Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 23

XXIII The Five Heavenly Seats

Kimblee was shocked that his formerly superior army had suddenly begun retreating.
It’s not so simple to change the flow of a battle with 5 times troop strength.
(Could King Zeros have come to the vanguard?)
If so, they’d have to deploy the Five Heavenly Seats here too.
Having normal soldiers face a warrior beyond a certain level would just increase needless sacrifice.
Kimblee hurried the front line report.
And received the report from the returning messenger that “It seems the enemy’s elites were deployed at various places on the front line.”
“Elites? Not King Zeros?”
“No, about 10 elites. Not King Zeros based on appearance. However, considerable strong foes. Coordination between the 3-man groups has completely failed, they’re being one-sidedly devastated. Numbers won’t stop them.”
So not King Zeros, but top ranking members of the Hundred.
He had heard of their heroic martial valor in the arena, but Kimblee and his strategists judged those were exaggerated publicity stories. Since they were all superhuman.
They hadn’t expected Faloon, as a small country, to have so many that strong.
“Pull back for now.”
Kimblee immediately judged. A collapsed battle line wouldn’t be easily restored.
There was also the mistake of underestimating enemy forces.
“However, the enemy’s momentum is intense, retreating may turn into a total rout…”
He used outstanding knights as messengers who could judge situations. If one said so, retreating wouldn’t be simple.
(Should I deploy direct forces?)
Kimblee’s directly controlled knight orders were elites. Pushing forward with them or the Five Heavenly Seats might temporarily push the line back, but left headquarters undermanned, and if it failed the risk was enormous.
“General Kimblee. We shall go.”
Mateus, one of the Five Heavenly Seats on standby nearby, spoke up.
Mateus had long, bundled back blond hair, but was a knight known for godspeed sword skills fitting of the Five Heavenly Seats.
The other Five Heavenly Seat, Dante, also nodded meeting Kimblee’s gaze. A brawny man with brown skin, lightly wielding a huge greatsword with mighty strength.
“We’ve just been bored waiting here.”
Mateus said lightly with a smile.
Likely consideration sensing Kimblee’s hesitation at the unforeseen deployment of the Five Heavenly Seats.
“…Understood. Please go. Just buy time for the main force to retreat. No need to pursue deeply. King Zeros still remains on their side.”
“Acknowledged. Then.”
Replying so, Mateus and Dante headed to the battlefield.

Wanfu swinging his Bloody Rod left and right was in high spirits.
In the arena he couldn’t win easily, but here he could feel his own strength.
(As expected, might is supreme huh)
The number of enemies he’d beaten down was now uncountable. The enemy retreated as much as he advanced.
Other allies also, seeming to ride his momentum, shifted to the offensive.
(Can we crush the enemy in one go before the top rankers come out?)
Just as Wanfu thought that, one knight stood in his way.
A handsome knight with long blond hair despite being male.
“Big guy ain’tcha. Not human, a bear maybe?”
The blond haired man lightly jeered, a smile at his mouth.
Wanfu didn’t respond, instead swinging the Bloody Rod on its side to clobber him.
The blond man nimbly leaped to evade, spinning in midair to land.
“No response, as expected you don’t comprehend human speech?”
“…Who’re you?”
His movement avoiding the strike marked him as no easy foe. Good enough to be high ranked in the Hundred.
“Oh, you understand words, Mr. Bear. I’m Mateus, you know, one of the Five Heavenly Seats? Does that ring a bell?”
The Five Heavenly Seats. He knew that title. A title regarding Dorsen Country’s 5 strongest, heroic warriors called peerless generals.
“The Five Heavenly Seats huh, interesting! I’m Wanfu of the Hundred! I’ll pound you flat!”
Wanfu, who until just before was attacking by brute force, suddenly shifted to speed based attacks.
Rod techniques with the sound of slicing wind despite his huge frame. A style he’d gained to advance in the arena.
Consecutive attacks combining strikes from vertical, horizontal, diagonal directions. Adding thrusts. If Mateus tried blocking even one strike with his sword, Wanfu was confident the Bloody Rod’s tremendous weight would inflict damage through his defense.
But Mateus avoided every one of those attacks.
“Scary. Taking that attack head on, my bones might break right?”
Mateus had read Wanfu’s attack intent.
Then taking some distance, he lowered his stance, drawing his sword back. Mateus wielded a slender sword.
(Here it comes!)
The instant Wanfu anticipated a counterattack, Mateus’ figure disappeared. Reflexively taking a defensive stance with the Bloody Rod.
He faintly felt an impact of something bouncing off the Bloody Rod, but then felt a hot sensation in his side.
Looking, his flank had been slashed open.
But Mateus’ attack wasn’t over. Blindingly fast slashes from what was praised as godspeed in Dorsen assailed him in succession.
While blocking with the Bloody Rod, Wanfu twisted his body to avoid lethal wounds, but his body was gradually being sliced to pieces.
Until finally kneeling down.
(Don’t die)
Wanfu realized he was defeated.
(But won’t die in vain. When the finishing blow comes, I’ll get one hit in)
He deliberately let his cut up body be slashed, planning to trap the enemy’s sword in his muscle and punch with bare hands when immobilized.
It was a desperation attack Wanfu had done several times in the arena, getting scolded by healer Ruida each time.
“Don’t do such things in real combat, you’ll die!” she said.
Dying in battle didn’t bother him. All the Hundred could take that resolve. Rather, the notion of fleeing out of fear of death was unthinkable.
(Come on!)
Just when Wanfu steeled himself, Mateus gave orders to the surrounding Dorsen soldiers.

