A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 11 part 2

True chose to go on the mission.

Early in the morning, they quickly prepared and left the orphanage.
An orphanage without the original protagonist.
In the early morning, Lele approached Fei.
“Hey, Fei.”
“Let’s prepare for Maria’s birthday today.”
“Yeah, just for today!”
“…I guess I have no choice.”
“Come to think of it, where’s Maria?”
“I don’t know.”
“Since Maria seems lonely, please stay with her today. Maria seems really happy when you’re with her.”
“She’s probably alone now, so go call her.”
Invited by Lele, Fei chose not to go anywhere today. He had intended to stay for the birthday party, but… the gears gradually began to misalign.
Maria’s end was approaching. No, it might be more accurate to say that the end of an end was approaching.
Maria went to the chapel in the orphanage early in the morning.
She herself didn’t understand why she was praying so early in the morning. She is a sister and offers prayers every day.
However, it wasn’t the time to pray to the Holy Grail, a cup that was equal to God. She tilted her head at herself, who was praying to the cup at a different time than usual.
(Is she excited because it’s her birthday? But, she’s not that young anymore…)
Her own birthday. With this, she turned twenty-six. Many of her former classmates are already married and have children.
But, she had no connection to such things. The children at the orphanage are cute. However, she secretly longed for love with her destined person. It’s true that she’s concerned about her age, but she wasn’t usually so shaken.
(…Why…am I here…? Because I have a bad feeling about something?)
It was a mystery to her as well. Maybe she just wanted to be alone for a while. Or maybe there was another, deeper anxiety in her heart.
(I no longer want revenge…I’m pouring the children’s affection and smiles like water toward the flames…)
“(It’s true that I was saved by the children’s smiles… but… I’m just… using them… deceiving the children who are celebrating my birthday today…)
(Fei… I don’t want you to continue living consumed by revenge…)
Alone in the cathedral, she thought of Fei. Even though it was still morning, her feelings were as dark as night.
Somehow, she had a bad feeling. A pain of memories, piercing and unfamiliar, as if she had tasted it countless times before.
The sense of loss when she lost her mother, Margaret. That feeling was gradually resurfacing. Although she should have only experienced it once, anger was naturally welling up within her, wondering just how many times she had to endure it.
Maria tried to suppress her unstable mind.
She sighed repeatedly. She must feel like she was wearing a dark expression now, she thought, and slapped her cheeks lightly. Then, gathering her resolve, she headed towards the children—.
“Long time no see, Lilia-chan!”
Her body trembled. Suddenly, she felt like she knew that woman’s voice. But she shouldn’t. She turned around hesitantly.
It was a completely unfamiliar face. Sitting in a certain seat in the cathedral, the woman with brown hair and distinctive red eyes was someone Maria didn’t know.
“Oh, so I changed my face. It’s natural that you wouldn’t recognize me, right?”
“Huh? No way, you’re not saying you don’t remember, are you? Well, that face really does look like you don’t know… huh? Lilia-chan, did you forget about me?”
“……Who are you?”
“What do you mean? That’s weird. I didn’t think I did anything forgettable, you know?”
“Well, whatever. Hey hey, Lilia-chan. Let me hear that scream again, the best one when I stabbed you with a knife!”
The woman’s words in front of her brought nothing but disgust, a faint smile of aversion. A high-pitched voice that made her nauseous. Memories of Lilia were starting to resurface.
“I was wanted, you know. I changed my face and wandered around a bit. I’ve been looking for you for so long. That face of terror. Nothing else could match the excitement and happiness I felt from your screams!!”
Lilia’s voice of fear leaked out. As she took a step back as if to escape, Terror approached her.
“I’ve come to get you. Let’s go anywhere together! Actually, I was planning to leave this capital this morning, but I found you!! I was so happy, we’re still perfect for each other!!!”
In the morning, Maria did laundry and tended to the garden. That’s when Terror found her.
“…Stop, go back.”
“Listen to me. I was aiming to catch you alone from far away. We have to hurry before the other orphans notice. Do you want to sing your scream song in front of the orphans?”


