Evil Leader Next Door! Volume 1 Chapter 2.5

Interlude: A Tale of Death and Rebirth

This is right after the final battle between Banchokujer and Cleared.
In the crumbling underground of Cleared’s secret base, something stirred.
“Ugh, ha, ha… ────────────”
A strike from Banchokujer. A body engulfed in flames. The sensation of death shrouding the mind.
“Phew, haha, that was a new sensation… Well, it’s obvious, never died before.”
Consciousness mercifully returned, but there was no time to relax. Without delay, the investigation by Banchokujer within the base would begin soon.
“Before that, I have to escape… Guh!”
With a thud, the body collapsed. Almost no freedom of movement.
“Heh, heh… Well, it’s makeshift, can’t be helped. It’s going to be quite a task to set this back.”
A smile unconsciously appeared. Still, he was alive.


“Now, get up… I need to escape with my precious children…!”
From the underground, he carried everything that could be taken out. If he could use these, there might still be a chance to turn the tables.
“The demise of the Supreme Leader, the total annihilation of the top executives… Naked and penniless.”
Staggering, quite literally in the nude, he began to walk.
“It’s getting interesting, isn’t it…?”
He forced himself to believe. In his body, his abilities, the legacy he carried out – all of it.
If he could use them properly, he could still turn the tide from here. Believe that he can.
“Now, I’ll be the challenger. Even if I have to crawl through the mud of human society…”
He would definitely rise again.
To live.
Even if he had to be the last one standing, that’s why.
As long as he’s alive.
No way he’s going to stop enjoying life.

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