“Alright, retreat! “

“Retreat? We can take down this monster with a little more!”
One Dorsen soldier said.
“The general’s orders are to retreat. I just came to buy time. Other places are struggling too, so I have to go provide support. And…”
Mateus looked at Wanfu.
“He’s still raring to go. No telling what a cornered bear might do. Withdraw while he can’t move. Before enemy reinforcements come.”
Hearing that, the Dorsen soldiers began falling back.
(Did I make it?)
Seeing Mateus leaving, the tension left Wanfu and he lost consciousness.


Seeing the Dorsen army withdrawing, Mars forbade pursuit.
Since there were casualties on their side too, he hurried treatment of the wounded.
Especially the Hundred members of around rank 20 who went to the very front lines, all of them had been rendered combat ineffective by the two Five Heavenly Seats who appeared.
Wanfu and others were unconscious, but kept their lives thanks to the Bloody Rod’s recovery and Ruida’s healing.

Meanwhile, the Dorsen army was shocked at the considerable damage to their main force despite 5 times troop strength.
Just how many mighty warriors did the Faloon army have? they wondered.
“What to do…”
Inside the headquarters tent, Kimblee reconsidered future developments with his strategists.
Fighting properly inflicted severe casualties. But there were countless ways to fight. The strategists proposed ideas like having the Five Heavenly Seats and direct knight orders spearhead a push, or luring out the Faloon army and defeating them piecemeal.
While holding the strategy meeting, a messenger entered the tent, with a rather tense expression.
“Report! The supply unit headed this way was ambushed and annihilated!”
“The supply unit? Did the Cadonia nobles turn traitor?”
One strategist questioned.
The established supply route was through territory of Cadonia nobles who had joined Dorsen. Being attacked there meant only the betrayal of those Cadonia nobles was conceivable.
“No, it seems they were attacked by monsters. In the mountainous region, by a horde of wolf-like monsters they say. Reports of up to hundreds.”
“Attacked by hundreds of monsters you say! We had no such information! While it may happen in the south, there’s no way such a monster horde exists in northern Cadonia!”
While Cadonia’s south bordering the Magical Beast Forest had frequent monster appearances, sightings were scarce in other regions. A horde large enough to attack the supply unit, even with escorts, was unthinkable.
“It may be Faloon’s doing.”
Kimblee, pondering the report, spoke up.
“Be it the stampede or monster movements, everything is too conveniently in Faloon’s favor.”
“Surely not! Controlling a horde of monsters is beyond human capabilities!”
While there were monster tamers who could control 1 or 2 monsters, tales of anyone controlling hundreds of monsters at once were unheard of in the world.
“Just speculation. Always assume worst case. But that’s not the issue now. Without supplies an army can’t move. Passing northern Cadonia was good but our supply route is longer. If its safety isn’t assured, it will impede further military actions.”
Even sending the next supply unit immediately, if the supply route’s safety wasn’t assured, the same could happen.
They could procure locally from nearby Cadonia nobles, but supplying an army of 10,000 wouldn’t be simple. Carelessly, it could spread the reputation of Dorsen pillaging. Causing political problems.
“Retreat. We should withdraw while we have latitude.”
Kimblee judged so.
“Wait, General! If we decisively defeat the Faloon army before us in a short-term battle, the Cadonia army should surrender. Then the supply issue would be resolved.”
The strategists objected. To them, retreating against a small country like Faloon was the height of dishonor. They thought they should fight even forcing it a bit.
“Even if we lost supplies, the troop difference still greatly favors us. It’s not a situation for the Faloon army to sally out and attack. At worst, they may withdraw and hole up in Mos if we attack. In any case, to decide in a short term battle we’d have to use the Five Heavenly Seats and direct knight orders, but the Faloon army still has King Zeros as a trump card. It has low certainty.”
The strategists fell silent at Kimblee’s words. If they holed up in Mos, it would inevitably take time to capture it after all.
After the battle, the strength of the Faloon army was painfully evident. In contrast, the power of King Zeros seemed immeasurable. Deploying the Five Heavely Seats to the front lines could result in defeat if they faced King Zeros one-on-one.
The situation was dire, and even the staff officers understood that.
Thus, the Dorsen army decided to retreat the following morning.

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