I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 3 Chapter 2 Part 4

The instant Eve murmurs, the aqua magical power wrapped around the staff expands to form an oversized, translucent, aqua-bladed crescent scythe larger than her height.
The thin, transparent aqua blade looks sharp enough to cut skin with a touch, yet somehow gives a soft, gently enveloping impression.
But what draws my eyes the most is…
“The black magic power… a blessing?”
The ominous, jet-black magical power – a blessing – hovering around the aqua scythe.
“I was a demon.”
Eve whispers softly.
“I killed so many people. People begging not to die, begging to be saved… I killed them with that blessing.”
In a small voice, she speaks as if confessing, one fragmentary sentence after another.
“If I had been stronger, no one would have died. If I had fled or refused… it wouldn’t have happened. The power of the Blessing doesn’t matter. It was my own weakness that killed so many people.
Eve hangs her head, clutching the staff tightly in both hands. Her voice trembles slightly, as if regretting an irreparable mistake, filled with unease.
“So I don’t want to kill or hurt anyone anymore…But that’s not good. Just healing is no good… There will come a time when I have to fight to protect.”
“What are you mumbling about? As if you can do anything with that clumsy scythe!”
Maya takes a big leap.

She steps out of the scythe’s reach and picks up a fallen branch, enveloping it in dark magical power.
The Void Blade of dimensional magic that cuts through everything it touches.
She probably intends to attack directly, fair and square.
“Basically, it’s difficult for mages to use multiple spells at the same time. Especially spells with opposing attributes and effects. Even I can only use two at a time. To be able to casually use multiple spells like Jirei is frankly abnormal.”
Watching the battle, Aldi smiles, enjoying himself as he speaks.
“But Eve did it. Magic manipulation that only a handful of experienced mages on the Magic Council can use. And…”
Maya sprints across the floor.
A few moments later, she raises her right hand, wrapped in dark magical power, to cut Eve down.
What was cut down wasn’t Eve, but Maya. With a light swing of the scythe that barely touches her, the girl’s right hand falls to the ground.
“I have changed. Thanks to Ray, I was able to change.”
Maya tries to heal her own right hand with Healing Magic, but
“W-why isn’t it healing! Why-hnng!”
No matter how many times she tries, it doesn’t heal at all. Instead, the ominous, inky-black magical force spreads, corroding from the severed area.
I look at Maya’s fallen right hand.
I thought it was cut, but I’m wrong. The moment the Aqua Blade touched Maya, Eve cast an overhealing spell on that spot, intentionally causing this phenomenon.
The Aqua Blade has no physical form. The proof is that the objects around where it touched are unharmed.
Furthermore, the scythe itself…
“Eve created magic that released opposing attributes, healing and destruction. It would heal allies and damage enemies, contradictory magic. And by using her blessing, she can manipulate the magic at will indefinitely.”
Aldi continues, “Even the Magic Council was astonished.
“I never want to repeat the same things again. So I won’t forget my past mistakes. I have to fight and grow stronger myself to protect someone.”
Eve speaks determinedly, swinging the scythe directly at Maya. Strength and determination fill her eyes.
…To reach the level of using such advanced magic would be impossible without extraordinary effort. Precise control of magical power, deep understanding of restoration magic, highly advanced magical power granting… To grasp all of this, let alone recognize it as original magic, is far more difficult.
Without dedicating oneself to relentless daily training and effort…
“Eve spent every day studying in the Academy library after classes ended late at night. Every morning she ran lap after lap on the field until she collapsed. She never missed drinking those damn bitter magical power-boosting potions morning, noon, and night.”
“I see.”


-Having a healthy body improves the quality of your magic power. So run every day from now on. Until you collapse.
-I will also make you drink those damn bitter potions to increase your magic power every day. No slacking off, understand? If you don’t learn recovery magic properly, you won’t be able to make a spirit vow.
The words I carelessly babbled in the past floated through my mind.
Eve probably… followed what I said and continued training even after I left. She continued to move forward alone, searching for the mythical blessing of the World Tree.
…for no one but myself.
I don’t have any noble intentions to change or save anyone. I’m just scum who hates responsibility and loves freedom.
“Eve immersed herself in her studies, locking herself in the library every day after classes ended late into the night. Every morning she’d run laps around the field until she collapsed and stuff. I didn’t understand why she was trying so hard, but…with such single-minded determination to get ahead, she would of course forget about someone like Maya.”
-Let them say what they want. …What’s more important than what others think is what you want to do, okay? Do what you want.
Thoughtless, irresponsible words from my past self. Just babbling whatever came to mind.
Eve probably…followed what I said and continued to train even after I left. She continued to move forward on her own, searching for the fictional World Tree Blessing I spoke of.
I don’t want to think about it. Annoying. Annoying.
The picture they paint of me is a fiction, a lie. I’m not someone to be respected or liked. And yet…
As I looked at the image of Eve standing silently over Maya, admitting defeat to the black erosion, emotions welled up in my chest, and scratching my head roughly in frustration only made me more irritated.
I really don’t want to think about this.

After Eve’s victory ended the match without incident, Eve and Maya returned from the arena.
“Uu…I-I haven’t really…lost yet…okay? I just…gave up…so there’s no way…I feel…frustrated or anything…uuu…”
Maya curls up and hugs her knees, sobbing hard. The grief is unbelievable.
Seeing Maya like this, Eve hesitates, not knowing what to do, before approaching her.
“I’m sorry…”
“Don’t apologize! It only makes me feel worse…”
Maya declines Eve’s offered hand and withdraws further into her shell like a turtle.
“Well, that may be true, but… that’s not what I mean.”
“What do you…want…Go away! I don’t care…about you at all! So just…just leave me alone!”
Despite Maya’s dismissive snort, Eve doesn’t leave and gently pats the crying girl’s back, as if comforting a crying baby.
“I’m sorry… for forgetting you.”
“I…it’s nothing! I totally…didn’t care. I never thought I wanted to be friends or anything!”
“You’re right. We’re not friends.”
“Hmph…wha-! Don’t you-!”

Eve cautiously reaches out to Maya and tries to brush her off.
“So let’s be friends starting today.”
“I didn’t have the composure to understand back then. I’m really sorry… So, friends from now on.”
“Wha-what are you saying all of a sudden…I didn’t…”
Maya looks away stubbornly.
Eve takes Maya’s hand firmly in her own.
And says it with the corners of her lips turned up in a smile. Eve’s charming, girlish smile she doesn’t usually show.
Seeing that, Maya says uh… before swallowing her words. Her expression shows hesitation for a moment.
Then, after turning her face away for a bit, she roughly wipes her tear-stained face.
“F-fine! Since you beg me, I’ll do it! I have no choice! Geez!”
Despite her tone, she keeps glancing in Eve’s direction, unable to hide the joy that lights up her face. Easy to understand.
“B-but we’re friends now, so don’t forget that I’m your rival! My party will be the one to defeat the Demon King! Even if you had the advantage at the academy, now I’m…”
“If… that’s what you want.”
“A-and! Since we’re both hero groups, we can go to white mage shops together and stuff…I’ll allow that much!”
“Then…let’s buy a new staff together, since mine is broken.”
“I-I have no choice! Geez!”
Contrary to her words, Maya looks incredibly happy, glowing with joy. There is nothing better than seeing her so happy.

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