Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 27 part 1

Adults’ wicked scheming

That official recalled the hardships he had endured.
He was Bordon-von-Brugil, the third son of the Brugil family.
He must have been quite exceptional; he graduated from the career bureaucrat training program at the prestigious First Royal University, where Nao-Bruce had been recommended.
Although he belonged to the nobility, he had smoothly progressed in his career and was currently working as a bureaucrat in the Capital Space Security Force Headquarters.
Even for someone of his status, it was difficult to be in the capital, let alone hold the position of director of the General Affairs Department at the headquarters of the Capital Space Security Force, which could be considered a combination of luck and ability.
Even he had been accumulating stomach ulcers due to recent mental stress.
The main cause of this was an incident that happened more than two days ago.
Or rather, it was the aftermath of an incident that happened even earlier, which he had been caught up in two days ago.
It all started when the First Mobile Fleet, which Nao and the others were on, returned to the Fahren Spaceport in the capital.

“Director, the admiral is returning.”
“I see, understood.”
“We received instructions from the admiral via radio.”
“What, instructions? That doesn’t bode well.”
“There are no good stories coming to us. Your prediction, Director, is probably correct.”
“No, Vice Director. It’s different.”
“Oh? So, does that mean it’s good news?”
“No, not [good news], but [desperate news].”
“What’s that?”
“Yes, apparently, the royal family is also involved in the recent series of incidents. I’ve heard that the Royal Inspection Department has already begun an investigation.”
“I-Is that true?”
“Yes, Director. A task force has already been set up within the neighboring police headquarters.”
“I-I see. There’s no use being afraid here. Let’s prepare for the meeting immediately. Gather all relevant personnel in the main conference room.”
It was from such a conversation that his misfortune began.
Until the admiral returned to the headquarters, everyone working at the headquarters was waiting in the main conference room.
The admiral entered the conference room without going to his office, and the meeting began.
“I’m back, everyone. Regarding the recent attack on the transport ship, we were able to bring back the troops who repelled the pirates and capture two pirate ships safely. At that time, I was able to confirm the details of the recent events from them personally, so I’ll have the secretary explain.”
“Yes, then let me explain on behalf of the admiral. Please refrain from taking notes at this time.”
“Sorry, but refrain from taking notes as there is a risk of disclosing confidential information. It’s just until we decide on a policy.”
“Well, let’s get started with the explanation.”
The secretary said so and explained the details he had heard from Nao.
After hearing the explanation to the end, someone spoke up among those present.
“From what I’ve just heard, there seems to be a discrepancy with the previous reports. Since this report comes from those who actually carried out the operation, I believe this one is correct. However, if that’s the case, it will lead to a serious problem.”
It was the director of the audit department at the Coast Guard who said this.
“Yes, but the current explanation makes sense. It also matches the report from the neighboring transport ship.”
Yes, by “neighbor,” they meant the police headquarters, which was an organization with headquarters in the same building.
Although incidents in space fall under the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard, the transport ship reported the damage to the public safety department in the port immediately after entering the port.
This public safety department is under the jurisdiction of the Capital Police Headquarters.
Normally, once this public safety department receives a report of damage, they hand over the case to the Coast Guard in charge, but this time, they couldn’t do that.
Firstly, because it was too unnatural for the ship to be attacked.
In an area where radar couldn’t be used, it would be impossible to be attacked unless you knew the route in advance.
However, due to the nature of the cargo being carried by this transport ship, which was an important resource for the kingdom, the route was kept completely secret.
So, the question arose as to how this secret had leaked, leading to a request for an investigation by the public safety department.


Next, even though the Third Mobile Fleet was nearby when the actual attack took place, they left without providing any assistance.
This was clearly considered dereliction of duty, and a complaint was filed, along with the damage report.
In a typical situation, when the Coast Guard and the victim have differing claims, the victim’s assertion is often dismissed as confusion from being attacked, and the Coast Guard’s claim prevails.
But this time, it wasn’t so straightforward.
Firstly, the victim’s report didn’t solely go through the Coast Guard but was also handled by other departments, making it impossible to manipulate.
Furthermore, the victim’s report included accusations of dereliction of duty by the Coast Guard, prompting an external investigation, especially by the Royal Inspection Department.
In such circumstances, the Coast Guard couldn’t remain idle.
They had to act swiftly,
given the uncertainty of directives from the palace. Consequently, as soon as the incident came to light, the Coast Guard’s audit department sprang into action.
Admiral Ash conducted immediate interrogations, followed by separate interviews with Commander Pott and Captain Dusty, to compile preliminary reports. However, as mentioned earlier, these reports contradicted the account of the attacked transport ship.
Until Nao and the others were rescued, no significant progress could be made. However, when the First Patrol Squadron made contact with them, the situation took a sudden turn.
It appeared that the truth lay with the attacked transport ship.
Upon direct confirmation by the Director-General, the Coast Guard was compelled to resolve the matter.
The ongoing meeting was convened to address this.
“What matters now is our course of action,”
stated the Director-General, To the commissioner’s question
“In light of the evident flaws on our part, punishment is inevitable,” responded the head of the audit department.
“The issue lies in the nature of this punishment.”
“Exactly what are we being punished for?”
“We mustn’t mention the decoy operation. That’s something the nation can’t know about.”
“It’s not just the nation but also public opinion. We must tread carefully; the backlash could be severe.”
The decoy operation referred to the deliberate leak of detailed navigation plans of the transport ship to pirates.
It all started with how the pirates obtained information about the transport ship’s plans.
However, their knowledge was quite basic, and the likelihood of a successful attack seemed low.
So, the Coast Guard leaked detailed plans to manipulate the pirates’ actions to suit their own agenda.
Since the area was devoid of radar and radio signals, visual confirmation was the only means of detection.
Therefore, to ensure the pirates were found in the vastness of space, the Coast Guard guided them to attack the transport ship at a location of their choosing.
Thus, by guiding the pirates to attack along the ship’s route, the Coast Guard ensured they would be discovered.
Indeed, the Third Mobile Fleet succeeded in locating the pirates.
However, the problem arose when they managed to escape.
Moreover, military and Coast Guard personnel are prohibited from abandoning civilian ships, even in significantly disadvantaged situations.

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