The Deeds of Arrogant Noble Volume 2 chapter 1 part 2

“This is a composite magic of [Lightning] and [Healing]. I want you to master this magic. Strive to become proficient in using it. And you’re too slow in activating magic. Do something about that too. Well, I’m going now.”
Hmm, time to head back. Or should I go to the library?
There are still some things I need to investigate.
“Are you already leaving? I’m not sure if I can do it alone. If possible, I’d like you to stay… or rather…”
What is this person saying?
“…I’ll show you the magic again.”
“I saw it. But…”
Continuing to pester me, I tell Mia firmly, facing her directly:

“Mia, I’m disappointed in you.”

Face to face, I’m gonna say it nice and clear.
“What’s the point of aimlessly wandering through an empty wilderness when there’s already a path laid out before you? Not understanding even that – did I misjudge your potential?”
“…Uh, ah.”
I have no interest in pampering a mere livestock. This person is being needy.
Mastering magic requires a lot of intuitive understanding, and the only way is to engage in constant dialogue with oneself.
Abandoning one’s own thinking and relying on others… I have no use for such a person.
No matter how exceptional their abilities may be, they’re still insignificant.
Indulging them now will only lead to them coming to me for the slightest of things in the future.
Therefore, it’s probably better to give them a good kick in the pants here.
I’ve conveyed everything I needed to say. I resume walking towards the exit.

“I’m sorry…”

My sleeve is grabbed. There’s no need to say by whom.
“What the- “
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Please don’t abandon me, please don’t abandon me…”
Mia’s eyes are clouded with tears, as dark as if no light could ever reach them.
I only gave a little kick… But why? Why did it turn out this way?
Come to think of it, was this person really this character?
Could it be… that this too is the result of my [efforts]?


I’m disappointed in you.

scene transition

In that moment, I felt a floating sensation, as if the ground had dropped out from under me.
Falling, falling, plummeting.
When I realized that I would never again see the beautiful and brilliant “light” that had illuminated my heart, the world before my eyes went dark.

No, no, no!
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.



Hey, this is no joke. Why are you crying? I don’t understand.

“I, it’s okay if I’m not the best… Please, let me stay by your side… Please, please…”

Mia clung to my feet, her eyes clouded and pleading with me.
What is this? How did it come to this…?
“Well, listen up. First, try doing it yourself. Otherwise, you won’t even know what you’re capable of and what you’re not.”
“Don’t try to rely on others from the start – it becomes a bad habit. Training is a dialogue with oneself. Especially with magic, it must be done alone. …Well, I’ll show you the way, though.”
“I’m s-sorry. I’ll do my best, I’ll do my best, so please… don’t leave me…”
“…Alright. Hey, get off me already. You’re a nuisance.”
“D-don’t say that… I’ll work hard, so please…”
What is this troublesome creature?
How did it come to this… Ugh, my stomach is aching.
Damn it, why do I have to worry about this?
“…I’ll give you just one piece of advice,”
I told Mia as I lightly held my stomach.
“Heal from where it’s broken. Keep healing. Raise the rate of [Healing] higher than [Lightning]. Understand?”
“…Yeah, I understand.”
I don’t understand the feelings of someone who cries over this little. …It feels so tiring, somehow.
Maybe I should go back and sleep for the day. …No, wait.
“I went overboard.”
I gently placed my hand on Mia’s shoulder.
For some reason, I intuitively feel that I should do so.
I sometimes have these sensations – moments where I feel a conviction that this is absolutely the right thing to do.
“I spoke so strongly because I have high expectations of you. Forgive me.”
Mia’s mouth was moving open and close.
I felt the darkness swirling in the depths of her eyes had deepened, but I ignored it for now.

“I am always right. The fact that I chose you is proof of that. Can you do it?”
“Yeah…I can…I can do it…”

At my words, Mia vigorously nodded her head up and down.
Ah…I’m so tired. Truly exhausted.
I think I’ll hold off on increasing the [pieces] for a while…
“Then I’ll be going.”
“U-un…! I’ll do my best…!”
I could feel her strong determination.
Good eyes. …Are they good eyes?
No, never mind, I shouldn’t think about it anymore.
I started walking towards the exit this time.
At the training ground’s exit, someone had been watching me.
But before I could confirm who it was, the figure hastily disappeared.
I thought it might have been Alice, but…no, that wasn’t it.
“…Who was that?”
I briefly said that as I exited the training ground.
Even though I scanned the area, there was no one around, but there shouldn’t have been enough time for them to go far.
I didn’t sense any powerful magic either. So, they must still be nearby.
However, there’s nowhere to hide here – well, except for that large locker used to store cleaning supplies…
As if to taunt my weary state, my ever-active [Magic Perception] told me that someone was hiding there. They seemed to be using some kind of concealment magic, but their agitation caused it to be imperfect.
“Come out. I know you’re hiding in there.”
There was no response.
Apparently, they had no intention of coming out.
“I see. Then, I’ll just open it.”
I grabbed the handle and swung open the double doors of the locker with force.
And then – I saw it.
You know, someone I didn’t expect to see.

