Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 2 Chapter 1 part 3

With a rustle, Haruya tossed aside his blanket and sat up.
His breath was heavy, indicating he had been tossing and turning.
“A dream…?”
He took several deep breaths to calm his mind.
But still, he looked back.
(Why did such a terrible memory come up in my dream… Was it because we talked a lot about the club activities yesterday?)
Thanks to that, his roomwear was slightly damp with sweat.
Checking the time, it was past eleven.
Perhaps due to staying up late reading shoujo manga, he had woken up quite late.
There was a message from Nayu, a fellow shoujo manga enthusiast.
Today was Saturday.
It was the day of the offline meeting with Nayu.
(Since my mood is a bit down, I’ll refresh myself with some shoujo manga talk with Nayu-san!)
Haruya quickly got ready.



Haruya arrived at a trendy café and restaurant in relatively casual attire.
It was a dining establishment with the concept of enjoying both food and coffee.
Usually, their offline meetings were centered around family restaurants, considering they were both students, but lately, Nayu had found a stylish yet wallet-friendly hidden gem.
So, today, the shop Nayu recommended became the meeting place, and Haruya arrived early. However, Nayu appeared within a few minutes. With heels, a beret, and a fresh green cardigan, her black hair flowing to her waist, Nayu looked stunning even in sunglasses.
An adult aura exuding sensuality, as if she graced the cover of a fashion magazine, emanated from Nayu.
“…Sorry for making you wait.”
“I just got here a moment ago, too.”
“I see. Haru-san, you’re dressed casually today. Just like the old me.”
Since Nayu had dressed casually in a hoodie during a previous offline meeting, she was probably referring to that.
“Indeed, Nayu-san, it suits you today with extra spirit.”
“Hm? Today?”
“Don’t put weird pressure on me. Sorry, it suits you today, too.”
“Hm, very well.”
“But you seem to have even more spirit today. Did something happen?”
“No, just had a little unpleasantness yesterday… so I put extra effort into dressing up to distract myself.”
“I see.”
“Well, sorry, but I’m going to have you listen to my complaints today.”
“Nayu-san, you usually don’t talk about private troubles, so I’m a bit scared. I thought the rule was to refrain from talking about private matters?”
Their offline meetings had two rules.
The first was to talk about shoujo manga with each other.
The second was not to pry into private matters.
Haruya mentioned this second rule.
“…But I’ve been listening to Haru-san’s troubles all the time, so it’s okay to talk a little, right?”
“Well, Nayu-san, I’ve always been taken care of by you, so I’ll listen to whatever you have to say.”
The true intention of inviting her to today’s offline meeting was probably to hear about those troubles.
Since he did the same thing with Sara’s incident, he really couldn’t look Nayu in the eye.
Haruya nodded at Nayu’s slightly uplifted voice.
She then smiled quietly, her lips curling up.
“Then, shall we go inside the shop?”
And so, Haruya and Nayu promptly entered the establishment.

Upon entering, the first thing he felt was from the decor, something like, “Will your wallet survive this? Are you okay?” In other words, it seemed to be a high-end place.
Various artistic interior designs adorned with many potted plants.
With its stylish font, the menu was perfect for a date spot.
That was the café and restaurant they were currently visiting.
Haruya and Nayu took seats in a modern booth towards the back.
“Seems like it’s expensive here, but are you really okay budget-wise?”
“I’m fine. They’re student-friendly. And their pancakes are delicious.”
“Then maybe I’ll have pancakes and coffee too.”
“Yeah. By the way, Nayu, what about you?”
“I… I’ll have… sugared.”
Nayu said somewhat shyly, avoiding eye contact.

scene transition


Unexpectedly sweet choices.
As Haruya wrinkled his brow, Nayu leaned on the table exaggeratedly.
“That’s why I didn’t want to say it.”
“I-I didn’t say it was bad or anything.”
“It’s written all over your face. Ugh… let’s not talk about coffee anymore. I’ve got a childish palate, after all.”
Nayu scowled.
(She’s bothered by it…)
As they exchanged banter, they placed their orders.
Before getting into the main topic, they started discussing shojo manga.
“Found any interesting ones lately, Haru?”
“I found a hidden gem, but…”
Haruya recommended a few lesser-known shojo manga titles.
But Nayu seemed to know most of them already and lightly dismissed his shallow knowledge with a “You still have a long way to go.”
Haruya resolved to surprise Nayu next time.
Ultimately, they ended up sharing their favorite scenes from the manga they mentioned. “I like it when the protagonist realizes they’re in love with each other.”
“I love the scene where they both confess their feelings.”
They almost responded simultaneously, then looked at each other, and Nayu muttered.
“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”
“No, why!? That scene was amazing!”
“No, I’m kidding…. But yeah, my heart raced during that part.”
“I get it. Especially after doubting whether they liked each other for so long.”
As they excitedly conversed, their ordered items arrived.
Haruya had ordered pancakes and black coffee.
Nayu had ordered pancakes and sugared coffee.
As Haruya tried to cut his pancake and eat it with maple syrup, Nayu stopped him.
The way he was applying syrup wouldn’t evenly distribute it, so she elegantly spread it on the pancake with her knife.
Following her lead, Haruya cut his pancake and took a bite.
“It’s delicious.”
His eyes widened as he unintentionally voiced his impression.
“I’m glad. This place is both delicious and reasonable, and it’s a hidden gem where you don’t bump into acquaintances.”
“You found a good spot.”
While the coffee itself didn’t quite compare to their usual café, it was still good enough. Haruya felt fortunate to have discovered such a place.
“Now then, let’s get to the point…”
Nayu’s worries.
It was probably what she mentioned before they entered the café.
Haruya, who hadn’t known her for long, could tell.
She wanted to vent, to talk about something troubling her, and she wanted someone to listen. It must be a serious topic.
With bated breath and a tense atmosphere…
“Huh, what are you doing here, Takamori?”
Nayu’s gaze.
Was she acquainted with the person who had just entered the café?
They froze as they made eye contact.
“…Huh!? Th-This is the worst.”
Nayu muttered, biting her lower lip hard.
“U-Um, Takamori… If it’s about two years ago, I, um, I think I was wrong. I want to… play basketball with you again…!?”
“Onoi, I’m sorry, but I’m not coming back. Do you realize how irresponsible and selfish your words are? You want to compete with me now? Isn’t it too late for that…?!”
Onoi’s words left Nayu’s acquaintance wide-eyed and speechless.
Haruya also felt overwhelmed by her quiet anger and disgust.
(What a scene… Come to think of it, something like this happened yesterday too. I’m clearly out of place… and the atmosphere is terrible.)
In fact, glances from other customers were directed at their table.
“…Sorry, but Haru, I’ll be leaving first today.”
“I-I’ll leave too.”
It would be awkward to stay with Onoi after this.
And spending time with her would inevitably lead to breaking the rule of not revealing each other’s private lives.
He had unintentionally learned her last name already…
(But it’s going to be awkward leaving…)
Looking back at Onoi, she was trembling and had tears in her eyes.
And with the numerous glances from the surrounding customers…
(What is this… From an outsider’s perspective, it looks like I’m caught in a love triangle and it’s turning into a scene…)
Haruya felt a chill run down his spine.
“…I’m really sorry, but I’ll leave first.”
She looked unwell; perhaps she wasn’t feeling well.
Regretting Nayu’s apology, he couldn’t hold her back.
She swayed her cardigan and headed to the cashier first.
(…Wh-what should I do in this situation?)
Haruya, unable to hide his confusion, quietly called out to Onoi.
“Um, wouldn’t it be better to sit first?”

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