Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 43

Mob No. 43 “Uzoss-kun! What are you doing here?”

First to enter were several guys with decent attire, well-groomed hairstyles, but a slight thug vibe on their faces.
Following them was a man who seemed like their boss.
Presumably, they were noble offspring
– those who believed their father’s status equals their own.
They looked around the shop, glancing at the display screens.
“Welcome. Is it for repairs? Or are you looking to buy?”
Linda started to serve them in a normal way, since there was no need to complain if they were just going to buy something and leave.
Ignoring Linda and staring at a particular item, the boss-like man pointed.
“Hey, that one!”
“That’s the Casawa R78! A rare find!”
The item they were discussing was the Casawa R78, an old military-grade heat ray gun displayed in a case along the wall behind the counter.
Though its power wasn’t high for a heat ray gun, it was highly praised for its accuracy, handling, stain resistance, and ease of maintenance. It was a popular gun, having served as the favorite weapon of the protagonist in a certain heist movie.
“Hey! Hand that over. Don’t worry, I’ll pay. I’m generous!”
I don’t understand why paying for a product is considered generous, but they seemed quite excited.
Perhaps they were gun enthusiasts?
Linda then explained,
“I’m sorry. This is not for sale; it’s just for display. As you can see,
it’s clearly marked as [Display Not for Sale].”
The boss-like man naturally raised his voice.
“What? I said I’d buy it! What’s the matter with you?”
“That’s why, it’s for display, not for sale.”
Linda desperately explained, but there was no sign of him relenting. One of his entourage slammed an acrylic plate onto the counter.
“This amateur… Does he even know what he’s dealing with?!”
I thought it wouldn’t escalate to direct harm, but it seemed pretty dangerous, so I decided to intervene.
Unexpectedly, the back door opened, and the shop owner appeared.
“Sorry about this, customers. Well, that one is completely broken, and I can’t even repair it. It’s just cleaned up and displayed. Look.”
The owner opened the case containing the Casawa R78, started disassembling the gun with tools,
revealing its terrible condition
– rusty, cracked parts, and a slightly bent barrel. Frankly, it was scrap.
“Do you understand now? Originally, it’s something that should only be displayed in a museum. That’s why it’s marked [Display Not for Sale]. Still want it?”
The noble-like boss trembled and shouted,
“Who cares about this junk! Let’s go!”
He yelled before storming out of the shop.
[How dare they try to sell me something like that! I’ll have them executed!] The fact that he didn’t yell this might indeed show some generosity.
Linda breathed a sigh of relief.
“Hey, Dad. Seriously, let’s stop displaying that thing.”
Annoyed, she appealed to her father.
The father responded calmly,
“What are you talking about? It’s strange to want something clearly labeled as ‘display only not for sale.’ Besides, if someone really wanted it, someone would still want it in this condition. So, when someone’re willing to pay, I’ll bring this out.”
With that, The Dad pulled out a well-maintained, shiny Casawa R78.
“I really wish you’d stop soon because it might cause trouble someday,”
Linda sighed dramatically, and all I could do was sympathize.

After finishing the gun maintenance, I went to the anime section, looked around, made some purchases, and as the sun began to set, I planned to have dinner and then head home. However, unexpectedly, I was honked at by an air car nearby.
Wondering what it was about, I looked towards the source of the sound.
“Oh, it’s Uzoss-kun! What are you doing here?”
In that car was Schoona-Noswile, the ace pilot of the “Crystal Weed,” a team in the Planet Race, who was far beyond the clouds, across the galaxy, on the other side of the screen.
But for some reason, she seemed slightly surprised.
“Long time no see, Noswile-san. I’m just on my way back from errands and shopping.”
I was quite surprised to meet her unexpectedly, but I answered her question.
“Do you know that today is the joint alumni reunion?”
With that question, I understood why she seemed surprised.
“Yes, I got the invitation, but when I received it, I didn’t know if I would finish work by today’s scheduled date, so I declined. Besides, I don’t have any friends I want to talk to after a long time.”
For me, it’s a very ordinary reason.
It’s a common excuse used by working adults—the so-called “work-related circumstances,” and it’s indeed a fact.
Moreover, suddenly participating on the day of the event would cause inconvenience to the venue and the organizers.
Noswile seemed to understand that.
“I see… Well then, I’ll take my leave.”
“Sure. Have a good time. Oh, congratulations on winning the Star Cluster Cup.”
“Thank you. See you.”
She smiled brightly and drove off.
Well, she should have a good time at the alumni reunion.
After all, she’s the superstar of the Planet Race.
There shouldn’t be any trouble with topics or friends.
Now, I need to get home quickly and read the new light novel I bought.



☆ ☆ ☆

[Side: Schoona-Noswile]

The venue for the joint alumni reunion I headed to was the grand hall of the top-notch hotel “Speras Hotel,” one of the top five on the planet Yttz.
Since it involved the entire 132nd graduating class of Noure High School, it was a considerable number, and the venue was already overflowing with people.
“Oh! Lady Schoona has arrived!”
As soon as I entered the venue, I was immediately surrounded by women.
“Congratulations on winning the Star Cluster Cup!”
“Tell us about the pirate extermination at the gate!”
“Is it true that you’ll be in the Imperial Girls Collection?”
“That suit looks fantastic on you!”
In that situation, all I could do was smile politely.