“What a coincidence that we meet here. Luke Withania Gilbert.”

Hiding among the various cleaning supplies, in a strange pose, was – the first-year homeroom teacher, [Freya].
…I no longer understand anything.
On top of being already tired from dealing with Mia, why do these incomprehensible events keep piling up?
Why is a teacher here? And why is this person so calm, as if this is just a normal everyday occurrence?
My confusion knows no bounds, as endless questions pour forth.

scene transition

“You’re probably wondering ‘why’, aren’t you? But that is an utterly foolish question.”
“A teacher hiding in a locker used for cleaning supplies. The probability of that is not very high, but it is certainly not zero. There are no further facts beyond this, and this is the reality and truth.”
“Well then, I shall take my leave. I still have work to do, you see.”

What is this teacher saying? My brain has already stopped trying to comprehend.
It is an event that I, of all people, cannot understand.
I suppose this is simply the way it has to be.
“I’ve heard from your sister, and you are indeed exceptional. And on top of that, you can even care for your classmates. I’m impressed.”
And with those words, Freya left.
There was not a trace of agitation in their demeanor, and they carried themselves with great composure.
That only serves to further amplify the strangeness of this situation.
“…I’m going home.”
I’ll just sleep the whole day today…
Efficiency-wise, that would probably be the best thing to do.
I discarded my thoughts and reached that conclusion.


–Around the Aslan Magic Academy, at night.
When the world is illuminated only by moonlight, with no artificial lighting.
There were two figures, a man and a woman, clad entirely in black with no exposed skin.
“…Hey, you understand, right?”
“I got it. Today’s just recon. Just observe.”
“Okay, but please don’t try anything crazy, alright? Yeah?”
“Understood. But if I can kidnap them, I will.”
“Ugh…why is this kid so bloodthirsty…”
In an instant, the two leaped back.
Something had come falling from above them.

“Oh, you can dodge. Impressive physical ability. Is it magic? A magical tool? Or something else?”

Reflecting the moonlight, the silver hair of the man who spoke those words

  • that man was Yorand.

In an instant, the two in black sensed with their skin that this man was far too dangerous.
Their instincts were ringing an urgent alarm, urging them to flee immediately.
“You understand, don’t you.”
“…I understand. I’m not that arrogant.”
They must not fight. They absolutely had to retreat.
There was no disagreement on that conclusion.
“Ah, I had a feeling they would be coming around this time. But to hit the mark so perfectly – I’m truly lucky.”
In an instant, Yorand kicked off the ground.
And by the repulsion created between the ground and himself, he accelerated.
At a speed far beyond that of a human, he quickly closed the distance.
If he could capture them within his range, the outcome would surely be decided.
Yorand’s field of vision was obstructed. — It was a smoke screen.
“Such a thing… Huh?”
Yorand should be able to blow away a mere smoke with his magic in an instant.
But he couldn’t. There was some kind of mechanism interfering with the use of magic.
This caused a slight lag in blowing away the smoke screen.
That slight lag was more than enough for the two to conceal their presence.
The smoke cleared, but there was no sign of them anywhere.
“Hm? I can’t even track their magical energy. This is the worst… They got away just like that.”
Yorand was clearly dejected.

“Hmm, well, whatever. –But they were beastmen, weren’t they?”
He murmured quietly.
“The kingdom sees them as an inferior race without any magical power… How foolish. There are countless uses for them. Even without magic, their physical abilities are outstanding.”
Using [Flight], Yorand floated up into the sky.
“Their target is most likely young Luke. The emergence of his [Dark Attribute] is surely common knowledge by now. At least until he matures, it would have been better to keep it hidden. Our country is weak in information systems, being so focused on magic…”
He sighed.
After a while, a shadow approached Yorand.
“Lord Yorand, we’ve been searching with the whole squad, but…”
“Good work, Gordova. Yeah, it’s a pain that they have no magical power.”
“My apologies…”
“Thinking they were assassins from the [Beast Kingdom] might be a bit too straightforward. Using beastmen as a disguise for another country’s covert operation… ? This country isn’t exactly popular, after all. But whatever, I’ll just deal with it as it comes.”
And Yorand and Gordova disappeared into the dark night.

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