Lilia’s legs gave out. She couldn’t move, frozen in place.
“Hurry up, or… I’ll kill all the orphans?”
“P-please… stop…”
“Fine. Then come with me. Let’s sing a lot together again in that hut!!”
“N-no… stop… don’t do… anything cruel…”
“If you want to see all the orphans covered in blood, that’s fine too?”
“Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no N-no, stop…”
“Ah, I wanted to see that face. Shall we do the same thing again? There was no better child than Lilia, right?”
The woman’s excitement was rising. Terror leaned over the fallen Maria and pulled out a knife. Her eyes were bloodshot with excitement. And she laughed down at her.
In contrast, all Lilia had were tears and fear.
“Shall I hear your scream here after all? Don’t the orphans want to hear it too? Your best scream!! Let’s start with peeling off your nails! And maybe crush your fingers too?”
“N-no, please, stop, I’ll do… anything… I really… don’t want that, please, stop, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll apologize, please, stop, please, please. I don’t want it to hurt, please, no, don’t stab me… it hurts, it hurts, I’ll be sad…””
“Amazing. I found you again—”
–Terror, who was holding Maria, was immediately kicked in the stomach. blow through the cathedral and roll on the floor.
“It seems someone without an invitation came to the birthday party.”
The usual voice. But this time, his voice, containing a hint of anger, naturally echoed through the cathedral. With sharper eyes than usual, the man stood there.
“Step back. You’re not her guest; you’re mine.”
Walking again from where she was blown, Terror looked at Fei with disgust.
“And who are you? Or rather, could you not interfere with Lilia and me? We’re having a good time.”
“Hmph, your inability to understand and communicate makes it impossible for me to grant your request. However, I’ll play with you instead. Come, I’ll teach you the difference in our standings.”
“I don’t really want to make a big deal out of this in the capital… Well, I guess I could kill you and take her away!!”
Saying that, she drew her knife and approached Fei. She closed the distance with enhanced speed from the star magic, and the knife aimed at Fei.
Her speed was faster than Fei’s. But from accumulated experience, Fei read the trajectory in an instant and grabbed her wrist.
“Oh, you’re good. But your star magic enhancement looks quite unsightly.”
“I could burn you with magic… But I don’t want to hurt Lilia now, and making a loud noise might attract the Holy Knights… Well, it doesn’t matter. Because, I can beat someone like you without using magic.”
Terror shook off her wrist and swung the knife again. Terror wanted to finish this fight quickly. She had changed her appearance and infiltrated the capital, but she didn’t want another uproar that would expose her face again.
Terror just wanted to kill Fei immediately and take only Lilia back. True to her words, she swung the knife with the intention to kill. She aimed the knife accurately at the chest or where the brain would be. It’s not strange to aim for a spot where she could aim for an instant kill, wanting to settle the match in an instant, considering her accumulated battlefield experience.
As a warrior, she had been through many battles, and her attacks were sharp. She countered with her unsightly star magic-enhanced body.
If this were True, he would have quickly fought back and subdued her with magic-enhanced body, but Fei couldn’t do that.
She continued to handle the knife skillfully. Fei dodge the trajectory of the knife to avoid fatal wounds. However, even if he dodged the trajectory, he couldn’t avoid all attacks, and gradually, he received slight scratches under eyes, arms, and chest.
Seeing this, Lilia cried out in anguish.
“Fei… Stop, please, that’s enough, I’ll… die…”
“…I can’t back down. If I back down here, it’s the same as dying.”
“Such a beautiful love, isn’t it? I don’t understand it!”
The knife was swung more sharply, and at the same time, the speed of Fei’s sword swinging increased. However, unable to handle it further, there was a dull sound in Fei left shoulder. Blood seeped into his clothed body.
“Ah, your muscles are good, but your star magic enhancement makes it look bad, doesn’t it? I acknowledge your resolve, but just resolve alone won’t help you win against me, you know? So, if you back down here, I might let you go.”
“Never. You think this is the end?”
“You’re a weirdo, aren’t you?”
“I don’t want to hear that from you.”
Blood flowed from Fei’s left shoulder. However, he behaved as if nothing had happened. With every flow of blood, he became more disadvantaged. If too much blood flows and he loses a lot of blood, there’s a possibility that he might die. And then, in that state, a knife was stabbed into his right shoulder as a finishing blow.
Blood… flowed. Drop by drop, it dripped onto the floor.
Fei gradually became unable to respond to the speed of the knife. The star magic manipulation wasn’t working well, and he was running out of blood.
“No, you’re amazing. It’s impressive that you can stand with so much blood loss. But now—”
The battle lasted less than two minutes. But Fei, who was already battered and bruised, attacked for the first time. He punched with his left arm.
(“You idiot?”)
The woman thought so. The man in front of her panicked. He swung wildly because he couldn’t win. For nearly two minutes, he had been simply defending compactly, but now that he had a chance to face his opponent, he threw it away.
Therefore, Fei created an opening. He aimed for her abdomen. A sharp knife stabbed into Fei’s stomach. A red stain spread across his clothes.
“F-Fei… Why… Why am I always… stolen away…”
“Alright, Lilia-chan. Let’s go quickly……Huh!?”

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