I’ve been tall since I was a child, and my height increased even more after entering middle school. By the time I graduated, I was already as tall as I am now.
I never liked girls, but for some reason I was always popular with them.
Even though I dressed like a girl, that didn’t change, and I ended up being even more surrounded after that incident.
There have been serious confessions from girls, but I don’t have that kind of interest, so I turned them down.
There have also been confessions from boys, but back then, I wasn’t really interested in romance, so I remember turning them down.
Even after becoming a racer, nothing changed, and 80% of my fan club consists of women.
Even though I’m not a man…
Look closely! I’m wearing a skirt, just like you girls! Our genders are the same!
Maybe Aerol was right, and I should have worn a dress instead of a suit…

While thinking about that, I interacted with the women, and a man approached me.


scene transition


“Hey, Noswile-san. I’ve been watching your performances.”
He wore an expensive suit with a tie.
A strawberry blonde man by birth.
“Um, I believe… you were my classmate in the third year…”
Of course, I know his name.
But I don’t really want to say it.
That’s how much I dislike this guy.
But, because he’s handsome and wealthy, he was quite popular even back then.
“It’s Aroldich-Ireblegas. How forgetful of you.”
Ireblegas approached me with a smile and casually wrapped his arm around my shoulder.
“I’ve been busy with races and training, so I don’t have time to relax. That’s why I try to forget unnecessary things.”
I gently grasped Ireblegas’s arm, removed it from my body, and created some distance.
“Well, then, you should take it easy today. I’ll accompany you.”
Saying that, he leaned in closer.
When I was about to slap him, a voice from the crowd interrupted.
“Long time no see, Noswile-san.”
The cause wasn’t Ireblegas’s behavior, but Lior-Burnnext, one of the three survivors who were forced into mercenaries like me, came up to me.
“Greetings, Lieutenant.”
Ignoring Ireblegas, who had approached me, I walked towards Burnnext.
I don’t have a very good impression of him either, but he’s better than Ireblegas, who touches my body and seeks a relationship.
“Could you stop that for now? Aren’t we classmates and comrades?”
“Shouldn’t you emphasize that as a military role model?”
“That’s harsh…”
He laughed awkwardly and closed the distance to a reasonable level.
Seeing that, I noticed Ireblegas glaring at Burnnext.
–You must be thinking, “You’re stealing my girl!”
To get out of this situation as soon as possible, I instinctively looked for my friends.
I should have checked with them before taking attendance.
Please be there.
If they’re not… it’ll be the worst.
Fortunately, I was able to find my friends without much trouble.
“Shal! Ronea!”
“Long time no see, Schoona. Congratulations on winning the Star Cluster Cup. You seem to have done a great job with the pirate extermination before that.”
“I just happened to get caught up in it.”
“It’s still amazing that you survived.”
One of my friends, Sharla Solrene, had white skin with black eyes. She had straight red hair that reached her back, and she wore a black suit with elegance.
She had been an excellent student since school, and now she worked as a government official in the central administration of the capital, Hain.
“I heard you were amazing, Su-chan~. Shooting down pirates left and right. My friends were all swooning over you~. Even my daughter.”
Another friend, Ronea Santreik, married Modest Orlinis, a city hall employee five years her senior, and became Ronea Orlinis. She’s now the mother of a four-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy.
She normally wore her long brown hair in braids, and her white skin was slightly sun-kissed.
Still, the cream-colored evening dress accentuated her cuteness.
“But I’m a girl?”
“Blame your unnecessarily cool self. And not only that, you’re wearing a suit in a color similar to your hair instead of a dress.”
With that, Sharla received drinks from the waiter and handed them to me and Ronea.
“But Sharla, you’re cool too, and yet you were more popular with boys than girls.”
Even though both Sharla and I were considered cool in school, for some reason, she was popular with boys.
“If we’re talking about being popular with boys, it’s definitely Ronea. Confessions through love letters. She never stopped receiving those old-fashioned love letters written on paper. Even though she threw them all away…”
“Well, there weren’t any boys cooler than Su-chan back then.”
Ronea drank her drink and chuckled as she looked at my face.
“But you got married early.”
“Well, Mokkun was cooler than Su-chan!”
Ronea graduated from junior college and got married right away.
I met her husband, Modest Orlinis, at the wedding.
“That bear-like guy… Well, he was certainly a nice and serious person.”
As Sharla said, he was muscular, taller than me, but I remember him having a kind face.
Then, we heard an announcement about the alumni reunion.
“To all attendees. We are pleased to announce that the joint alumni reunion of the 132nd class of Nour High School will begin now.”
Fortunately, I got to meet my friends this time, so I decided to forget about racing and ambitions just for today and enjoy a fun time with my friends.

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