Harem life with the hypnosis app I got Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

I thought hypnosis apps I knew about were just for sex, and the partner doesn’t engage in conversation or anything… I thought it’d be dull to just listen, but having a conversation like this is really fun.
Not only does the conversation flow even when the partner is under hypnosis, but it’s not monotonous; it feels like having a normal conversation.
“Are you having fun?
“It’s super fun. I’m glad I hypnotized Aisaka.”
It’s quite villainous of me to say this confidently.
I’ve said it many times, but I can only reach higher levels by moving on to the next steps… Yet.
“…Hey, Aisaka.”
“What’s up?”
She responded expressionlessly to my question.
Her voice lacked emotion, so I couldn’t see any concern for me in her words… But behind that expressionless face and lifeless eyes, I could see her true self.
“What do you honestly think about this interaction?”
The real Aisaka doesn’t remember this interaction at all… So this question is practically meaningless.
What exactly… am I seeking from Aisaka?
Because she can’t lie in her hypnotic state, I wanted to know what she really thinks about me.
“I like this interaction. I don’t dislike it at all.”
She likes it… She doesn’t dislike it?
My face must have been incredibly surprised at that moment… Aisaka showed no concern for me and continued in her flat voice.
“You saved me from the depths of despair, Masaki-kun. All the weird stuff he did, it was all because of you, right? I’ve said it before, but it feels really refreshing… And you’re always concerned about me, even about things I haven’t told anyone.”
Aisaka rolled up her sleeve, revealing faint scars.
While there are no new scars, the existing ones are much better than they were before.
“N-No… But even so, what I’m doing is…?”
“Masaki-kun’s voice… It’s very calming, and I can tell that your kindness and concern are genuine. Your straightforward feelings reach my heart.”
“…Is that so… Is that true?”
Hmm… Is that good?
I don’t really have anything bad to say, and it’s okay for me to just enjoy this time, right?
Aisaka fell silent, unable to say more.
“How am I supposed to react?”
To be told this unexpectedly!
Even though she’s in a hypnotic state without consciousness, I still get excited because I’m just that simple.
But even though the real Aisaka doesn’t know that I saved her or even about the existence of my partner… But when she says something like that, I can’t help but get excited and want to say various things!
“S-So, I’ll keep doing whatever I want from now on, okay?! It’s fine, right, Aisaka?! It’s too late to say no now, right?!”
I got her to admit it, right? I definitely got her to admit it!
I raised my other arm, not the one being hugged, as high as I could and made a victory pose… Haha, now I can continue to hypnotize Aisaka without any worries.
“Well, today was another great time. Well then, Aisaka, you can go back now.”
After Aisaka left the classroom, I returned to the classroom, albeit a bit late.
Now… I’m spending lunch break like this, having pseudo-encounters with Aisaka in a hypnotic state. It’s only natural that my two friends would ask about it.
“Hey, what are you doing during lunch break?”
“You’ve been gone for a while, huh?”
It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask, considering recent events.
Even though I felt like this moment was finally coming, I wouldn’t have been prepared if I hadn’t anticipated it.
A villain doesn’t change expression when lying and speaks the lie as if it were the truth.
“To be honest, my stomach hasn’t been feeling well lately… Sorry.”
“Really… Are you okay?”
“Diarrhea? Be careful~”
I’m genuinely sorry for worrying them, but when I weighed the time with Aisaka against it, her time was overwhelmingly more important… so, sorry to both of them, but I’ll keep lying to satisfy my desires.
By the way, it seems Aisaka was asked the same thing, but hypnosis seems to be very convenient, planting plausible reasons in Aisaka’s mind. She doesn’t seem to be particularly suspicious.
“What’s up, Aisaka? What have you been up to lately?”
“Yeah. It’s boring not having you around during lunch breaks.”
“Hey, Mari is giving a proper explanation, isn’t she?”
“If you keep pestering her, she might start to dislike you, you know?”
It seems only the boys are so concerned about Aisaka, and only they are persistent enough to ask.
I haven’t paid much attention to it before, but those guys who gather around Aisaka like that seem to be interested in her… well, I’m in a good mood because it seems like I’m outdoing those conspicuous guys.
And time flows, and after school, Aisaka and I sit face to face to finish our work.
“Hmm hmm hmm ♪”


