaze, desperately tried to explain.
Explaining that his childhood friend had been in a maid outfit behind that door, Saito noticed a change in the look Yabana was giving him.
“What!? Did Lily-chan wear my maid outfit? I really want to see it. Saito, couldn’t you take at least one picture for me?”
Changing from the cold demeanor just moments ago, Yabana now had sparkling eyes full of interest, not even considering Saito’s exhaustion and asking if he hadn’t taken any pictures.
“I wanted to, but as soon as I took out my smartphone, I was kicked out of the bathroom. It was impossible.”
“Tch. You’re useless, Saito. Hey, Lily-chan. Please show it to me too, okay? I won’t take pictures, I promise.”
Despite Saito’s surprise at such a sudden change, when he explained that he hadn’t taken any photos seriously, Yabana let out a disappointed sigh.
Approaching the door, Yabana asked Lily to show her the maid outfit with a soothing voice.
“I absolutely won’t show it!”
“Well, show it to me, Lily-chan~. I’d really like to see your cute figure. I’ll give you Saito’s allowance for this month. How about it?”
“I don’t want money, even if you give it to me!”
But, unable to endure any more shame, Lily naturally refused.
Even if money was offered, she remained firm.
“Oh, come on~!”
“Don’t use someone else’s money without permission, you damn hag!”
Despairing that she couldn’t see Lily’s maid figure, Yabana, hearing Saito’s rebuke, looked at him with a cold, unforgiving gaze.
Saito, berating his mother, was then met with a sharp look from the former Yankee mother.
“Ah! What did you just say, Saito?”
“I said, using someone else’s money without permission suits you, damn hag!”
“I’m angry about what comes next. Calling a lady in her thirties someone a damn hag!? Seems like your education is still lacking. Sit properly.”
“I refuse. A mother who freely spends other people’s money suits the term ‘damn hag’ perfectly!”
Normally, because he often did wrong things, Saito would cower, but ironically, this time it was the other way around.
Saito faced it head-on and bit back at his mother.
Then the two began to grapple.
“Mom’s at fault!”
“Saito’s at fault!”
Similar to parent and child, they relentlessly exchanged kindergarten-level insults at machine-gun speed. As Lily cautiously peeked outside the door, she saw that—
“Huff, huff.”
—they had exhausted themselves from hurling insults, collapsed on the spot. Lily smiled wryly at the sight of the two continuing their childish bickering.


“Sigh, I really wanted to see Lily-chan in a maid outfit.”
“No matter how many times you say it, I won’t wear it again.”
As they helped with lunch, Yabana, cutting lettuce next to her, sighed regretfully and expressed how much she wanted to see Lily in a maid outfit.
However, from Lily’s perspective, she didn’t want to go through such embarrassing experiences.
She emphatically declared that she would never wear it.
“But you showed it to Saito~?”
“That was because it was a punishment game. It’s different.”
Although Saito was allowed to see, showing his mother was out of the question.
Lily emphasized that it was done reluctantly as a punishment game.
“I see~. Too bad. I really think it’s unfair that only Saito gets to see it. Oh, by the way, let’s play a game later, just you and me. We can make it a punishment game. If I win, you have to wear the maid outfit for me.”
“It’s not fair for only me to take the risk.”
“But, if Lily-chan wins, I’ll do anything she says. Please?”
” …… Anything. “
But, unable to completely give up on seeing Lily in the maid outfit, Yabana proposed playing a game with a punishment for Saito.
Although at first, she thought it was unfair to only her, with Yabana promising to obey anything if Lily won, the situation seemed to
After much contemplation, Lily reluctantly agreed, saying that if Yabana lost and did something specific, it would be fine.
“Huh, is it okay with something so simple? Alright, let’s do it right away!”
“Please be careful, it’s dangerous.”
Yabana, surprised that something so simple was acceptable, agreed readily. Unable to contain her desire to see Lily in a maid outfit, she pulled Lily in front of the TV.
While feeling exasperated by Yabana’s eagerness, Lily stopped the fire and couldn’t help but think that this family really resembled each other.

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