Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 11 part 2

Considering the future, we absolutely should ally with Renalute for the marriage. Besides, I’ve already decided to cherish Princess Farah deeply. Yes, like my mother and father. So, I answered Zack with a smile.
“Sure. But, only if you support me when I fall in love with Queen Farah.”
“Of course, understood.”
Zack seemed to enjoy our exchange with a smile. By the way, Diana, who was standing by, muttered something as she watched our interaction.
“It’s quite unusual to have such ambition at that age…”
“…? Diana, did you say something?”
“No, nothing at all.”
After answering me, Diana sighed deeply. I wonder if something’s wrong? As I looked puzzled, she changed to a respectful demeanor and cleared her throat.
“Ahem… Lord Reed, pardon my intrusion, but it might be time to move to the hot springs.”
“Huh? Oh, right. Zack, could you show us the way?”
It seemed like we had been talking for quite some time.
“Yes, of course.”
With his answer, Zack smiled and bowed before leading us out of the room to the hot springs in the guesthouse. But, I couldn’t shake the feeling that Diana was strangely fixated on the hot springs. Is it just my imagination? Lost in thought, Zack stopped and turned to us.
“Here we are.”
At the entrance to the hot springs that he guided us to, there were red and blue curtains. I was a little taken aback by the scene, as it reminded me of something from my past memories. Moreover, upon closer inspection, although there were no kanji characters, there was a hot spring mark that I had seen before. It was designed with a river-like mark that resembled steam, with a circle drawn slightly below it. Perhaps anyone from Japan would have seen it at least once? Lost in thought, Zack began to explain the hot springs.
“The blue one is for men. The red one is for women, so please be careful when entering. And if the water is too hot, please inform the attendant.”
“Got it. Thank you.”
Zack bowed and was about to leave, but I had a question that I was curious about.
“By the way, how is the water in the hot springs here managed?”
Even though it’s a hot spring, there should be some danger depending on the components. And since there’s no electricity in this world, how do they manage it? However, Zack quickly answered my question.
“Please rest assured. The hot springs here are safe for the human body. We connect the source spring to a waterway, and the water comes from there. Also, we adjust the temperature by stirring.”
After finishing his explanation, Zack bowed again and left the scene. Stirring? Is it like the one they do at Kusatsu Hot Springs? I feel like they use a paddle that looks like a boat oar to stir and adjust the temperature. Does that mean it’s a very good hot spring with only the source spring? Thanks to my question, my expectations for the hot springs have risen. However, Diana, who was listening beside me, seems to be even more excited than I am.
But, considering the fatigue of the long journey, I also want Diana to relax. Thinking that, I casually suggested to her.
“I can go in alone, so why don’t you take your time and come in too?”
“…No, I have a duty as a guard, so I can’t do that.”
I see… She has a duty as a guard. At that moment, an idea came to mind, and I smiled as I made a light-hearted suggestion.
“It should be okay to take a bath, so don’t worry and come in. If you’re concerned, we can call Reubens and have him stand in front of the bathhouse.”
“…That’s a good idea.”
I meant it as a joke, but unexpectedly, her eyes seemed to sparkle. Diana glanced around and called out to the dark elf maid who was standing nearby. The maid, upon being addressed by her, bowed to us and left the scene.
Was she going to call for Reubens? Even though he’s probably asleep because he seemed tired. I felt a little sorry for him, but then I remembered Diana is Reubens’ girlfriend. Well, maybe I don’t need to worry that much.
“Reed-sama, I’ll wait here for Reubens to arrive. Please go ahead.”
“Understood. You can leave everything to Reubens, including the guards. Diana, take your time.”
“Thank you.”


She bowed in response to my words, straightened her posture, and stood in front of the curtain. Yeah, she looks like a gatekeeper.
“Well then, I’ll go in first.”
“Yes. Please relax and make yourself comfortable.”
I ducked under the blue curtain and walked down the corridor ahead, entering the dressing room.
“Wow, this looks familiar…”
It was a dressing room that closely resembled the hot spring facilities from my past life. There were several shelves, each with baskets for storing clothes. When I took a basket from the shelf, I noticed there was something inside.
“It’s something to wipe the body… huh? This is… a yukata.”
I was surprised to find that yukatas existed in this world, and my expression showed it. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit me, so I couldn’t wear it. Nevertheless, the guesthouse seemed even more like a luxurious inn.
I regained my composure, undressed, and moved to the bathing area of the hot spring. As I do so, I look over at the hot spring I am about to enter, which is an open-air rock bath. It is a nice, very appealing hot spring.
At that moment, I noticed something… there was no soap. Come to think of it, soap was still a luxury item in this world. Even in such a high-class guesthouse, it seemed they didn’t provide it. It was a bit disappointing, but I resigned myself to rinsing off with water before soaking in the hot spring.
“This feels great…”
As expected, I couldn’t help but say it once I was in the water. While soaking in the hot spring, I started thinking about what to do about the lack of soap. This calls for ‘Memory’ at a time like this. Just as I thought that, I heard a sound coming from the dressing room.
Who could it be? Reubens or Father? As I pondered, a figure came into view. Eventually, I realized it was a woman.
“Reed-sama, excuse me…”
I was taken aback by the unexpected bather. And with a dumbfounded response, I froze in place.
Why… how… why is Diana here? Didn’t she go to the women’s bath? Or did Reubens not come? I was confused by the unexpected turn of events. And I inadvertently found myself staring at Diana’s naked body.
“…Reed-sama, it’s embarrassing to be seen like this.”
I was jolted by Diana’s words and immediately turned my back to her, facing in the opposite direction with a flushed face.
“Diana!! Why are you coming into the men’s bath!?”
“Huh? It’s for security reasons…”
She replied as if it were obvious. Is it the duty of security to come to the hot spring? I feel like it would be fine for her to stand in front of the dressing room.
“Where’s… Reubens?”
“Yes. He’s here. He’s standing in front of the door.”
While we were talking, I could feel her approaching the outdoor rock bath.
“Then, go to the women’s bath! Isn’t that next door!?”
“Reed-sama, what are you saying? This is the most dangerous timing, you know? Besides, judging from Zack-sama’s behavior, there seems to be various movements with Rennalute.”
Diana’s words might indeed be correct. But that’s beside the point.
“Hehe, Reed-sama. Why are you so bewildered?”
She approached me gradually and whispered in my ear from behind. I could feel my face getting redder. This is dangerous. Moreover, isn’t it bad for a potential marriage candidate, even if she’s a guard, to bathe with a man? With that in mind, I hastily got out of the water.”
“I’m going back up, Diana, take your time!!”
I try to pass by her with my eyes closed, but my arm is caught by Diana.
“You can’t do that.”
I turn back to Diana in a panic and yell, which only makes my face turn even redder. Because when I turned back, I accidentally opened my eyes and saw Diana’s beautiful body. Unable to look away from the sight before me, I involuntarily let out a voice as I step back.
“Reed-sama, didn’t you just say earlier that you could soak slowly? As your escort, I must accompany you when you come out.”
While what she says may be true, this situation is unbearable. Blushing and flustered, I look at her, and she starts laughing.

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