Aisaka, writing in her journal, seems to be in a good mood, humming as she fills in the journal faster and faster, seemingly forgetting that I’m nearby.
Just watching silently makes me feel like an outcast, but by watching like this, I discover many things, like how beautiful Aisaka’s handwriting is.
“Aisaka, your handwriting is beautiful.”
“Is it? Well, I used to win calligraphy contests, you know.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah. Masaki-kun, you don’t have that kind of experience?”
“Unfortunately, not at all… I mean, my handwriting is on the messy side.”
Not to brag, but my handwriting isn’t that neat.
It’s not so messy that you can’t read it, but I prefer it if girls didn’t look at it too closely because it’s messy.
“Well, that’s just fine. I’m writing it all anyway.”
“Thank you… but, then, I feel like I’m not doing my job if I’m not working.”
“That’s true. Then why don’t you write the rest, Masaki?”
Aisaka, handing me the journal, smiles, and also hands me the mechanical pencil she was using.
“Um… I have my own, though.”
“It’s okay. Do you want to use this?”
I take the pencil still warm from her grip and start filling in the remaining space.
As I said to Aisaka earlier, my writing isn’t particularly neat.
But since Aisaka is watching me, I try to write as neatly as possible… but halfway through, I give up and start writing quickly as usual.
“Is it really that messy… Isn’t it normal?”
“I’m happy you say that even if it’s a compliment.”
“I didn’t mean it as a compliment, though.”
With a smile, Aisaka seems to be enjoying herself the whole time.
This situation, facing each other across a desk… being this close to Aisaka when she’s not hypnotized is a distance that’s almost impossible except when doing chores like this.
“Hehe ♪”
But why… does Aisaka seem so happy?
When I sneak a glance at her, she happens to be looking at my face… because of that, our eyes meet firmly, and I, being naive, quickly avert my gaze.
“Hey, if you look away too quickly like that, you’ll hurt the other person, you know?”
I’m sorry… but, I think this can’t be helped.
I’m not used to talking to Aisaka normally, of course, but I’m doing this and that to her without her ego.
“So… did something happen?”
“N-no, I just wanted to watch.”
I see, this is how boys misunderstand girls like this.
I wonder how many of those guys around Aisaka have fallen for her… well, it doesn’t matter to me.
“Alright, it’s done.”
“Yeah. Then, should we go to the teacher’s office?”
Aisaka and I leave the classroom together and head to the teacher’s office.
It’s been quite some time since the end of the closing ceremony, so there are no figures except for the students who prefer to stay in the classroom, and the hallway is quiet and easy to walk in.
“By the way, Aisaka, you can go home first if you want. If it’s just handing this over, I’m enough.”
“Handing it over is part of the job, right? Stay with me until the end.”
…This girl is really nice.
Feeling genuinely impressed, I think about hypnotizing her again and doing whatever I want before going home.
“Both of you, good job today as the duty students. Be careful on your way home.”
“Alright. Goodbye, Sensei.”
Aisaka and I go straight back to the classroom and, almost simultaneously, leave the classroom again after gathering our belongings.
Akira is in the club, Shogo has already gone home, and it seems like Aisaka’s friends have also gone home early, so we’re both alone and… that’s fine, but when I say goodbye to Aisaka and leave the classroom, she immediately follows me.
“What’s wrong?”
“Heh, aren’t you a bit too indifferent? Since it’s just us left, let’s at least go to the shoe lockers together,”
Aisaka said, lining up next to me as if it were the most natural thing.
“Aisaka… You’re really good with people, huh?”
“Good with people? Isn’t that a bit much? But I guess it’s not really a bad thing, so I’ll take it as a compliment.”
She’s not putting me down at all; if anything, she’s praising me.
But… being alone with Aisaka like this makes me want to somehow use my partner’s power to take her somewhere.
I thought I was satisfied with our lunch break, but once I start thinking, this desire doesn’t seem to go away.
(Well, it’s Aisaka’s fault, isn’t it? I mean, saying that my voice was so soothing this morning, and she provided such a fun time until just a while ago.)
Despite it just being our duty as class reps, spending time with Aisaka was really enjoyable.
Even though our conversation was basically just small talk, talking to Aisaka like usual somehow felt refreshing, even joyful.
“…Shall we do it?”
Sorry, Aisaka, I can’t just go home like this after all.
I immediately took out my phone to activate my partner… or at least, I tried to, but then I noticed the remaining battery and froze.
(My battery is dead already…!?)

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